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Sweat trickled from his forehead, down to his cheeks, before descending further to his chin. He felt incredibly hot, and the reason for that overwhelming feeling was the person trapped beneath his weight. His hands -which have created and moulded the world's first, and most perfect android- mapped out and memorized each contour, each curve, each feel, of every inch of skin that he could find.

The tanned skin that he painstakingly patched together from leaf extracts, and dyed from the engineered pigments.

His breathing was labored--and so did Naruto's.

He knew, from the first day that he started dreaming of these, that it's wrong.

But then again, who would tell him about the wrong and the right, at this point? Nobody knew about Naruto. Nobody knew about his project. Nobody knew about his dreams.

Nobody knew.

And if nobody knew, nobody could judge him, Naruto, or these... dreams.

Dream-Naruto wound his tanned arms around the swan-like neck, and pulled Sasuke, his creator, down for a fiery kiss.

Everything's fine if nobody knew anything.

If nobody knew about Sasuke's developing feelings for his creation.

Virtual Lover

First Chapter

He opened obsidian eyes, feeling drowsy, tired, guilty and warm.

The dreams were haunting him more often these past few days, but Sasuke supposed it had something to do with his incompetent underlings messing up the workings of his company. Or, maybe it was because of that pesky Haruno that started stalking him more actively.

Or maybe he was really falling for his creation.

Despite his tiredness, Sasuke let out a derisive snort.

After all, him falling in love with anybody was as possible as Naruto ending up as a real human.



"Good morning, Sasuke," A cheerful voice greeted him as he entered his dining room, a table filled with various food already waiting for him. His creation, Naruto, was already seated, flashing him a brilliant smile. The Uchiha felt himself almost flushing, before he took reins with his traitorous body. There was really something wrong with him.

Why did he almost blush at the smile that Naruto gave him? He was the one who designed the bloody smile, for crying out loud!

Though, he had to admit, the smile looked more genuine, softer--and that just couldn't be. It must be because he wanted it to be genuine. Sasuke mentally shook his head at that. No, impossible. It must be because he has been seeing that smile more often, so he had grown... accustomed to it. Yes, accustomed, and it had nothing to do with weird additions to Naruto's actions that he couldn't remember adding.

"Good morning," Sasuke replied, rather belatedly, and instead of happily focusing his gaze back to his food--ramen--Naruto continued to gaze at him--this time, with poorly-concealed concern.

Sasuke broke the gaze, sat down and started eating.

"...Are you all right, Sasuke?" Naruto asked softly, almost imploringly, and Sasuke looked up.

There was that shining bout of concern resting beneath those ocean-blue irises. Sasuke couldn't remember adding that feeling--concern. He could live without that. More importantly, he has had enough with the phony concerns that he got from the people that surrounded him.

But Naruto was gazing at him with concern, and Sasuke felt something warm creeping from his chest, all the way up. It felt nice, but he couldn't understand it.

Sasuke smiled tightly, because his smiles (no matter how uncomfortable he felt with giving that upwards twist of his lips) always reassured his creation.

Maybe there was a virus in Naruto's programming? Maybe he accidentally added something? He disliked those explanations, for it meant that he didn't do a completely perfect job with his project.

He disliked those possibilities, because it reminded him, yet again, that Naruto couldn't have genuine feelings.

Hands, that were smoothened by hordes of lotions and beauty products, gripped his elbow possessively, and Sasuke suppressed a shudder at the touch. A strong smell of perfume attacked his nostrils, and Sasuke looked pointedly away from the woman that chattered animatedly, while she successfully cut off his arm's circulation.

He had a not-so-nice morning, and Haruno's sudden visit to his office only made things worse. He made a mental note to fire his secretary and the guards and whoever-else who let the pink-haired female waltz into his office.

Sasuke vaguely remembered that he didn't really mind so much if Naruto chattered lively beside him, even though Naruto and Haruno both possessed cheery voices. Then again, the blond never attached himself like a leech to the CEO.


