Author's Notes: Hello, everyone! Working on my third story here, not counting the one-shot. Anyway, I was reading Teen Idol by Meg Cabot and this idea just came up to me. I decided it wouldn't work for any other genre other than Naruto, of course! So here I am!


Title: Dear Annie

Rating: T (or PG-13, I don't like the new rating system, who goes by "T" anyway? Gaming fans that's who)

Summary: (SasuSaku) Sakura is excellent about giving others advice about their love life, but she is absolutely clueless when it comes to her own!

Pairings: SasuSaku, NaruHina, NejiTen, ShikaIno, and every other girl trying to be with Sasuke but failing miserably.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, or Teen Idol.

Chapter 1: Prince Charming


Dear Annie,

I just went through a breakup with my long-term boyfriend. I felt like I did the right thing, but after a few days I saw him with another girl. I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I was. Should I ask for his forgiveness and take him back?

Torn Apart


Dear Torn,

If you broke up with him, it was probably for a good reason, right? By taking him back, you will go against your own beliefs and be miserable. You should probably move on and find someone who doesn't have the quality that your ex had. Therefore, you won't be miserable, and you won't have to go crawling back begging forgiveness. No girl should have to do that. If it's him that's at fault, he should be begging you!

Your Friend,



Uchiha Sasuke wasn't the king of anything, really. Sure, he was great at sports, popular with the ladies—a few of the men—and his grades were up to par with a Harvard graduate, but he still wasn't a king.

He was a Prince.

Over the years, "king" had lost its power. The word no longer inspired awe or fear into anybody. Prince, however, did. In fact, even the teachers had to squelch down the "Uchiha-sama" in class. He was just that powerful.

Which is why I hated his guts.

I mean, really! He acted like he owned everything and everyone! He could snap his fingers and women would come do him, drooling like dogs, and ask to do his bidding. They'd probably get hit by a semi if he asked it of them. The man looked down his nose at everyone who wasn't worthy of his attentions.

Which was pretty much everybody.

Except, that is, for a select three. The term "friends" didn't suit them at all. Royalty didn't have friends…they had lackeys.

Hyuuga Neji: Stuck up, white-eyed, conceited demon. It was a rarity for him to show any emotion whatsoever. One glare and grown men scampered off wetting themselves. He had an intimidating presence, even to the strongest of people. And the worst part was that if he looked at you, you could never tell what was going on behind those eyes of his. It was pretty darn creepy.

Nara Shikamaru: Personally, I don't know how he ever got to be in this group. He never puts any effort into anything. It really makes me wonder how he even got to be a junior in high school. It couldn't be because of his grades, that's for darn sure. He slept most of the time in class. One teacher back in freshman year dared to give him a detention for doing so. That teacher was never seen here again. By the time we came back the next day, all his stuff was cleared out of his room and we had a replacement teacher already in his place.

And Uzumaki Naruto: I will eat my socks if I knew how Naruto of all people came to be "friends" with Sasuke. The guy is literally an annoying, walking time-bomb. You say one thing and he'll annoy you for hours on end. Otherwise, I really don't know much about him. In fact, he could be likeable if he didn't hang out with them. Besides, he's got the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen on a guy.

Oops, I suppose I haven't introduced myself, have I? I'm Haruno Sakura. You might have seen me before, I'm the one with the pink hair and green eyes. Yeah, I've got good grades, matched only by the "Prince" himself, but I, thankfully, am nothing like them. I'm sort of a wallflower, no one really notices me except to tease me, and boys kinda shy away from me as if I've got this contagious skin disease. I don't know why though, I'm not really terrible looking. Also, I'm on the Konoha High School paper. I don't really do anything important, I just write the "Dear Annie" column. It's nothing special, but I'd like to think it keeps me sane.

Next is Ino Yamanaka: Ino and I have known each other since we were very little. Some people were teasing me about my forehead, and she stood up for me. I practically didn't have any courage until Ino came along. She gave me a ribbon to hold my hair back, which was later replaced by the forehead protector they require us to wear at school. We grew our hair really long together. Of course, that was until I got in a car accident and most of it was cut off by a piece of glass. All I remember is that when I came to in Konoha Hospital, into had her hair cut short too. I couldn't tell you how happy I was that I actually had a friend that was so dedicated to me.

