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Secrets Exposed: Chapter One:

Superman floated high above the Earth, taking it all in.

This was his home. It always had been and always will be.

But still at times he questioned why he was even here to begin with. When he did, he always remembered what Dr. Swain had told him when he was a teenager.

'You won't find the answer by looking in the stars. It's more of a journey of the self.'

That was one reason he had journeyed to the ruins of Krypton. That had been a journey of the self.

But it had accomplished nothing.

He wondered what his life would had been if he had stayed and not gone.

But these thoughts would have to wait.

Something caught his attention through his super-hearing.

A dam had broke and was threatening to flood a small town.

Superman turned his attention to the location and sped back to the earth as fast as he could.

She always knew that she was different. But she didn't know how or why.

She remembered her mother's loving and caring voice while she was still in her womb. Crazy, she knew that. But she really did remember it. She also remembered her father's authoritative yet loving voice as well. Then there was her twin brother.

She remembered bonding with him in their mother's womb. But after that nothing else.

Had he died?

Had her parents died?

The next thing she remembered from her childhood was waking up in dark room, with a woman sitting next to her bedside watching over her while she slept.

Was this her mother?

Whether or not it was, it didn't matter. Katherine Rogers was who she came to know as mommy. And she would be known as Sara, since that was what she whispered when her mommy found her during a meteor shower. To keep Sara safe from questions, Katherine would tell anyone who asked that Sara was her niece's daughter. And that her niece had died and that she was the next of kin. But nobody really seemed to care.

For the most part Sara had a normal childhood. She knew that she was adopted. Then her mom eventually married another widower, Jackson Douglas. Together the three of them formed a small, but happy family.

Growing up in the remote parts of northern Arizona, she quickly learned how to ride horses, help out as a ranch hand and to love the outdoors.

But it was when she turned 13 that she began to feel even more that she didn't belong. She never talked to her parents about it; she just kept it to herself. Some things were just meant to be left alone. And this was one of those things.

She graduated high school when she was 18, went off to college where she graduated 4 years later with a degree in public relations. Then she was given an offer of a lifetime. The parent corporation of the media company she had interned with wanted her to start work for them in their PR department at the corporation headquarters in Metropolis. She quickly took the job and moved to the east coast.

Since then five years had past.

She worked hard, was successful and was now the junior vice president of PR for Star Media, the largest media corporation in the US. Along with all of that, she was now dating a wonderful guy for the last two years.

But still. She knew she was different. And she wasn't going to be able to hide it forever. Sooner or later it was going to catch up with her.

Sara Douglas slowly opened her eyes and starred up at the night sky as she kept remembering her childhood. Next to her, Kiki, her chocolate lab, moved closer. Sara gently ran her hand along Kiki's soft fur.

"Kiki, who am I?" she whispered.

The dog turned her head and placed it on her master's shoulder. Then she licked Sara's face.

"Ok Kiki," she said laughing. "I'm your owner and that is all that matters."

Kiki licked her face again.

Sara stood up, wiped off the doggie droll from her cheek and looked down at Kiki.

"Come on. Let's go home," Sara said starting down the street, with Kiki in tow on her leash. "I bet Jimmy is worried sick about us. Shocking that he hasn't sent Superman to find us yet."

Kiki barked in agreement.

Sara laughed once again as they began to jog home.

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