It took two and a half years, but the scientists appointed to the job finally documented each one of the creations living on Naraku's compound, studied their genetic materials, and came up with a solution to the question of classification. The specifications that Kagome had originally entered with the review board were studied and considered and eventually some of them were used. Once that process was done, parliament passed a number of laws giving all youkai and hanyou the same rights and freedoms as humans.

There were problems, of course, as with anything, that takes so long and such work to complete. Not all of the youkai on Naraku's compound had been pure youkai and had been denied the serum which kept them in human form. These animals then could not be released back into the population because of their exposure to scientific testing and had to be put down. The remaining youkai who were pure youkai were not all good, either. As with any species there were a majority who were rotten eggs, to say the least. Crime soared for the first few months after their introduction into society and people believed it would never get better.

But with the erection of a new jail facility to house the overly powerful youkai and law enforcement that was soon equipped and able to handle them, things began to turn for the better and more and more people were beginning to accept the creations as fellow beings.

Sango and Miroku took on laboratory jobs with the same pharmaceutical company as Hojou. It had, in fact, been he who attested to the genius of the two doctors from Naraku's company and informed them of the open positions. Sango and Miroku had married six months after the hearing and were expecting their first child in a few weeks.

Kaede had been running a small orphanage in Osaka and took in the majority of the younger youkai whose parents had been terminated. Shippou, the little fox cub Rin had been playing with was staying there as well.

Rin found herself living happily in the suburbs of Osaka, well within driving distance of Kaede's orphanage and attending the same school as her secret friend. Her mother had happily divorced Hyouga Menomaru and was currently seeing a very handsome, silver haired youkai. Jaken, knowing his weaknesses and his strengths, had become the modern day equivalent of a manservant - a butler. His employer happened to be Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's half brother, who, it turned out, had a great head for business.

Onigumo Naraku, Hyouga Menormau, and Tsuki Kaguya found themselves stripped of their medical licenses. They'd had the majority of their personal property sold at auction to pay their fines to the scientific review board as well as to the federal courts and to give the youkai from their facility a significant restitution for their treatment. Menomaru and Kaguya had been serving a ten year sentence in the federal prison for their involvement in the illegal happenings of the company and would eventually get out and be back on their feet. Naraku, however, had been found guilty of three counts of murder as well as his other indiscretions and had been sentenced to consecutive life sentences in each count. He would never see freedom again. It was only fitting, after all, after the way he'd confined the youkai on his island.

As for Kagome and Inuyasha...

Since Inuyasha had had no where to go after the hearing, Kagome had offered to let him stay at her apartment until he could find a job and a place of his own. While he found a job as an officer at Central Tokyo Police Department in the Youkai Unit, finding an apartment just seemed to get less and less important as each day passed. Two years later, he was still there.

Kagome became a director at the same lab as Sanog and Miroku, overseeing their group's research during the day and just being Inuyasha's girlfriend in the afternoon. All in all, she couldn't have been happier.


Kagome opened the door to her apartment, stretching her arms out before closing it behind her. It'd been a long day at the lab and she'd spent most of it on her feet. Now home all she wanted to do was run a nice hot bath and soak until she became a prune. With Sango about to start maternity leave any day, she'd had to do both their work because the lab refused to hire anyone else.

"Inuyasha?" She called, wondering where her roommate was and if he was off work. A banging from the kitchen made her jump and turn in that direction. Coming to the door, she peaked in and gasped, eyes wide. "Oh...my...kami..."

Pots and bowls and pans were strewn out over the counters. The sink was overflowing with dishwasher bubbles and the water was still running. Smoke was drifting from the stove while on top there was a pan with two black pieces of something that might have been fish when it first started. Flour, batter, spices, sauce and other ingredients stained the counter tops and even the white tile floor. And in the midst of it all Inuyasha was on his hands and knees scrubbing the floor with a rag, a towel thrown over one shoulder.


"Damn it! What the fuck are you doing here? You were supposed to be working late!" He glared at the mess around him and threw the rag down, splashing water up. "Not that it makes a difference now. Everything's ruined anyhow."

She couldn't help but smile at the notion that he'd wanted to surprise her with dinner. Shaking her head, she moved to the sink and turned the water off, pulling the drain to let some of it out. Then she started to pile the discarded dishes in the water, emptying their contents into the garbage as needed. "Thank you."

He shook his head and stood, finding a bucket and mop since the rag didn't seem to be doing the trick. "For what? Now you just gotta clean all this shit up."

"That doesn't mater. You tried, that's what matters." As the dishes came clean, she looked around for a place to put them before finally deciding to lay a towel across the messy counter and put them on that. "What made you want to cook, anyway?"

He didn't look at her but continued to push the mop across the floor. "It was Miroku's idea."

"Oh." Her cheeks burned at the idea. Miroku's schemes usually always led to something hentai.

"I was gonna give you this after you ate, but here." She turned around and found him holding a mop in one hand and a small jewelry box in the other. Drying her hands on a towel, she took the box from him and opened it, looking at the small, sparkling diamond within.

Her breath caught in her throat. "Inuyasha?"

"I woulda asked you before, but with all this legal shit going on, it didn't seem right." Silence stretched out for a moment and before he finally growled in frustration. "Stop staring and put the damn thing on already!"

Jolted out of her shocked stupor, Kagome blinked and then looked from him to the ring and back before squealing in joy and throwing her arms around him, nearly knocking them both off balance. "Yes! I love you, Inuyasha!"

And now that her life was complete, Kagome couldn't be happier...


Separating themselves from one another, Kagome picked up her dishrag once more and continued cleaning while Inuyasha went back to mopping. As the silence drug on, Kagome sighed happily and glanced down at her ring again. She'd actually come home early for a reason...


He didn't look up as he rung out the mop and started to put it away. "Hmm?

"I'm pregnant."


The End