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"And don't forget to take Molly to her doctor's appointment," Keiko added, turning towards her husband as he gently pushed her towards the door.

"I understand, Keiko," said Miles, for what felt like the millioneth time, "Will you relax? I've got everything under control."

Keiko sighed, and smiled up at him.

"I know you do," she said, "I just can't help worrying about you and Molly..."

"Take my advice," interrupted Miles smiling back at her, "Don't. We'll be fine. You go and have your day off, you deserve it."

They shared a brief kiss as Miles opened the door for her.

"Now go on," he said.

Keiko let out a small laugh, stepping into the hallway.

"And don't forget to..."

"Keiko!" Miles tone sounded mildly irritated.

"Alright, alright," his wife conceded defeat, "Good luck."

With that parting, Miles watched as she walked down the hall and disappeared down the corner. Smiling with relief he walked back into their quarters, turning in the direction of Molly's room. Entering quietly, he sat on the edge of the seven year old's bed and began to gently shake her awake.

"Molly," he called out, "Time to wake up."

"Mmph," came the reply as a bundle of covers flipped away from him.

Miles smirked. At least his daughter had picked up one of his traits. This was going to be a very interesting morning.

"Come on, Molly," he urged, grabbing a handful of the blankets (just in case), "If you get up, I'll make pancakes."

The comment had an immediate reaction.

"Pancakes!" exclaimed Molly, sitting up in bed immediately, her brown eyes looking at her dad with a childish glee.

"Sure," replied Miles, "Why not? Any special requests with those pancakes?"

Molly thought about it for a second.

"Could they be chocolate chip?" she asked, looking at him with an earnest only a little child could muster.

Miles laughed.

"Sure thing, sweetie," he said standing up, "But you have to get dressed first. Then we can have some chocolate chip pancakes."

The words, "Okay, daddy," were barely off the little girl's lips before she was out of bed, running to her closet. Miles chuckled to himself, as he turned, walking out the door. He had no idea why Keiko complained so much about mornings with Molly. It's hardly a problem at all.


Miles sat, sipping his raktajino, and reading the report on the repairs to the field manifolds. Molly sat quietly in front of him, eating the chocolate chip pancakes she had courageously drowned in syrup.

"All done," she said, wiping her mouth with a napkin.

Miles looked over the padd at her. Indeed, the entire plate was empty, except for the remnants of a syrupy sea.

"Okay, sweetie, just put it your plate in the recycler," said Miles, going back to the padd.

Molly obediantly stood up and put her plate in the recycler. It wasn't everyday she got to spend a ton of time with her dad, so she was going to make the most of it.

Walking back to the table, she watched as Miles took another sip of his coffee. A small part of her wondered what exactly the black substance tasted like. Nearly all the adults she knew drank it, so it had to taste special.

"What are we going to do today, Daddy?" Molly asked, drawing Miles attention away from the padd.

Miles glanced at his daughter. Placing down the padd he stood up, his hands going to his waist and leaned over till he was about eye level with her.

"Well," he said, "You have a doctors appointment right now."

He was nowhere near prepared for the hell he was about to unleash. Immediately an earsplitting shriek erupted from Molly. Jolting back in suprise, Miles watched thelittle girl, a look of terror on her face, take off and run into her room. For a second, he had no idea what had just happened. He just hoped the rest of the station hadn't heard it.