Shadow Wars Part II: Resurgance

The Dark Queen (Raven) has ascended her throne. Now the others need to regroup and find a way to defeat their former friend. Alliances will be forged, but will there be resurgence? Rated M for language and adult situations. BBxTer&RobxSF, Titans not mine.

Chapter I: Back to the Graveyard

Beast Boy circled over the massive lines of gravestones that made up the city's main cemetery. The stones glowed eerily in the dark. Terra clung tightly onto Beast Boy's large eagle form. Lightning flashed in the distance as the storm Raven had summoned ran off shore and into the sea. Terra shivered violently as they sliced through the chilly night air.

Beast Boy chose an open area and quickly flew to it. He steadied himself over the ground with a few flaps of his wings allowing Terra to slide off his back and onto the wet grass. Beast Boy morphed back into his human form upon landing. He quickly scanned the dimly lit cemetery desperately seeking a familiar crypt.

Terra wrapped her arms around herself as she continued to shiver in the cool night air. She was drenched, defeated and horrified at her boyfriend's choice of landing areas. Beast Boy took no notice of her discomfort as he finally spied the crypt of Gregory's dead parents. He quickly walked over and inspected the slab then sighed in relief noting it was undisturbed. Beast Boy bent over and inspected the writing engraved on the side then traced his fingers along the time-worn letters like Raven had done for so many nights not long ago. His head was still swimming from the beating Gregory had given him.

"What are you doing?" Terra asked in horror as she watched Beast Boy inspect the crypt.

"Terra," he began slowly. "It's going to get ugly in a few minutes when Robin gets here. Please promise me that you won't get angry with me for keeping secrets from you." He turned and looked desperately into her eyes. They were sad and foreboding; Terra shivered in anticipation. What would he reveal?

"Just promise me, please," Beast Boy's voice tailed off.

Terra walked towards Beast Boy then knelt down and wrapped her arms around him. "I promise," she said in a hushed voice. Beast Boy's head fell forward and Terra swore she saw a flash of a tear drop fall into the wet grass.

Starfire descended into the graveyard, her arms still wrapped around Robin's chest. The pair landed softly in the open grass. Beast Boy drew a deep breath then stood up and took several steps towards them.

Robin was furious. He was nearly hyperventilating. Loosing, to anybody, was not something he accepted well.

"We've got to go back!" he screamed at the others.

"That's an incredibly dumb idea," Beast Boy replied.

"What the hell are you talking about," Robin screamed. "Your best friend is down, and you're not going to do anything?"

"And our other best friend just kicked our ass," Beast Boy countered. The girls remained silent as the boys squared off.

"She's no friend of ours anymore," Robin said spitefully. "She's going down if I can help it."

"How the hell are you going to do that boy genius," Beast Boy replied. "If you get ten feet from her you're going to be curled up in a ball screaming like a baby. That thing she's on is a monster."

"It's a Nightmare dumb ass," Robin said in exasperation. "We saw them in Hades remember?"

"I remember," Beast Boy countered. "And I also remember you can't get near those things, they're too powerful."

"Guys," Terra finally found enough courage to try and put a stop to their argument. "This is getting us nowhere."

"I'm going back," Robin interrupted not wanting anyone else to tread on his leadership. "Who's with me?'

Silence ensued as the others refused to respond. Robin turned to Starfire hoping for support. She looked down and shook her head slowly.

Robin raised his hand and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. "All right, I'm sorry I blew my cool."

"That's ok," Beast Boy said apologetically.

Robin looked at Beast Boy; his eyes still burning with rage. "Who's Gregory?"

Beast Boy looked down unable to keep eye contact.

"The boy that attacked us, he said you knew him," Robin continued. "Well?"

The others were focused on him. "We've met before," Beast Boy meekly replied. "Me and Raven fought him here in the cemetery, months ago. I thought he was gone."

"What do you mean? Neither of you said anything about this to the rest of us." Robin demanded an explanation.

