A Super Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Chapter 1:

He cut the iron bars to the jail cell window, giving a large enough space for a woman to slip through the opening. He long raven hair covered her back and her bright blue eyes pierced through the darkness of the night. She looked down by her feet to find her uniform and equiptment. "Thanks man. This helps a lot. Didn't know how much longer I would last in there." She said as she picked up her costume and started to change.

"Anytime my dear. Now where's my cut." A man asked.

"Here." The woman said as she tossed the man a roll of money. "It's all there. Now scram. I got things to do." She said as she put on a pair of black heels that went with a short, black, long-sleeved dress she was wearing. A breeze blew past her, blowing her sleeves and dress along with her hair around her. She sensed he savior leave and waited for him to be a distance away from her. She picked up a witch's hat that had the top of it bent to the side. Then she snaped her fingers and a broom appeared in her hands out of nowhere before she sat on it and flew into the night sky, landing on the first cloud she could reach and relaxing on it.

But it didn't take long for the police to notice she was missing, and she knew what that meant. Superman would come to find her and take her back to prison. But she wasn't going back to prison, she couldn't. She didn't belong in that dirty place. She needed to be home.

"Night Sky." She heard the familliar voice say, which brought a smile to her face.

"Why Superman. To what do I owe this pleasant intrusion?" She asked cooly.

"You broke out of prison. And I have to take you back. Now would you rather come quietly, or must I use force?"

"Hmmm... Do you really want me to answer that?" She asked, still not sitting up from her comfortable position.

"Night Sky..." Superman growled.

"Why so formal? Clark, you don't have to always call me by that? Let's just talk." Night Sky said. "Just call me Sky."

"What are you getting at?" Superman asked.

"I'm turning a new leaf Clark. I wanna be a good guy from now on. No more evil." She said as she snapped her fingers, andher whole outfit instantly turned white.

"You need to pay for what you've done." Superman replied.

"So teach me to be good. I promise I won't do anything." Sky said. "We could work together."

"I don't think s-"

"Why not? It could work. You can't handle everything on your own, and I can help. Please?" She asked, holding her hand into front of her face as if he were praying. "This is how I can pay for all the bad things I've done in the past. Please."

Superman let out a sigh, having a feeling this was a bad idea. But how could he turn her down? She seemed so sincere and honest about what she was telling him. Not to mention the fact that he didneed help with more villians coming everyday trying to take over Metropolis (sp? someone?). Maybe she was telling the truth. "Alright. But if you screw up once, I'm handing you over to the police, where you won't be getting back out for a long time." Superman said.

"Yes Sir!" Sky said as she saluted him. Then she looked down at her wrist. There was an electronic bracelette on it, keeping her limited on the power she used. She didn't have enough to fly anymore. Then she looked at Superman.

"You'll keep that on until I decide you can have it off." Superman said.

"Then you'll need to get me of of Cloud Nine here... I can't use anymore power until I get a good night's rest. Which brings up another problem. I don't have any clothes or anywhere to stay." Sky said.

"Then you can get a job." Superman said said as he lifted Sky into his arms, not happy about having to help her at all, but then again, if she planned to be a god guy, then it wouldn't hurt for her to help him later on. He let out a sigh. "You can stay in my apartment with me until you can get on your feet."

"Oh thank you Clark!" Sky exclaimed as she hugged Superman.

"Watch it with the first names! If someone hears you-"

"Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. Even from your precious Louis." Sky said with a smile.

"If you dare tell anyone..." Superman threatened.

"Like I said before, don't worry. Now let's hurry, I'm feeling drained by thesecond with this bracelette on." Sky said, and Superman flew back into Metropolis, stopping on the roof of his appartment building so he wouldn't be seen. He changed quickly, putting his suite on over his Super Suite, then opening the door to get into the building from the roof.

"Let's go." He said, allowing Sky to go in before him. "You can sleep on the couch. I'll get youa job tomorrow where I can keep an eye on you."

"Alright alright, I get it. You still don't trust me. And thanks. Most others would just throw me back in jail." She said, then quickly placed a kiss on Clark's cheek. "Thank you Clark." She said as sincerely as she possibly could, because she meant it. She knew anyone else would have thrown her right back into jail, not giving her another chance. It was nice to have someone believe in her for once.

"Come on." Clark said as he followed Sky to his apartment, not believing that she had kissed him, even if it was just on the cheek. It seemed a bit forward to him, especially since they had been enemies until what seemed like now. He deeply needed some sleep for tomorrow though. Tomorrow he had to give Louis something else to write about Superman while working on his own article about some old woman on the other end of town who wwas suposedly the oldest woman in Metropolis.

"Oh what fun you'll have tomorrow." Sky said as she went into the apartment, using her powers to open the door and let herself in. "Nice place." She said before flinging herself on the sofa.

"Don't do that again." Clark said.

"What?" Sky asked.

"Letting yourself into my apartment like that. And I thought you said you couldn't use anymore magic." Clark stated, now suspicious.

"Not to fly, that takes a lot of my energy, you should know that. But to do little parlour tricks, i could go on all day if I wanted. Besides, it saved time for you to find your keys and wait all those stupid seconds to get in. You should thank me." Sky said with a smile before she made a nail filer appear in her hands and started filing her nails.

Why did I agree to this? Clark groaned in his head.

"Because you believe in me." Sky answered his question.

"Would you stop that?" Clark asked. Then he turned to his room. "I'm going to bed. Good night."

"Nighty night!" Sky exclaimed before making herself comfortable on the sofa and drifting into sleep while Clark changed into his PJ's and got in bed, wondering what he was getting himself into.

AN- Hope you enjoyed this chapter. I think I did a pretty good job for my first Superman fic. Yes, there will be more. lol. I wasn't sure if I spelled Metropolis right or not though. So if someone could point that out whether i did or not, that would be great. And I keep forgetting what the place where Clark works is... So if someone could tell me, plz? And I apologize ahead of time if I accidentally call Clark Kent instead of Clark because I do that sometimes by accident. Heh. Plz R&R! Hope you enjoyed it! Thanx! TTFN!