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This is a Gaa/Hina. Of course, Gaara may be OOC.


He examined his hands closely. Living in the desert, they were dark, and copper-colored, and being a Kazekage, they were tough and calloused, the skin rough and peeling slightly. Now, they were stained red, looking like they were soaked in cherry juice. Some of it was now a reddish-brown, dark and scabby layers coating his skin like a grotesque glove. Where skin could be seen, it was a bit pinkish-white, and skin flaked off there.

He lifted a finger to his lips, tasting. Despite the dark cherry color, they tasted like strawberries, but tinged with the sharp ironic taste of metal. Metallic strawberries, that's whatit tasted like, he thought. To be honest, strawberries were always his favorite. Now the sweet, sweet taste was lingering in his mouth, laced with the taste of iron. Besides the metal, it tasted just like her—before she died. It was what her mouth tasted like, sweet and forgiving and bright.

The pale, dead body lay at his feet. He smiled, she looked like an angel, the dark long hair sprawled, fanned across the green grass. Her eyes where closed, a soft smile (actually, a look of horror that he interpreted for a smile). He bent down, brushing the wet hands across her hand, the skin soft, smooth, silky. His eyes widened in pleasure, remembering when those hands grabbed at him, her pleasant body arching and moaning, gasping. He bent down, brushing his lips against her own pale ones. A sigh emitted from him—he'd never get to hear her soft words again, whispering what he always wanted to hear since he was young.

"I love you." He constantly needed to hear that and always wanted to hear that from him, and his loved had turned into a burning obsession with her. And when she turned to leave, he did the only thing he could do to stop her.

Kill her.

He whispered her name, hoping that she would answer.



"Hinata," he whispered again.



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