Warning : Sappy and fluffy, shounen-ai and implied yaoi :) SasuNaru rules XD

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Sasuke, whether he admits it or not, is aware that he needs to look for a wife so that he could preserve his clan's lineage. That doesn't mean, however, that he'll just take whoever's interested.

Sasuke's future wife should be pretty; whose looks would match his startlingly great physical appearance.

Sasuke's future wife should have captivating eyes, which would be able to draw him in irresistibly.

Sasuke's future wife should have smooth, tantalizing skin, which would tempt him to run his hands all over her body and savor the feeling.

Sasuke's future wife should have an interesting personality, which would be able to entertain him in his boring life.

Sasuke's future wife should be strong, since he has no plans on being near somebody who isn't capable of protecting herself.

Sasuke's future wife should be determined, since he plainly doesn't like people who live in 'measured lives' and not take risks.

Sasuke's future wife should be able to understand him and his moods, since he doesn't feel like explaining the workings of his inner mind to anybody, period.

Sasuke's future wife should not be squeal-y and screech-y, since those things make his eardrums bleed.

Sasuke's future wife should not be clingy, since he wants to murderously rip off the arms of over-enthusiastic females hanging all over him.

Sasuke's future wife should not wear expensive, flower-smelling perfumes, since those odors sting his sensitive nose.

Sasuke's future wife should not fawn over him, since he's more than thoroughly annoyed by the love-struck sighs and the over-the-top compliments.

Sasuke could think of so many other things his future wife should have, but then… he decided that after meeting this person, producing heirs isn't as important as it sounded.

This person is more than just good-looking. This person's eyes are as blue as the deepest ocean, and are admittedly enchanting. This person's skin is golden-brown and as soft as the finest silk. This person has many interesting -if not adorably annoying- quirks. This person is the only person that he considers strong enough to be his rival. This person's determination is greater than everybody's drive, combined. This person understands him, his burdens from the past, his sadness, his silence, his attitudes.

This person doesn't have an annoyingly high-pitched voice. This person doesn't like public displays of affection and most definitely doesn't like hanging all over him. This person doesn't like perfumes because he's allergic to them. This person doesn't compliment him at every single thing he does.

Plus, they love each other.

Because of that, Sasuke's willing to ignore -and mentally stomp on- the fact that all the qualities he's looking for the perfect wife are all present on the person cuddled up to him, arms wrapped comfortingly around him.

"Mhm, Sasuke-teme, don't steal my ramennnnn…"

Some things never change.

I love you, Naruto.


Whee, short and sweet :) I hope you like. I got this idea after reading a Roy x Ed fanfic which is also like this. I forgot the title and the author, but yeah :D It's very cute.