I don't own any of the character's from That's So Raven. I'm just borrowing them for a moment.

This is a femslash involving Raven and Chelsea so all of those offended by such subject matter, please go read something else.

This is my first TSR fic, so please be gentle, and no flames please. That's just childish. I look forward to hearing feedback though. So please enjoy.

Chelsea dropped her calculus book on the floor and glanced over at the empty bed across the room, and then at the clock. Looks like Raven will be out late again, she thought with a sigh. It had been this way all week. It seemed things were pretty serious with Crystal since the two had started dating three weeks ago, and Chelsea was miserable. Getting up, she picked up her textbooks and sat them on her desk, accidentally knocking over one of her picture frames. Picking it up, she smiled as she looked at it. It was a picture of her and Raven at their senior prom. The night she realized that she was in love with her best friend. She'd gone with Ben, who was a perfect sweetheart, but that night, she couldn't keep her eyes from straying to the beauty that was her best friend. She'd always thought Raven was beautiful, in that best friend sort of way, but that night, she was stunning. She'd spent months designing her dress, Chelsea remembered because she'd been there every step of the way holding up fabrics, running to the store to buy emergency thread, even swiping a mannequin from a store in one of Raven's infamous schemes. She laughed at that memory. But that night, when Raven had entered the room, her world had stopped. And Chelsea knew that her heart no longer belonged to her. Of course, Raven never knew of Chelsea's affections because the redhead had never told her, and she knew she never would. Raven simply didn't look at her that way, and even though she knew nothing would ever make Raven stop being friends with her, she knew if she told the girl of her feelings, things would change. And she couldn't handle that, or worse Raven would pretend to like her back to spare her feelings, and she'd rather live with her secret than to wonder her whole life what Raven was actually feeling.

"Hey girl, you're still awake?" Raven asked as she breezed into the room.

"Yeah, I was just finishing up some studying. I have my first calculus test tomorrow."

"Well, if you need to study, don't worry about keeping the light on I can just face the other way." Raven said sliding her jacket off and hanging it on the back of her desk chair.

"No, I'm done for the night. I don't want to fry my brain with too many formulas. So how was your date?" Chelsea asked, trying to make her voice sound sincere. She tried not to cringe when Raven's whole face lit up at the mention of her date.

"Girl, it was so romantic." Raven said flopping on her bed. "Crystal is amazing."

Chelsea listened as Raven launched into a play by play of the night's events. With every word the girl spoke, Chelsea felt her dream slip away. She was being silly of course. She knew Raven would never see her as anything other than a friend, but it still hurt.