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Princess Serenity's wish

Chapter 1 - a final wish

Usagi Tsukino floated in the air, her angel wings covering her bodylike a shield and clutching tightly to her chest was the silver crystal which was glowing dimly. Just a minute ago, she had sealed away chaos, but had lost nearly everyone she holded dear to her heart. She turned her head to see Artemis and Luna walked towards her slowly and when they reached her, they stopped.

Luna said sorrowfully, "You are going to follow in your mother's footsteps and do what she did, aren't you Usagi?"

Usagi nodded and for a minute there, she looked like Queen Selenity herself. Artemis and Luna bowed their heads respectfully and with tears in their eyes, stepped back.

She clutched her crystal even tighter to her body, tears streaming down her face. The crystal shone bright as moonlight as she made her final wish.

'Hear my wish, My Senshi. My love of my life, andmy future child have all died for me...and I can not go on living without them.Please let us be reborn, let us have the life we once dreamed of having, let us have peace and happiness, and give us the future we once saw back. Please grant my last request...my last prayer...my last...wish...please.'

She felt the crystal drain her of her last energy as she collasped but she smiled. She could've sworn that as she closed her eyes, that she saw her mother, Queen Selenity standing before her, a sad smile on her lips.

Artemis and Luna watched as their princess collasped, her wings disappearing feathers by feathers, a smile on her face.

The last of the royal moon line has died out.

For now.

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