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Princess Serenity's wish

Chapter 5I know

five minutes before -

Setsuna, also known as Sailor Pluto, was panicking as the whole small army-like group of youmas surrounded her. With skills she acquired throughout the years, she battled them away as much as possible from the Gates of Time. Yet, these were smarter and more powerful than the usual ones she had battled and soon had her clutching furiously on her staff as she laid on her knees, trying to catch her breath.

The youmas gathered around to finish her off when suddenly three voices cried out and echoed throughout the Gates of Times. The battle raged on yet so concentrated they were that they failed to see a handful of youmas running towards the gates.

Great Hall, Hogwarts -

Usagi reached in her pocket and felt her broach. Her heart mentally did a back flip when she closed her hand around it. She looked around the great hall and saw everyone panic stricken, completely frozen in their spots. The teachers were shooting off curses and hexes as well as the students when they weren't running around screaming. But the youmas easily took it, which made the students panic more and Usagi's frown to deepened. Usagi looked at Hermione, who was frozen to the spot. Some of the other students, like Harry, were also shooting off spells. Usagi whispered something to Hermione quickly as an idea formed in her mind.

"Hermione, in thirty seconds tell everyone to duck."

Hermione merely nodded in fear, while Usagi carefully tried to find a spot not to being noticed while she transformed. Finally she spotted a small door that was slightly hidden behind the teacher's table (its the one where the champions went in the fourth book). She quickly ran towards it and checking inside and outside before she went in. Knowing she didn't have enough time, she grabbed her broach and felt it hum welcomely.

"SILVER MOON CRYSTAL POWER!" Usagi shouted, letting the power course threw her veins. "MAKE UP!"



Meanwhile, Hermione started to count to thirty, still stunned at the monster, where now four students were severely wounded and lots unconscious. Somehow, she had reached one of the walls and slid down as miraculously, no youma attacked her.



Done transforming, Usagi ran back into the Great Hall as she called upon her staff. Everyone stopped and looked at her with even more awe as the youmas' eyes narrowed into slits.




"Duck!" Hermione shouted.

Everyone didn't move for they were in to much awe and wonder at this unknown stranger that appeared out of nowhere. Frustrated, Hermione shouted it a second time and everyone then followed suit, though hesitantly.

"SILVER MOON...CRYSTAL POWER KISS!" Usagi shouted at the top of her lungs.

The monster tried to get out of the way, but was to slow and burst into flames.

Everyone cheered and Usagi took this moment to ran back to the room and untransformed. She was about to run back in, when she felt someone grab her wrist and painfully spin her around only to be met with the eyes of Professor Snape. Usagi had a look of panic. how was her grandfather going to explain this?

"You're in a lot of trouble girl!" Snape said as he smirked and dragged her off to Dumbledore's office. Unbeknown to them, the whole Great Hall had obviously erupted into noise over what had just happened and were now trading theories about who the mysteriuos rescuer was.


"Candy frogs." Snape practically shouted at the Gargoyles.

The door opened and Snape dragged Usagi into the magical-like elevator thing. Usagi angerly pulled her arm away and gently rubbed it. Snape smirked at her and she glared back. He was a little taken aback by her immense glare, but still kept his smirk firmly placed. When they reached Dumbledore's office they walked in and noticing no one in there, they waited for him to come back. Soon, Dumbledore walked in a couple of minutes later, accompanied by Professor Mcgonagall.

"What are you two doing up here?" Mcgonagall asked, all teacher-like as if she had caught a student wondering after dark.

"Guess who that little heroine was?" Snape said excitedly. Without waiting for a reply, he continued. "This little girl here, and I bet you she's the reason for those monsters being here also."

"I know." was the only reply Dumbledore gave.

Snape and Mcgonagall looked confusedly at Dumbledore. Then at Usagi, who was merely smiling slightly.

"What do you mean you know?" Snape said.

"Albus?" Mcgonagall said.

"I mean I know about her. Usagi, you shouldn't have been so reckless." Dumbledore said, first at his two associates and then to the student.

Usagi looked down at the ground a bit ashamed and was about to reply as she looked back up but Snape got there first.

"What do you mean, you now about her? How, Dumbledore?-!" said Snape, so furious that he forgotten all respect for his elder.

"Severus Snape!" Mcgonagall started to say but Dumbledore calmly raised his hand and cut her off.

"The reason why I know about her is because, first of all, she is my grand-daughter. What kind of grand-father would I be, if I did not know what my grand-daughter was up to?" he said.

Stunned silence came after his statement. Even Snape seemed to have forgotten his anger, meanwhile, Usagi was smiling happily.

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