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Warning : shounen-ai, sappiness, fluff-ness, high school love life-drama, OOCness, mentions of totally negligible OCs, yeah :)

Notes : I'm not sure if this is cliché or not, but I've read a similar scenario in Sweet Valley Twins (Book: The Middle School Gets Married) by Francine Pascal and Jamie Suzanne.

At first, Uzumaki Naruto (sixteen, a healthy teenage male at Konoha High School) thought that having substitute teachers are cool, because they usually are pushovers. However, his opinion is starting to change when their new teacher, Hatake Kakashi arrived at their classroom in Home Economics, a perverted leer on his face.

"I've decided on what to let you guys do for the annual project," He announced cheerfully, the crazy glint still present on his eyes, seemingly unaware of the wary looks his class kept shooting him.

He paused for a while, probably trying to look dramatic, before continuing. "You're going to get married!"

Guffaws erupted from the class, but Kakashi-sensei looked rather pleased. "Laugh all you want now, but I'm pleased to inform you that if I'm not satisfied with your performance on this Married Life exercise, which got full permission from the school principal, you're going to get an F."

The laughter abruptly stopped, only to be followed by helpless wails and feminine squeals, as all eyes swiveled to stare at the cool-and-handsome Uchiha Sasuke seated near the back of the class. Naruto fumed in his seat, knowing that anybody would be probably begging Kakashi to be re-partnered if they find out he's the partner.

Before he knew it, Kakashi is already holding a rather large box, instructing the pained-looking students to get a paper from the hole. Naruto reached down, and he got a piece of orange paper with the number 3 glaring at him.

Hmph, Naruto thinks, as he waited (while tapping noisily on his desk, of course) for everybody to finish drawing.

After a few more minutes, Kakashi made his way towards the teacher's table, clapping his hands in a child-like manner. "Here, it doesn't matter whether a girl becomes the 'husband', or if the couples are of the same sex. The mechanics about my ratings on your performance would be discussed in the next meeting…" Kakashi droned on, but Naruto isn't paying attention.

"The blue paper means that you're the husband, while orange means that you're the wife…" Kakashi continued his explanation, easily ignoring Naruto's enraged WHAATTTTTT!

"Having the same number means that you're the couple… so, are you ready guys?" Groans from disappointed people and squeals from enthusiastic students—great reaction.

"Number 1, stand up!"

Sakura-chan stood slowly, while Rock Lee pumped a fist up in the air, his happy scream almost shaking the entire building.

"Number 2, stand up!"

Gaara stood silently, his eyes gleaming darkly. Neji is also standing, causing the lot of hopeful females to sigh at their bad luck. Two of the gorgeous guys are gone in one go. Kakashi felt as though there's something horribly wrong with the pairings.

"Number 3, stand up!"

Naruto stood up, trying to look as though he doesn't care on who his partner's going to be. A series of enraged, blood-curdling screams told him that his partner is somebody worshipped by most students here. And since Neji and Gaara are already paired…

Uchiha Sasuke is standing, arms folded over his neatly-pressed uniform, looking as aloof as always. He didn't even look at Naruto.


Kakashi called out a few more names, but even as Naruto slumped to his chair, there's only one thought vibrating all throughout him.

I'm Sasuke's wife…

To Naruto, his world's officially destroyed.

To Be Continued

I'm really excited for this one, so I hope you like it:) Whoa, Naru-chan is Sasu-chan's wife! XD We did a project like this one, but it's only for a week, and I was paired up with my best friend, so… yeah. Things are a lot harder if the partners aren't exactly friendly with one another :P