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His life has reached the point where he has everything any man could ever hope for. At the age of twenty, he has everything any man (or woman, for that matter) could ever want.

He's the CEO of his company specializing in biotechnology. He's always on the Top 10 wealthiest and most influential people of the whole world. He's always reigning as the Most Sought-After Bachelor. He has countless estates, state-of-the-art security system and trustworthy staff. He's from the immensely ancient and known clan of Uchiha. He has millions of fans (and probably even more; there are always those who are hiding in the safety of their homes) willing to do anything he says. He's the top student of Tokyo University (and he also spent a part of his time studying on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Plus, the most sought-after lady in Japan, the one known to be the prettiest face in Asia, Haruno Sakura, is head over heels in love with him.

Really, what could he ask for?

It's a tough question, but rather simple as well.

He simply wants a purpose, a direction to take after this level of success that's undefeatable.

With that in mind, he started working on his newest (and undoubtedly, his most controversial) project.

He doesn't want anybody else knowing this particular project. He still shows up at the company, but as the project reached its completion, he began taking more time off. It's not like it matters though; his company is still at the highest peak, and it would take years of slacking for it to come to its downfall.

He's working at a hidden laboratory inside his lavish mansion. Maids and staff are absolutely off-limits; they know better than to test his almost-invisible patience.

His hands are quickly typing the last parts of the program, while he's watching (from the corner of his eyes) the statistics on the left pane of the window. He spent almost six months on this – six months of insomnia, of hard work, of endless typing, of frustrating brainstorming.

And now, within a few minutes, he'll see the fruit of his hard labor.

With a shaky smirk on his face, he pressed the large, red GO button near the lower-left position of the huge supercomputer's keyboard. The compartment situated to his left opened, smoke-like gas escaping from the just-opened chamber. He squinted a bit at figure that "woke up" from the partition, waiting as patiently as he could.

His obsidian eyes saw tanned skin (engineered from harvesting the best and purest cellulose compounds from high-quality leaves) that covers the expanse of his creation's body. The skin covers the bones (from solidifying calcium in the laboratory vats) and muscles (from stem cell technologies of recreating muscle tissue). The blood (which is from careful addition of water, plasma and several other compounds) that pulses through its veins gives it a human-like glow.

The creature's face is molded from his take on a perfect face. It doesn't bother him that he prefers men to women—and nobody else knows anyway. This creation has eyes (which he had painstakingly painted on a color-creation software) as blue and as deep as the clear oceans. Its lips are colored like the mixture of sakura petals and crimson (one of his favorite colors). His human-like creation has hair (which is made by harvesting dead cells and strengthening them with chemicals) colored like the golden sun. He added three scars on each cheek of his creation, as though a reminder that nobody could be perfect, nobody could have a perfect life.

This creation… is perfect.

It walks up to him at a normal human pace, its movements unlike the robots on the exhibition fairs. This creation… is the closest thing a robot could get to a human. He had programmed some of its abilities and general personality, adding details up to the very last detail. Of course, it all depends whether this robot's engineered nerve cells would be able to process the memory banks and subconscious memory links properly.

But he has his greatest confidence on this one.

He stretches out one glove-covered hand, causing his creation to move closer to him.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke," He says to his creation, a more confident smirk present on his lips. The creature's lips stretch into that friendly smile (whose arc and angle were measured perfectly) that he could only hope to receive from his coworkers, his fans, anyone. He's considered like a god already, that he longs for that feeling to be treated as an equal—to have someone treat him as an equal.

"Nice to meet you, Sasuke," The creature says in that bright, cheerful voice that Sasuke programmed on the cells of his voice box.

"My name's Uzumaki Naruto."

To Be Continued

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