Title: Broken Promises, Broken Hearts, And Broken Dreams.
Author: Kaytee
Disclaimer: Nopee. Don;t Nothing. Sad I know.
Author's note: First fanfic to post. Tell how it is. I welcome any tips.
Summary: Picks up at the end of With Arms Outstretched. Where Peyton goes to talk to Lucas and sees Brooke there with him. Read on to see what happens. It should be good.


Peyton couldn't believe what she had seen. Was it true or was her mind playing games on her? Seeing them together was nauseating. How could they betray her like that? She had claimed him first and Peyton was positive Brooke knew as well. And Lucas, Lucas… Peyton began to cry as she walked away from Lucas' house.Brooke was in his hoodie for god sakes! Peyton shook her head trying to get the images to stop flashing. But it didn't help. She could still see the look of regret on Lucas' face and the confusion on Brooke's.

Peyton stood still for a moment and looked back at the house. Lucas was standing on the porch and was telling her with his eyes to come back. But she couldn't come back to him…ever. His heart was with Brooke and she was to blame. She was shut out of his life forever now. She got that. And that is why it would be too hard to be next to him, see him with her, talk to him, hug him, smell him, and most of all pretend. Peyton had to get out of there. She ran to her car and sped off. She was gone.

Lucas sunk to his knees. He was so stupid. Why did he have to get all mucho and run to the next opportunity? Sure Brooke was great…in bed. But not in Heart. Heart…heart was what Lucas was searching for. When Peyton turned down him downhe ran from her and to opening arms of Brooke Davis. Brooke seems to take his mind off Peyton but there was still that longing for Peyton's closeness. Now she was gone…forever.

"What was that about bball star?" Brooke said in a tentative voice. Lucas sighed.

"Nothing. Come on." Lucas walked back into his room.

Peyton drove to the ocean side. She found her usual seat and lowered herself down. She finally let out a breath and then the tears began to roll.

"Why? Why can't he want me?" Peyton asked out loud. She then smacked her head. "Duh, Sawyer, he did but you had a thick head and pushed him away." She began to cry harder.

After crying for what seemed like forever she remembered she had some vodka in her purse. Brooke borrowed her it and left in her purse the previous night…

She found it and relieve washed over her. She undid the bottle lid and took a deep gulp of it. It smoothed out all the tattered edges inside her. And it calmed her rapid heart beat…or did it speed it up? She didn't care. All she cared was that she wasn't thinking about Them.

Lucas looked over at Brooke who was soundly asleep.

He got up silently and got his car keys and drove out to the river court.

Peyton was half way through the bottle and completely out of it. She felt herself get very weak and couldn't move. She decided to fall asleep. On the beach. She just let herself go. She didn't want to try anymore. Not at least until it was required. Meaning tomorrow morning.

"Oh my God Peyton!" Brooke ran down the beach to her friend. Once she reached Peyton she laid next to her.

"Davisss?" Peyton slurred.

Brooke couldn't help but to giggle. Peyton in deed did get drunk from time to time but she only showed this side once or twice in her lifetime. Both had been with Brooke.

"Yes P.Sawyer. It is me your ass of a friend." Brooke sighed. How could she possibly missed the signs.

Peyton took a sharp turn of her head and stared down at Brooke. " Ass? You are not a donkey silly."

Again Brooke cracked up. "Oh geez Peyt. What has happened to you?" Brooke linked arms with her best friend. It was getting chilly.

Peyton pretended to think for a moment. "Well I remember being a bit pissed. So I drank up the rest of this bottle of vodka that I miraculously found in my purse!" Peyton showed Brooke the bottle. "Then I guess I got a bit drunk."

"Oh god I am so sorry Peyton. I should have known." Brooke looked down the shore and saw Lucas. 'Great…what a wonderful time Bball Boy.' She thought nervously. Peyton seeing Lucas may not go well with her drunken demeanor.

"C'mon P.Sawyer lets go home." Brooke picked up her drunk friend and hauled her to her car.

Once back in Peyton's room Brooke laid her down and went downstairs to two cups of coffee. She felt really bad. She just almost had sex with Lucas. She was glad Lucas didn't perform…or Brooke would be in even worse mood now.

While she started up the coffee machine she heard a faint knock on the door. It startled her and almost made her drop the coffee pot.

She walked to the door and looked threw the peep hole. What? It was like 2 in the morning. There are creeps out there.

It was Lucas.

Brooke decided to open it figuring Peyton was already zonked out upstairs. This way they could talk. End things. Brooke never really wanted Lucas, just his body. He was hott and she was horny. They stuck together like Velcro when together.

"Hey Lucas." Brooke said and ushered him inside to the kitchen.

"Hi. Was I hallucinating or did I see you at the beach with…" Lucas got it. It was Peyton. Peyton was drunk and not good. He started for the stairs.

Broke was quick to react and ran after him and pulled him back down. "Oh no you don't little boy. If she sees you now, she will for sure become permanently drunk, like a lush." Brooke said very strongly. She stood to her word. This was her friend. Hoes over Bros remember?

"But, is she okay?" Lucas asked as he looked up the stairs in which he wouldn't dare go.

"Three sheets to the wind. AKA, crashed." Brooke walked over to the coffee and poured it into the two oversized mugs, so Peyton she thought, and handed one to Lucas. What, so she didn't expect Lucas Scott to show up and Peyton to fall asleep.

"What did I do to her? God I am such an idiot." Lucas said and then took a sip of coffee.

"No, we are both idiots. I am her best friend and I didn't notice it. I feel below horrible." Brooke was mentally kicking herself for this screw up. Peyton isn't that strong when it came to people betraying her. I mean sure she has a tough exterior but beneath that she had a mushy interior. I am the only who she ever showed that to.

"Well let's just hope she can get past this. Hopefully we can fix it." Lucas said.

"Yeah." Brooke finished off her coffee. "I am going to go check on her. You can go on home. I will call you in the morning." Brooke began to walk up the stairs.

"Can I at least see her real quick? I mean I wont say anything I just want to see her." Lucas looked so cute when he begged.

Yeah okay but seriously…no talking." Brooke whispered.

They climbed the stairs and stood in the doorway of Peyton's room. She was peacefully asleep; her chest rising and falling slowing. It was good she was at peace now because when tomorrow comes she is going to want to shoot herself square in the head.

"This brings back memories doesn't it?" Lucas silently said.

He was referring to the time Peyton got drugged with the date rape drug. They, him and Brooke, were standing in the same exact spot. "Yeah. Not good ones. This is when I started to fall for you and she did as well." Brooke covered her mouthed. She never meant to say that that way. That was something she was going to take to her grave.

"Really?" Lucas asked in a surprising voice.

"Ugh, forget that. It didn't come out right. I meant I was hot for you. Charming sweet boys get me off. What can I say? I am not a woman of commitment." Brooke smiled.

He laughed.

Good save B. Davis.

"I think I will go now. I am getting tired. Call me as soon as she wakes and is ready to talk. I have a few things to tell her." Lucas winked and sat the mug down.

"Oh really? Ok bye. I promise to call you the moment she pukes." Brooke laughed.

Lucas shook his head as he walked down the stairs.