Chapter 5:

Superman arrived at the airport, in a way relieved he wouldn't have to lie to Perry about where he was this time because his boss had actually told him to be here. But first things first, and first was to find Lois, knowing she was be getting in the middle of the action and would need saving. Sky could take care of herself. Superman used his x-ray vision to see through the building to find Lois and check the situation. He saw people sitting on the floor near desks and men with gun walking around in one main area of the airport. Looking around the airport he noticed there were more men with guns walking around in other areas keeping more people captive all over the airport.

Suddenly his eyes landed on a figure with a witch's hat on top of the building. He knew she could read thoughts so he tried to send thoughts to her.

What are you doing Sky? Clark thought.

Sky looked at him. What do you think? Trying to get in to save the people. Your precious Lois is being held captive as we speak.

Clark looked around more until he focused on a woman in a purple suit sitting. I'll get Lois. You take out some of the men.

Really? You're going to land me with that? You save the girl and I gotta do the dirty work? I don't think so... Sky thought back. You're helping me take care of the men before you get your damsel in distress.

Fine. Clark thought back. Do you have a plan?

Get in fast and take em out before they know what hit them. Sky replied. I'll put an invisible spell on myself and sneak up on each one of them while you get in and save everyone.

Sounds like a plan. Go! Clark thought back. He flew up by one of the windows, looking in as he watched Sky go in through an emergency exit. He could see her heat wave coming off of her even when she was invisible. He watched as she went up behind each guy, taking them out one by one.

"What the-?" a guy screamed as he was picked up and hurled across the room.

"What's going on?" another yelled.

"Aright, that's it..." one guy, who looked like he was the leader said as he grabbed Lois. "Come 'ere hot stuff. You're my ticket outta here."

"Let me go!" Lois yelled.

"Not a chance." The man said. He was balding, badly, with glasses on and a green suite that kind of looked like a lieutenants suite. He held a large machine gun, something that looked like he stole from the military. On his back he wore a huge backpack that seemed to have a large assortment of other weapons that could be used. He dropped the large gun for a smaller pistol. He pointed it at Lois's head. "Alright Superman! I know it's you! Now come out or your precious Lois Lane will get it!"

"Aww... Dammit Bomber!" a voice was heard.

"Nightsky?" The man asked.

"Yeah..." Sky moaned as she took her invisibility spell down.

"Nightsky?" Lois asked. "I remember you..."

"Hmm... I bet you do." Sky replied. "But anyway, Bomber, what are ya doin'?"

"What am I doing? Better question is what are you doing? I heard you escaped from the slammer a couple days ago and you're livin' it up with some new guy. What happened to comin' back to me as soon as you got out?" Bomber asked.

"Things got a little mixed up Sweety. You understand how it works. Plus I still got the bracelet on." Sky showed her power bracelet. "Can't do much til that's gone."

"Well come 'ere Honey! I'll take it off for ya!" Bomber said back, reaching into his backpack for something. He yanked Lois who winced in pain when he pulled her arm. He pulled out a laser. "I helped invent these when I was in the army. All you gotta do is hit it in just the right spot." He said, then suddenly the bracelet popped.

"Wow! Thanks Bomber!" Sky exclaimed. "Now... You wanna get out of here?" She asked with a smirk. "It looks like your finished here."

"What you talkin about Darlin? I'm just getting started!" Bomber replied, then felt something grab the back of his shirt.

"Or you mean, you're just finishing, right?" Superman asked, holding Bomber up off the ground by his backpack.

"Superman? What the-?" Bomber yelled. "Sky! You're helping this guy now? What the hell?"

"I gotta umm... Go... Cya!" Sky exclaimed as she snapped her fingers and her broom appeared. She jumped on it and started to fly off.

"You're finished Sky! You hear me? I'm telling everyone your little plan! You are black-balled! You hear me?" Bomber continued to yell as Sky flew off, smashing through a window. Superman finally punched him, shutting him up. He felt bad for Sky. He didn't realize she was giving up people who had once been her friends to be good.

*Later on *

Sky had found herself a comfy cloud above the airport away from all the reporters and police. Everything Bomber had yelled at her stuck in her head. Black-balled... She thought over and over again. Everything she had worked hard to gain in that community was now gone. As soon as Bomber got word out that she was working with the man of steal, there was no telling what could happen... She laid back in the cloud trying to relax and sort her thoughts, letting out a frustrated sigh. She was calm, cool, relaxed, until she felt someone approaching her. Fast. She shot up just in time to see Superman in front of her.

She huffed. "Not giving an interview to your precious Lois?"

"Not in the mood for an interview." Clark replied as he sat on the cloud next to Sky.

"Oh really? Man of steel, wanting to just sit on a cloud with me instead of spending quality camera time with the girl of his dreams. She I feel special?"

"Only if you feel the need to." Clark chuckled. Then he looked at Sky. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah! Why wouldn't I be?"

"Bomber finding out your helping me?"

"Just a minor setback." Was all Sky replied. She didn't feel like talking about her feelings to boy wonder next to her.

"A minor setback? I don't think it's minor at all." Clark stated. "In fact, you have a whole society you were a part of that isn't going to talk to you anymore-"

"Or they'll use me to get to you." Sky finished the sentence for him. "That is the more likely of those two options. They're not going to see it how you and I see it. They're going to think, 'Oh! I did a job with her once! I know her! We used to sit next to each other in the meetings! She'll help me!' Not "Oh screw that Bitch, she's not with us anymore.' That's not how these people work."

This thought had not crossed Clark's mind yet. He had figured they would just stop talking to her.

"I need to lie low for a bit. Not talk to anyone, just go to work and come home, that's all." Sky said. "And you need to lie low too. People can't see us together or they'll know that I'm with you and figure out who you really are Clark."

"Great..." Clark sighed.

"Don't worry though! I have a plan!" Sky said, sitting up with a bit of a smile and looking down at Clark.

"A plan? And what's this plan?" Clark asked.

"Oh you will see..." Sky said with a smile as she tapped his nose with her finger. Then she flopped back down on the cloud next to him, loving how soft and comfy it felt.

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