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The hallway was almost empty, except for one man. The Doctor, or his eleventh incarnation at least. He heard the sound from around the bend.

"Doc-Tor." Said the metallic voices of the Daleks, "You Can Not Run From The Da-Leks."

Three Daleks, red, blue, and black, turned the corner. These were the three Daleks that had overrun this entire military operation. They turned the corner to see, through their blue-tinted eyestalks, The Doctor grinning at them.

"Who's running?" He asked.

The black one, who was in front, delivered an ultimatum.
"The Doc-Tor Will Be Ex-Ter-Mi-Nat-Ed."

"Simply marvelous." The Doctor decided. "Good luck with that, see, you can't kill me, if I die, someone will replace me, and that will be me." He said. He'd lost contact with his companion when part of the masonry of the old structure collapsed. They'd both gotten stuck. He got out. He hadn't seen her do the same. He assumed she was dead. He didn't have any reason to live any more. He'd pass the pain on to his next self.

"Ex-Ter-Mi-Nate. Ex-Ter-Mi-Nate." The Daleks said.

"Then hurry up." Said the Doctor. He behind him to see that the TARDIS was still where he had left it. It was. He looked at his hands. This would be the last time he'd see them. These in particular, at least. As he was looking at them, the Dalek shot him. His body pulsed for a second, skeleton visible, before he died.

"We Have Com-Plet-Ed Our Mis-sion." Said the Daleks. They had not intended to have control of the base. The just knew that, if they did take control, the Doctor would come. This he did. The Daleks slowly rolled away, and then were transmatted onto the Dalek ship.

It was fortunate that they did not look back. If they had, they would have seen a strange sight. They would have seen a man, a man who was surely dead, have his body change form into that of another. The new, Twelfth Doctor sat up with a jolt. His hair was red, straight, and long enough to reach his shoulders. He looked at the clothes he was wearing. They fit him, Gallifreyan tailors made clothes that always fitted, no matter how you looked, in case one had to regenerate at an unexpected time. As the last remaining time lord with the exception of The Master, the last Doctor had seen it fit to wear entirely black, the color of mourning. The new Doctor disagreed with this decision. "I shall have to make a list." He muttered to himself. He walked to the TARDIS. He took a piece of paper out of his pocket. This wasn't the Psychic Paper he used for false identification, it was a different type of Psychic Paper. "To-do list." He commanded it, and words appeared on the paper forming a list that was helpfully marked "To-Do list." First thing on the list

1. Get New Companion.

"Well," he said, "At least I have my priorities straight."

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I suppose I owe you an explanation for all this. Well, here it is. I wrote this after taking a walk after taking sleep meds. So, now I'll answer some questions, you can skip over the entire bit if you want, and hit the review button, it's just some explaining. FIRST question: WHY did I chose to have the eleventh regenerate into the twelfth? Why didn't I go with regenerating the tenth into the eleventh? That would leave me more time. Well, and this made sense when I wrote it, two words. Possible Cannon. I like to keep my speculative fanfictions speculative for as long as possible, MEANING that it COULD be Cannon for a long time. For example, Sci-Fi Friday. That was possible Cannon up to the Galactica episode where Baltar become president..Now, next question, why did I write a Doctor Who fanfiction? Well, I'll tell you. I always feel pressured to update my Sci-Fi Friday fanfiction, so I decided I'd write something that people would (hopefully) enjoy, however, it wouldn't be at the back of my mind. THIRD question: What's this new Doctor like? I don't know. I honestly don't know. I have one aspect of his persona down, but that's it. FOURTH question: Would I like some Jelly Babies? Yes, yes I would. FIFTH question: Will I update? If it turns out someone wants to read my next update, yeah. SIXTH question: Doctor who? Yes yes, aren't you clever, you said the name of the show. If you have to ask that question, you shouldn't be reading Doctor Who fanfictions, should you. SEVENTH question: Who will the Doctor's new companion be? If I told you that, why would you read the next chapter. Question EIGHT: Will this be a humor fic? No more humor than the show, although it is a funny show.