---Welcome, pay no mind to the ginormus Authoress note, unless you really care, if you're just here for the story you can skip this rant and go on to the story below.

The best thing I like about writing is being able to make anything you want happen. Sure, you could do that these days with digital effects or with animation... but that takes so long. I can sit down and create a prefect world with just a notebook and pencil, or my laptop. Oh if I'm feeling in the mood I can completely twist things, making life exciting.

We once decided to take a story of mine and make it visual by filming it... so those that are too lazy to read can watch it in a shorter amount of time. After months of work, it fell apart and now we have nothing to show for it other than an ugly "stunt double" of Mr. Fuzzy. That was months of hard work wasted. Now I sit here pouring my time, energy, talent, and nights of lost sleep into this story and in a little more then a week I have a completed world that I can share with anyone who is willing to sit through the madness.

There are just some things that can't be captured on film, the magic of the imagination is one of them. It is this site that proves that this has not been lost, after having done all that work for nothing, I think I've decided that I don't want any of my stories to become films, even if they reach the popularity of Harry Potter and Lord of Rings. Film doesn't do justice to the written word.

Everyone can write, all you need is a basic understanding of your native tongue. Sometimes it's not very good, but if you keep with it and truly believe, it will come together.

Writing is the closest to magic as us mortals can get, and everyone should embrace that. (DALTON!)

It is this logic that fueled me to take on this project. Xavier had written these stories years ago when I was ego-tripping about one of my own stories. I couldn't truly see how good they were, compared to most in this genre. But I see now that it takes a true genius to be able to write a plotless story that actually makes sense and is enjoyable to read. It isn't often you come across those. I wanted to reformat those stories so I could share them with my readers.

As riddled with inside-jokes as this story may be, I have done my best to expand on them and hopefully allow you to understand the concepts and ideas. And even though it says it's a "Yu-Gi-Oh!" fic, it is much than that, it touches on many fandoms, from Harry Potter, to Lord of the Rings, to Star Wars, to real life... but don't let that discourage you, you're probably better off not liking any of them. Only shy away from this story if think these fandoms are holy and you can't take a joke.

Life deserves to be laughed at, the good and the bad. I hope this story will bring some light into your life and allow you embrace that magic that comes with it, and other stories.

Disclaimer: I only Laria and Six Thirty. (That's right Xavier, Six Thirty is mine!)

And without further ranting, I present: Strange Ramblings... at One A.M.---

Strange Ramblings… At One A.M.

Written by: Xavier Rhal

Re-Formatted by: Laria Kaiba

Meet Six Thirty, an unfortunate (and nameless) friend of everyone's favorite Authoress, Laria Kaiba, who is about to find himself thrown into a world of utmost chaos and insanity.

Welcome to the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!


"Hmm, what can I do tonight?" Six Thirty thought aloud, because he no longer possessed inner monologue. He walked himself over to his trusted TV and started flipping channels until he came to a very familiar show.

"Yu-Gi-Oh! Whose Line is it Anyway!" the Laria on the TV announced, "The show where the points don't matter, just like Seto's Blues Eyes Plushie!"

Six Thirty rolled his eyes and turned off the TV.

"I'll play The Sims," he said, heading over to his computer. Because there was nothing else to do, he played The Sims for three straight hours before falling asleep on the keyboard. Because we all know how comfortable those keyboards are.

While Six Thirty slept, Laria Kaiba appeared out of thin air behind him with a glare.

"I'll teach you to roll your eyes at my show," she growled. Snapping her fingers, her Notebook appeared in her hand. She flipped it to a blank page and started writing in it madly.


Some time later, our new friend, Six Thirty, woke up… not where he had fallen asleep.

"Huh?" he said looking around confused, "Where am I?"

"Ah, you're awake," Laria said entering the room, "Good."

"Laria, where am I?" Six Thirty asked again.

"Because you were rolling your eyes at my show, I've decided to torture you," Laria explained.

"By trapping me in my Sims game?"

"Yes," Laria said, "I've changed it a little, now you have seasons."

"But you still haven't given me a name yet?"

"NO!" Laria screamed involuntarily, "Calm down, calm down."

She took a deep breath and got herself under control again.

"Why don't you go outside?" Laria asked with a smile.

"Okay," Six Thirty said stepping outside the Kaiba Mansion only to be tackled by… Buckles?

"Hey Laria," The Pharaoh, who really tackled Six Thirty, said, "Who's this?"

"A critic of my Yu-Gi-Oh Whose Line show," Laria said.

"Another one?"

"I'm still mad about you making us do the Yu-Gi-Oh Whose Line is it Anyway," Seto Kaiba, Laria's twin brother, said walking out of the Mansion.

Around this time, Yugi finally showed up. He and the Pharaoh were walking together, but the Pharaoh ran ahead… and if you were walking with Yugi, you would run away too.

"She brought another man home?" Yugi asked, seeing Six Thirty, "Again?"

"Yeah," said Seto.

"Hey!" Laria said indignantly, "This is only my thirteenth this week!"

"I guess that is an improvement from the sixty that one week last month!" Seto grumbled.

"Sixty!" Yugi gasped.

"Or was it seventy?" Seto thought.

"Hey!" Laria exclaimed taking out her notebook.

"Hey!" Seto blurted out just before he was turned into a plushie.

"Any one else?" Laria growled, looking around.

Bakura, who had showed up sometime during the discussion of Laria's men quickly disappeared and reappeared at the end of the sidewalk behind a bush.

"So," The Pharaoh turned to his hikari to change the subject, "How's the weather Yugi?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Yugi said, getting offensive, "Was that a short joke?"

"A short joke?" Laria asked, who was three inches taller then Yugi, yet still an inch shorter then the Pharaoh.

"Run Pharaoh, run," Six Thirty said quickly.

"Again Pharaoh?" Laria growled, "Do I have to turn you into a buckle again?"

"No! Anything but that!" Yugi exclaimed, "After you changed him back the first time he married his belt buckle and had a $1800 suit of shiny buckled made for him. It nearly blinded me whenever he went out in the sun."

About this time, little Yugi curled up into a ball and started rocking back and forth.

"Can't… Handle… again… Buckle phobia…"

"Hello!" Yani, Laria's yami, called walking out of the Mansion.

"Buckle phobia…" Yugi said staring blankly up at Yani.

"Okay…" the spirit instantly turned right back around and walked back into the Mansion.

For once silence fell over the group, broken only by a little squeak of 'Help me!' from the Seto Plushie.

"Oh fine!" Laria sighed, snapping her fingers. At last, Seto appeared back to normal… except his clothes were still plushie sized!

"Oh!" Six Thirty gasped at the sight.

"LAR!" Seto screamed running veryveryvery quickly into the Mansion.

"Wait for it…" Laria said to the others, "Now."

From inside they could hear Yani scream.


Seto's scream of 'LAR!' echoed from within the Mansion.

"I shrank all of his clothes to plushie size!"

---Hope you all enjoy the story so far.---