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Just Some Toast

Bridge's eyes flickered back and forth in a staccato motion as he deeply perused the extensive menu glancing up when the waitress impatiently began tapping her pen.

"Oh, I'll just have some toast." With a wave of the fingers, he added. "And make sure it's buttery."

The rest of B-squad rolled their eyes.

"White, Multigrain, Raisin, Sourdough or Rye?"


"White, Multigrain, Raisin, Sourdough or Rye?"

Bridge's eyes widened. The heavens had opened up, choirs singing. The universe was expanding into a world of possibilities, a multitude of stars within his reach.

The waitress cleared her throat.

"One of each?"

Side Effects

"Sir, the DNA modifications are complete, but I'm afraid there's been complications."


"We had problems creating the psychic powers. There might be some unfortunate side effects."

"Such as?"

"A need to stand on his head in order to process thoughts, a tendency to ramble on about nothing in particular, an extreme attraction to toasted bread products, and an inability to say buttery without wiggling the fingers on his right hand."

"Is there any way to prevent them?"


"Hmm. We'll just have to hope no one notices anything."

17 years in the future, Bridge Carson stared intently at his misbehaving fingers as they wiggled.

Colour Symphony

A cascade of colours flitted in front of Bridge's eyes. They swam around him clashing in ugly mixes, shades grey and faded to nauseatingly bright neons. They were like an orchestra where not only were the instruments out of tune, they weren't even playing the same piece of music.

He had to get away. The crashing impacts of the chaotic colours were pounding inside his skull.

He had to find it, that music, that rainbow where all the colours played together in a beautiful interwoven harmony.

Following wisps of a trail, the green ranger finally found what he was looking for.

"Bridge. There you are." Z took a hold of his arm leading him over to where Jack, Sky and Syd were waiting. "We've been looking for you."

Bridge smiled. He had found his symphony.