Tenten: Tenten is so cool! She never really knew her parents, so her last name is the same as her first name, which always inspires some awkward situations. Still, she can tell you almost anything about any kind of weapon. When it was first made, purpose, and how to wield. This is how she got the nickname "weapon's mistress." She met me and Ino in first grade, when we noticed that she was kind of detached from everyone else. We went over and talked to her and the three of us have been friends ever since. Now, she lives in an apartment and a representative from her orphanage comes to check on her once a month until she turns into a named adult at eighteen, which, thankfully, is next year.

Hyuuga Hinata: It seems almost impossible that she and Neji are even related. They're cousins. Sure they've got the same white eyes and dark hair, but their personalities are polar opposites. Hinata is a shy, caring person and Neji is everything she isn't. Don't tell anyone, but Neji has a protective streak for his cousin. It's cute, in a brotherly sort of way. The three of us met her in the third grade, and we don't know how we ever went without her. It was a while back when we rounded the corner and Hinata got over her stuttering problem. We didn't really mind it, of course, but now we don't have to glare at anyone who tries to make fun of her for it. Also, she's got this crush on Naruto. Why? We have absolutely no clue. But if it's what Hinata wants, we'll back her every step of the way.


Private Chat Room 39

WeaponsMistress has signed on.

CherryBlossoms has signed on.

PrincessIno12 has signed on.

LadyHyuuga06 has signed on.

PrincessIno12: I hate them.

WeaponsMistress: We all do. Join the club.

LadyHyuuga06: They aren't really THAT bad, are they?

CherryBlossoms: You're lucky, Hinata, you've got Neji on your side.

WeaponsMistress: Yeah, the rest of us aren't that lucky.

PrincessIno12: Yesterday I found a toy rat in my locker.

WeaponsMistress: Bubblegum in my HAIR! I'm going to be washing out Neji's saliva for weeks.

WeaponsMistress: I might have to burn my hair off.

LadyHyuuga06: It's a good thing Ino's so good with hair, huh?

WeaponsMistress: Got that right.


CherryBlossoms: I don't even want to TALK about it.

PrincessIno12: Oh come on, it was kind of funny.

CherryBlossoms: So was your face when you saw that rat. Luckily for me I had my camera phone with me and got a shot of it. I can have it in the paper by tomorrow morning, you know.

WeaponsMistress: At least everyone will know where the scream came from.

PrincessIno12: Point taken. I'll shut up.

LadyHyuuga06: What happened, Sakura?

CherryBlossoms: Prince Idiot-sama put a bucket of water in my locker so when I opened the door, splash! All over my favorite shirt too. I had to get another shirt from the clinic. All that was left in my locker was a little sticky note with a crown on it.

CherryBlossoms: All my textbooks are ruined, I don't know how I'm gonna replace them.

LadyHyuuga06: Oh…

CherryBlossoms: What I want to know is how he got my locker combination.

WeaponsMistress: He probably threatened someone to find out.

PrincessIno12: Fear me! For I am Prince Idiot-sama and you should all bow down and kiss my feet!

WeaponsMistress: LOL!

CherryBlossoms: You know what we should do? We should have a sleepover Saturday night!

PrincessIno12: Fun! Whose house?

WeaponsMistress: Not mine, you guys know the drill.

CherryBlossoms: Mine's open, my parents are on a work trip.

LadyHyuuga06: Ok. What time?

WeaponsMistress: 8?

PrincessIno12: Better make it 7. We need mall time.

ILoveRamen10: All right! Party at Sakura's!

CherryBlossoms: Uzumaki? Where did you come from?

ILoveRamen10: We've been hidden the whole time.

WeaponsMistress has signed off.

CherryBlossoms has signed off.

PrincessIno12 has signed off.

LadyHyuuga06 has signed off.

ILoveRamen10: Hey! Not cool!


Private Chat Room 04

ByakuganHyuuga03 has signed on.

PrinceofDarkness has signed on.

Troublesome99 has signed on.

