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Dr. Julian Bashir had been having a completely normal and uneventful morning thus far. He had, per his field of specialty, checked on his patients (a pair of traveling Andorians who had gotten into a drunken bar fight) and signed for their release from sickbay; started a new gene resequence expirement on a virus dangerous to only the inhabitants of Biran IV; and helped the eye-catching zoologist from the U.S.S Centaur find an appropriate sedative for one of the more aggressive new species the ship was transporting. Along with this he had enjoyed a long breakfast discussion with Dax and prevented Quark from swindling a few young, eager Bajoran children who were visiting the station on a pilgrimage with their parents.

All in all, it had been a rather productive morning for him. Yet, Julian couldn't help thinking something was out of place. Though he couldn't quite put his finger on it as he studied the results from the gene resequence expirement.

"Computer," he said suddenly, annoyed that he couldn't figure out what he had forgotten, "What time is it?"

"The time is 01100," came back the dull reply.

"01100,"Julian repeated, racking his brain for what could be the relation.

Then, as suddenly as lightning, it hit him. Molly was suppose to have had her physical an hour ago. Immediately, alarms went off in Julian's mind. Keiko was never late for a physical, and she made sure her daughter never was either.

"Computer, locate..." Julian stopped. He also remembered O'Brien complaining last night about having Keiko bug him to death over watching Molly. If memory served him correctly, the chief hadn't really been annoyed at his wife, but more he was channeling his frustration over the field manifold issue into something much simpler.

Bashir smirked. At least, Keiko and Miles had made raising their only child seem simple.

"I wonder if he forgot about the appointment?" Bashir mused to the space around him.

"Please restate the question," came the automatic reply.

"Oh, I wasn't...never mind," said Bashir, "I'll just go see for myself."

Noting the progression of the expirement and seeing that sickbay was now empty of inhabitants, Bashir walked out the door and headed towards the habitat rings.


The scene he arrived to was highly unexpected if not amusing.Julian could only stare at Miles, the man he'd come to respect as a good friend, colleague, and opponent stood talking helplessly to his daughter's door.

"Come on, Molly. It's not so bad,"Julian caught, "I promise it will be really quick. And then you and I have the whole day to spend together."

Only silence came from the room.

"I'll even take you to the holosuites," Miles said, "We can put in your favorite program, with that Floppy character."

"It's Flotter," interjected Julian, smirking.

Miles whirled, not having heard the door open.

"Julian? What are you doing here?" he exclaimed in suprise.

"Let's just say there are advantages to being a CMO," Bashir replied, his smirk broadening into a grin, "And the character's name is Flotter."

"Floppy Flotter, does it matter?" fumed Miles, "I'm just trying to get her to open the door."

"I take it you're talking about Molly?"

Miles sent him a perturbed glare.

"Who else would I be talking about?" he exclaimed, "It's not like I have another child, thank god!"

"Why don't you just open the door then?" inquired Julian, trying not to laugh at the Chief's temper flaring from an obviously overzealous attempt to keep Molly's appointment. There were times Julian thought the Chief took things too far. It was a simple appointment for goodness sake!Besides, he could understand if the problem was the fact Molly was afraid. He was a doctor after all, and could relate to his patients. Plus, he had had a similar fear when he was her age.

Which is not the point at the moment, he reminded himself, pushing away the clouded flashes of men in strange uniforms taking him into a frightenly dull looking room. Suddenly, he realize O'Brien was talking to him.

"...has this thing with privacy, so I don't go into her room when she's awake," he said.

"Privacy?" exclaimed Julian, caught by suprise, "She's seven."

"Tell me about it," muttered Miles, as he began knocking on the door again, "Please, Molly, I promise, I'll be right there with you."

"NO!" came the immediate reply.

Sighing exasperantly, Miles threw up his hands, trying to think of something.

"This is hopeless," he muttered.

"No, this is ridiculous," said Julian, taking a step to the door, "And if she's so scared of sickbay, I can do the examination here."

He reached for the door panel.

"Julian, no, don't!" Miles exclaimed, but it was to late.

For a strained second, he watched the door open.