Yep, something was really wrong with him. Lately, he could trace a huge chunk of his thoughts to the blond android.

"Soo, Sasuke-kun," Haruno's voice turned velvety-smooth, and Sasuke could envision her words as a snake that slithered and coiled around him. He suppressed another shudder at her attempt to sound sexy and seductive. She wouldn't be so bad if she didn't try to 'make herself better for Sasuke-kun'. She wouldn't be so bad if she stopped chasing him and involving the romance-crazy media in her plots to 'get him'.

"How about a date with me tomorrow?" Green eyes sparkled with hope. "Lunch?" She fluttered her eyelashes coyly for effect.

Sasuke didn't even try to show her that he didn't need thinking time to answer her proposal.

"No. I'm busy and you know it, Haruno," He said in a disinterested voice, and he added a cold glare at her, for emphasis. She nodded morosely, a pout playing on her shiny, red lips. Her emerald eyes didn't lose the sparkle, though.

"I see; I'm sorry for disturbing you today, Sasuke-kun! Don't worry, I'll come back and try to cheer you up when you're stressed! Don't miss me too much!" Haruno exclaimed, practically skipping towards the door.

Sasuke stared at the now-closed door, even after Sakura made her exit. Then, he proceeded to his hidden closet, and changed his clothes. He disliked the thought of Sakura having pawed at his clothes, after all.

"Ne, Ino," She started, lying casually at her best friend's bed, "do you think Sasuke-kun's already seeing somebody?"

The blonde stared at her curiously, before a look of conspiracy took over her face. "We're going to find out?" Yamanaka Ino asked with ill-concealed excitement.

Sakura sat up, cross-legged, and gave Ino an understanding pat at her shoulder. "We haven't finished our last mission, yet," Sakura said with a giggle.

Ino waved her concern away. She'll take Shikamaru back from Temari's hold, some other time. For now, it's important to help her best friend out. And of course, create nasty rumors about Sasuke--the first person to break her heart.

"When do we start?" Ino asked, already preparing the video cameras and her bag.

There was silence. Then, "...Tomorrow," Sakura sweetly said, and her green eyes continued to sparkle.

It was dinnertime--something that Sasuke started attending in favor of his work, ever since Naruto was created.

"Na, Sasuke," The blond started, as he twirled the pasta around his fork. Sasuke gave an answering hum, telling him to get on with his statement. "What's the world outside like?"

It was a strange question. Sasuke stopped eating, and Naruto paused too. The Uchiha never thought that such feelings of curiosity and exploration would be installed in the blond's head too. He really should check with Naruto's program.

"...It's almost just the same," The Uchiha replied, keeping his voice sound bored. "The Uchiha mansion is infinitely better than it, though." It was very contradicting, but Naruto nodded and smiled, and accepted his answer.

"...Why did you ask?" Sasuke prodded at his creation, who was seated at his right. The staff of his mansion was kept away from this wing, because Sasuke didn't want controversies about Naruto. He didn't want anybody else to see Naruto.

Naruto flashed him another brilliant smile. "It's nothing."

They continued to eat in comfortable silence.


"Na, Sasuke," The blond started again, and Sasuke looked at his right--

Only to see Naruto really close to him, and one tanned hand reached out--

And wiped the spaghetti sauce on the corner of his lips.

Sasuke resisted the urge to clutch at his heart beating frantically from the close contact.

"...What was that?" Sasuke asked, as soon as Naruto slinked away from him and went back to his seat.

The blond stared at him with something clouding those azure-colored eyes. And then, another heart-stopping smile.

"It's nothing."

The innocent gesture of the blond android was immortalized on film.

Ino almost cackled gleefully at the evidence they found. Sure, it meant that Sasuke was really seeing someone else. But they could wreak havoc easily. After all, everybody would love a story about the Uchiha secretly dating someone--a boy, at that--and placing said boy inside the Uchiha mansion.

"If I can't have you, Sasuke-kun... we'll make sure he doesn't get you, as well."

To Be Continued

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