Forgetting all I'm Lacking

Disclaimer: I do not own Hana-Kimi, nor do I own "Hanging by a Moment" by Lifehouse.

A/N: (This "challenge" is so screwing with my iTunes play count……) This little specimen was inspired by the movie "27 Dresses." A good movie, but chick flicks are not for the single.


"Mizuki…I know what you need."

"What do I need, Julia?" Mizuki had been paging through her Osaka High scrapbook while Julia turned the pages of a glamour magazine. For the past hour the blonde had been trying to get her newly returned friend to learn all about the latest hairstyle fads that were hitting Hollywood.

"A good, old-fashioned, chick flick extravaganza. I'm going to get some movies. You. Start popping the pop-corn."

Mizuki couldn't help but smile at her friend's efforts. Really, she was far from depressed, and Julia knew that, yet her American friend still felt the need to "cheer her up" and "keep her busy."

Three chick flicks later, Mizuki had come to a resolute decision: chick flicks had to be the most terrible "pick-me-ups" imaginable if you were single, a man, or separated from your boyfriend by a large body of water. Unfortunately for her, living life as a man was not something easily forgotten by one who successfully did it for three years straight, and the Pacific Ocean was the largest body of water on Earth.