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Insanity's Ending

Prologue: emprisonnement

The large metallic door swung open as the man walked into the room, flanked by two masked people, a man and a woman.. He had been here often, indeed, he had been the one who sanctioned its construction. It still made him shiver.

The walls were, or had been white, now covered with strange symbols and long lines of text, too small to decipher and too complicated to understand anyway. They flowed into the center of the room, where, on a sparsely furnished area of barely two meters, lay a young boy of no more than seven.

" Naruto-kun."

The boy's head jerked, but his face did not rise. The older man frowned, intending to repeat his greeting. Suddenly, however, the boy lifted his head, revealing a sinister grin.

" Yeeeeees?"

The older man winced at the deliberate sweetness used in the young boys tone. It was only after a moment that he began speaking anew.

"I have…I have convinced the council to…allow you entry into the shinobi academy. You…you'll be trained in the ways of-"

The young boy cut him off.

"And why should I go THERE? I know all there is to know…all there is to know about being a…a…a…a killer, I'm the…the all powerful Nine-tailed demon fox! I killed your foolish leader, the blondie!"

The young boy then began laughing. This caused the older man's entourage to bristle at the disrespect shown by this boy towards their former leader, and, for that matter, to their current one.

The older man frowned. He began speaking again, through the boy's unceasing laughter.

"You'd be able to make…friends! Associate with people your own age! You…You'd be able to get out of this place!

This stopped the boy's laughing. He stared at the older man, squinting with one eye almost popping the other out of its socket.

"What's…hehe…what's the catch?"

The old man grinned at his breakthrough.

"You'll have to behave himself, you'll have to…Not kill anyone…and…Not cause too much property damage. And…"

The boy's ears were perked up, though his face was unreadable. Taking this as a good sign, the older man continued.

"And you'll have to take your…medication…"

There was a deadly silence in the room. The older man began to perspire, fearing that his attempt at negotiation had failed, and that the legacy left behind by one of his closest friends was doomed to rot and die in a white, sealed room.

"Medication? You mean the stuff that makes me all nice and quiet and docile and happy?"

The boy seemed to ponder his situation for a moment. That was before he began laughing again, louder this time, and with a malevolent undertone to it.

"Alright. "

The older man let out a sigh.


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Title is in French, means imprisonment.