Oneshot set during the game featuring Colette in which she muses about travelling. Lightly hinted Lloyd/Colette pairing.

SPOILER WARNING: Contains spoilers about the truth about the journey of regeneration.

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While she had studied and trained a lot for the journey she knew she would, because of her title, have to go on there were some things, Colette thought, that she hadn't been taught before she'd left that were important that she was now learning. The importance of having a comfortable pair of shoes for example. Luckily she'd not had to learn that the hard way, if given the opportunity to pick shoes out herself rather than having to wear specific ones for ceremonies or whatever she always picked out shoes that she found comfortable.

It was often the little things that made a big difference, like not running out of toothpaste, insect repellent and having someone to talk to about how tired you were, even though you both knew how tired each other was because you had shared the same day and were both equally as exhausted.

Having someone around to scratch your back was good too. Sheena was great at knowing exactly which spots she liked to have scratched when her back was a little itchy if she'd been using her wings a lot in battle during the day.

Bowls of nice warm soup were good too. There was something very comforting and nourishing about them. She especially liked it, she thought, blushing, when Lloyd made soup for her. Whenever he cooked for her, soup, more complex dishes or even simple, basic things like toast, it made her feel special.

Hot chocolate was very comforting as well. Lloyd knew just how she liked it, adding in little marshmallows sometimes as a special treat. She loved it when they melted and went all gooey, adding an extra texture to the drink.

Warmth was something that was very important on this journey. On cold nights having a nice campfire, cozy blankets and maybe someone to snuggle up beside to fight off the chilly air made a big difference. The warmth of the kindness of a friend made just as much of a difference too.

It was funny, Colette thought. Those who had taught her in preparation for her journey had spent hours and hours talking about religious aspects, things that turned out to be not true and so, in a way, useless. They had not once mentioned, however, such things as how useful a scrap of fabric could be for a seemingly limitless number of reasons, as a handkerchief, a makeshift bag to carry extra items in, as a bandage for battle wounds and as a makeshift dress when all your other clothes were drying after being washed because they had all been filthy, knowledge which had proved invaluable on this journey.

If she survived this quest and ever decided to write a book containing advice for travellers, she thought, the first and most important chapter would most certainly be entitled "the importance of the little things in life".