Short Plot Summary:

Years have passed. Naruto has grown stronger and more attractive. He walks down the streets and women swoon over him. Jiraiya being the pervert he is decided to capitalize on this. With Tsunade by his side, he's determined to see which harem will win and which girl shall get Uzumaki Naruto. Jiraiya grinned evilly as he can already picture the amount of data he can gather without even doing any spying. Now if only he can keep Naruto in the dark about this...

Author's Pre-notes:

This is a special request by one of my friends. This is basically harem vs. harem. Both fighting to win Naruto. You can take this as either a side story of Naruto: Love Hina Style or a spin-off. In any case it's a sort of fan service. Who will win?

This is an AU.

I repeat an AU or an Alternate Universe.

So basically I'm free to curb some of the characters' characteristics into my own liking!

All hail my creative writing license!

(Please note I don't have any license what so over. The license mentioned is also fictional.)

With all these said and done please enjoy reading this little prologue I have created...


I do not own any of the characters of Naruto. They are owned by Masashi Kishimoto and various Companies, Productions and Corporations . I am only a fan who is writing for leisure. So please get your lawyers out of my house before I sick my dogs at them.


Jiraiya watched from the Hokage tower at the ruckus his young protégé was creating by just merely walking the streets of Konoha. He shook his head in dismay. Naruto didn't even realise the kind of effect he was having on the opposite sex.

He was the spitting image of the fourth. Only slightly better or so judging from what Jiraiya had heard through the gossip grapevine. His hair shone like the morning sun. Untameable, wild and tempting to be touched. His skin was tanned, his muscle tone made every female tongues drop. The sight of him melted every female in his immediate vicinity. He was tall yet he was not intimidating. His sapphire eyes have the ability to mesmerize every single female in its wake. His good nature and innocent behaviour attracted more attention than his loud mouth and brash attitude.

His brash attitude also attracted a lot of attention. Jiraiya wished he was young again and wished he was in Naruto's place. While the older generation still harboured dislike and hatred for the young blonde, the younger ones seem to be attracted to him simply because he was out of reach and forbidden. They found him intriguing and it seems they couldn't get enough of him. They find him a challenge and his brash attitude to them was traits of a rebel. A bad boy in a positive way.

Jiraiya watched his disciple continually walked towards his favourite diner. Ichiraku Ramen Restaurant. The restaurant's business grew incredibly because of the blonde's growing reputation. Many dined there in the hopes to catch a glimpse of him. Naruto's name was fast becoming legendary. Almost as legendary as Jiraiya's and the Yondaime.

Upon observing his apprentice, a little commotion caught his eye. A few girls had begun fighting in the immediate background. Jiraiya deduced it was probably from trying to get close to the blonde as possible. He grinned when he noticed that due to the fight, the girls began tearing each others clothes off. Then like lightning flashing across the sky, an idea hits him.

He can use this!

Author's Notes:

Hope you like this little teaser of a prologue. Please leave me a review and if I should even continue this little story idea of mine.

Hope you readers like this.

Ja Ne