Author's Note: Heh, this little thing came to me as I was in my room working on my summer assignments (ugh...). This fly would not leave me alone! Then -- poof -- this appeared! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Gaara or Temari... They belong to Naruto which (sigh) I do not own. I think I can claim the fly as my own, though...



Narrow eyes ringed with insomnia-induced darkness followed the small insect as it zoomed around the room, stupidly bumping into walls and flying around in circles, searching for an escape.


The creature's noise was amplified as it flew right by the Kazekage's ear. The boy shuddered and resumed his glaring down of the bug.


The fly flew right in front of the Sand-nin's face, and the boy swiftly brought up a hand to swat it away.

He missed.


A tic of annoyance appeared on the tattoo decorating the Kazekage's forehead. This was getting frustrating.


The boy felt his eye twitch as the bug once more flew past his face. Attempting to swat at it again only resulted in an even angrier Kazekage.


That was it. He couldn't stand it anymore. Raising a hand, the boy directed a stream of sand from the urn strapped to his back at the fly.

"Desert Coffin," he uttered, closing his fist and watching as the sand closed around the insect and crushed it.


The Kazekage uncharacteristically grinned.


The flyagain flew by his ear, causing the boy to once more shudder noticeably.

The Kazekage swung his hand around, directing the sand at the bug's new location.

"Desert Coffin," he repeated, once more closing his hand.


The boy's whole left side twitched at the persistent sound.

"Desert…Coffin," he choked out through gritted teeth.


"Damn it, die already!" he burst out, also uncharacteristically.


The fly was mocking him. He knew it. Now it had to die.


"Desert Coffin!" he tried again. His attack had never failed. Ever. Never ever. Never never ever. He was not going to be beaten by some insect.


There was a slight tap on the door before it opened, revealing the Kazekage's elder sister.

She stared at the scene before her, a bit scared. There was her brother, standing with his feet splayed in the middle of the room and his arms spread wide apart, a light sprinkling of sand covering the floor. His teal eyes glinted maniacally, a large tic was visible on his tattoo, and his left eye twitched uncontrollably.

"Uh, Gaara?" she tentatively asked.


Gaara's eyes flew to the sound and he discovered the bug lazily resting on the wall next to the door. He didn't even notice his sister standing in the doorway as he raised his hands, calling upon the sand…

But before he could send his attack at the bug, his sister whipped a fly swatter randomly from behind her back and squished the insect, without even taking her eyes off her brother.

"Gaara?" his sister repeated, still not aware of what was causing his… weirdness. Not that he wasn't already a bit… strange… to begin with. But she would never tell him that… No… She knew it was completely and utterly due to the Shukaku sealed inside him. …Of course…

Gaara stared at the squished remains of the bug sticking to the tan wall. His left side twitched once more.

"Um… I'll just leave these here…" his sister muttered, setting a folder full of papers on the table next to the door before exiting, gently closing the door behind her.

Gaara continued to stare at that one spot on the wall… and stare… and stare… and stare… until finally he regained his composure and stood up straight, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Damn fly…"