Wonders of the TeaWe

They'd left.

Both Nii-san and that woman named Tifa, and the kids left with her. Well, so the woman said she were taking those kids to the mall, but Nii-san said nothing about where, just when to return, and now everything was boring.

Since when was it so boring to be alone? Kadaj couldn't remember.

Those people were some loving ones after all; maybe they'd influenced him with their kindness. He'd realized that kind people seemed to hate loneliness. He still didn't get why, but had accepted it just because Nii-san was Nii-san and he trusted him. And when Tifa said Nii-san seemed lonely sometimes, she seemed to have a sad look.

Loneliness must really be a bad thing for them.

But the good thing, he had the house for himself. The entire house because no one except him was there, and he could do whatever he wanted, whatever that was, even though Nii-san had made him promise not to ruin anything though, it made a pout form on his lips, but then again, he'll live with it, fine.

Reaching the couch downstairs, he sat down, gazing around. Now, didn't he use to have everything to do when he was alone? Why didn't he have anything to do now then? Why did he bother about the silence?

His gaze fell on the whatever-it-was control, that one that controlled the Teawe, Kadaj was pretty sure that was the name of the black box with a screen.

Picking it up, he pressed a button.

Nothing happened. Dammit, didn't Nii-san just press a button and then the screen flashed and showed people and other things? It even had sound. So if he just got it to do that, the silence wouldn't bother him anymore. So he pressed another button.

Nothing happened.

Pouting, Kadaj threw the controller down in the couch, crossing his arms and glaring at the little shit. Why didn't it have respect for him when it had respect for Nii-san?

It took a while before he decided to pick it up, and press even another button, causing a weird sound to appear. Looking up, Kadaj stared at the Teawe. Wasn't that green light red just a second ago? And then the screen flashed, people appearing on it.

Kadaj let go of the controller, smiling as he clapped his hands, proud. It took a while before he actually cared for what he watched, a man and a woman, together. Wait, weren't they half naked?

"Touch me…" the woman almost moaned to the man while panting, Kadaj wrinkling his nose in disgust. What the hell? And they seemed to like it!

Quickly, he got the controller and pressed another button, hoping to stop those people on the screen, but his eyes just widened when the sound from the Teawe seemed to get louder, really loud. Desperately he pressed the button beside that stupid one, happy to hear the sound go down again. When he held that nice button long enough, the sound even disappeared.

Proud of himself, Kadaj wanted to try those numbers on the controller, realizing that when he did so, the screen flashed and each time something else appeared on it, and finally he reached something he knew what was. It was those 'news' Nii-san used to watch, where they told what was happening, or something like that. Leaning back against the couch, he settled to watch it just when he heard the door close, footsteps nearing.

"You've figured out the remote control?" Cloud asked, standing in the doorway. Kadaj only nodded with a smile in return. Lazily, Cloud wandered over to sit beside him.

"Why is there no sound?" Cloud then asked, looking at Kadaj in curiosity.

"I turned it off! With that button" Kadaj said proudly, pointing at the button that lowered the sound. Cloud just nodded, not caring to turn up the sound again, seeing as Kadaj was holding it tightly at the moment.

So they sat there watching the news, with no sound. Kadaj turning his head after a while, looking at Cloud, now, Cloud was a man, so…

"Nii-san?" Kadaj asked, thoughtfully.

"Yes?" Cloud replied, turning his head to look at the youth.

"Touch me" Kadaj simply said, trying to make his voice sound a bit like a moan, like that woman had said it.

The face of the blond was priceless, eyebrow rising in shock.



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