First off, I deeply apologize for deleting this story.

It's been so long that I have lost the will to write for it and at the same time, all these years after, I've tried reading it and just... couldn't. I have to admit, it is one of the worst, if not the worst of my stories. And basically, the original plot of this has been massacred by Gods of Vindication (that story which I am still planning on continuing, by the way). I really, really am sorry for having to do this. And having to shameless plug at the same time. Awful, I know.

When I began the story, I was completely immature and wanted to cram every single bit of everything into one chapter. And it was horrible. Seriously. Even by the end of the the 15 or somewhat chapters that I managed to crank out, when I read the first chapter, it was horrible. Much more now that I'm completely out of that phase and had gotten more comfortable with my writing.

With the deleting of it though, I just had to do that.

I wouldn't apologize for it, because this site is cluttered with god knows how many abominations already, I don't want to have to add another to their ranks.

There is a spark of light, however, in this dark mess that this story is. It will be recycled, refurbished, cleaned of all the shit it contains, and be made into a new story. The new thing has been mentioned partly in my profile from time to time but only now have I gotten the courage to delete something that has started me on this site. Anyway, for anyone who cares, it's called Color Her Crimson. Yes, it is still SasukeSakura. Yes, angsty and morbid. Yes, will be up to date on the same time line in the manga as Springfire was. No, it's not the same rehashed plot of GoV. Yes, it's possible to have dark fics with two completely different plots.

So there. This is my band aid to this, before we part ways.

Blood on her hands, blood on her shirt, on her legs, arms, neck. Blood on the ground, on the tree, on his lips. It was all hers. "Sakura, you said you'd do anything, right? Now die for me."

Goodbye. :(

Sadistic Dreamkiller