"Raven didn't want to involve the rest of you," Beast Boy explained. "And I guess we never brought it up."

"Wait a minute," Terra interrupted. "Start at the beginning."

Robin folded his arms across his chest and glared at his friend. Beast Boy drew in a deep breath before he began.

"Gregory sent me a note with a picture in it. Two people I never saw before; a couple. But I recognized them, it was weird." Beast Boy paused again. "I had to see him, but I had to do it alone, at least that's what the note said."

"That was not wise," Starfire interrupted.

"I know, but I checked the place out, some abandon row house on the east side; worst neighborhood I've ever seen. He was there, by himself, but it was like he knew I was coming, he always seems to know what's going to happen before it does."

"Maybe that's one of his powers," Terra added.

"He said we had something in common," Beast Boy continued. "Both his parents and mine died when we were young." The others stared in stunned silence. "I never told anyone about that, except Raven. I guess I never really accepted it." Beast Boy's eyes filled with tears. He pushed on; he wasn't going to cry in front of everyone.

"Gregory said the picture was of my parents when they were in college, before I was born. He said he was a necromancer, a speaker with the dead, and that he could contact them. He did some weird kind of spell," Beast Boy paused as he replayed the moment in his head. "And I saw them, my parents, in the deadlights."

The others remained silent. A breeze blew across the cemetery causing deep creaking in the large trees surrounding them.

"Gregory said he could contact them if he had one of Raven's books," Beast Boy continued. "I couldn't help myself and that's when Raven caught me."

"In her room?" Robin asked.

"Yes," Beast Boy replied. "She insisted I take her to him. Raven didn't want to involve the rest of you. She said there was nothing to this Gregory and she'd make short work of him." Beast Boy let out a short laugh. "That was a big mistake, it almost killed her."

"What?" Robin interrupted. "The two of you couldn't take him? He wasn't much back at the Tower."

Beast Boy frowned in anger. "It was just him and Raven."

"You bailed on your partner?" Robin said in disbelief. "You never run off under any circumstances, no matter what!"

"I couldn't help it," Beast Boy countered. "Let's see you stand up to your parents' ghosts you little twerp. And I DID come back. I don't know what happened between Gregory and Raven but she was pretty messed up when I got here. Gregory had her laid out on his parents' crypt. I'm sure he was going to sacrifice her. Then I jumped him and he disappeared."

"What do you mean?" Terra asked.

"I don't know. One instant he was under me and the next he was gone."

Robin stared at his friend. "You never should have gotten mixed up with him."

Beast Boy looked at Robin with a mixture of frustration and anger. "I couldn't help it, ok!"

"Yes you could have. You knew he was evil. You should have stayed away."

"It's always black and white with you, isn't it?" Beast Boy countered.


Beast Boy clenched his fists in anger. Robin would never understand. None of them would. The lure of his parents had overwhelmed all of his senses. He felt a soft hand fall on his shoulder. He turned and saw Terra. Her blue eyes glistened in the dim light, strands of her long blond hair waved lightly across her face.

"It's ok," she whispered to him.

Robin continued to glare at Beast Boy. He could not forgive his involvement with this character and its consequences. Terra would take his side. To his surprise he saw Starfire walk over to Beast Boy and lay her hand on him also. Great, now everyone was synched to Beast Boy's sappy story.

"We'll fix your mistake," Robin said coldly. He was met with the glaring eyes of the others. "We need to talk to Morpheus."

"Why?" Starfire inquired. This was a curious choice in her mind.

"Because Cyborg said that Morpheus gave Raven the Nightmare," Robin explained.

"When did he tell you that?" Beast Boy asked unsure when this could have happened.

"Cyborg told me right before he fell," Robin replied sullenly.

"Who's Morpheus?" Terra asked as she desperately tried to follow the others conversation.

"God of Dreams; an immortal," Robin explained. "He abducted Raven awhile back. Come on we can explain before we get there."