ILoveRamen10 has signed on.

PrinceofDarkness: I hate them.

ILoveRamen10: Woah, Déjà vu!

PrinceofDarkness: We should make their lives a living hell.

Troublesome99: Whatever you say, Prince Idiot-sama.

PrinceofDarkness: Shut up.

ByakyganHyuuga03: I want to ask you, just what is so bad about my saliva?

ILoveRamen10: The fact that it came from YOU, of all people.

ByakyganHyuuga03: Shut up.

PrinceofDarkness: But I do like the whole "bow down and kiss my feet" suggestion.

ILoveRamen10: That's disturbing.

Troublesome99: I just realized, how come no one plays pranks on Hinata?

Troublesome99: Neji, I can feel the Byakugan from here, please stop.

ByakuganHyuuga03: …fine.

PrinceofDarkness: We should crash their party.

ILoveRamen10: Aw, but Sakura-chan is so nice!

ILoveRamen10: Sasuke-teme, I can feel the Sharingan from here, please stop.

PrinceofDarkness: …fine.

ByakuganHyuuga03: I'm in.

ILoveRamen10: Fine, but I won't like it.

PrinceofDarkness: …Shikamaru?

Troublesome99: Too troublesome.

PrinceofDarkness: Good, you're in too. Meet me Saturday at my house at 6. We need to plan.

PrinceofDarkness has signed off.

Troublesome99 has signed off.

ILoveRamen10: You know, every Prince needs a Princess…

ByakuganHyuuga03: It's a hopeless cause trying to get him with a girl. Get over it.

ByakuganHyuuga03 has signed off.


ILoveRamen10: Not AGAIN!


To: CherryBlossoms

This invitation is from PrinceofDarkness, do you accept?

Default Message: 'Join me in this chat!'

CherryBlossoms declined invitation.

Sasuke frowned. Stupid girl. He'd bet she was the one who came up with the "Prince Idiot-sama" nonsense.

To: CherryBlossoms

This invitation is from PrinceofDarkness, do you accept?

Message: 'Join me in this chat, or else.'

CherryBlossoms accepts invitation.

CherryBlossoms: Bite me.

CherryBlossoms has signed off at 10:31 pm.

That's it! Naruto's precious Sakura-chan was going DOWN!


I opened my locker slightly from the side today, just so he couldn't trick me again. Nothing happened. After breathing a slight sigh of relief that I didn't have to wear the clinic's Goodwill clothes, I felt a lot better. What was inside my locker made me feel a whole lot better than that even. My textbooks were replaced. I mean, it's not like I was poor or anything, it's just that textbooks take like fifty bucks each to replace. Which is so ridiculous because the school pays no more than twenty for them. But…who?

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Pink."

It was stupid to be so wrapped up in something that I didn't even notice him sneak up on me until his hands were trapping me between him and the lockers. I normally had such a good sense of what was around me. I couldn't turn around, if I did, he'd touch me. Shudder to that. So I calmly proceeded to get my books, trying my hardest not to think how close he was standing to me. I felt his breath on my ear, for goodness sake!

"Well, well, well," I said back, "if it isn't the Prince of Dirt. What do you want?"

"I'm hurt, I thought you'd be glad to see me." He put on this obviously fake hurt tone.

"Just as glad as I am to see my period every month."

"What are you? Obsessed with blood?"

I abruptly turned around and came practically nose-to-nose with him. I growled when he suggestively cocked an eyebrow.

That got me ticked.

"You know what? You and my period do have something in common."

"Oh?" he asked. "And that would be?"

"That would be that both seem to give me migraines that never seem to go away." I tapped on his forehead protector during the last five words for emphasis. He got annoyed at this and tried to grab my finger, but I pulled it away.

He removed his arms after a calming breath, put hands in his pockets and began to walk away. "See you Saturday." He called over his shoulder. Fine, if that's how he wants to play…

Let the games begin.


To: Hyuuga, Hinata; Tenten, Tenten; Yamanaka, Ino

From: Haruno, Sakura

Subject: Trouble

Guys, come to my house a little earlier than planned. The guys are definitely up to something.



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