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He wrapped his arms around the man with the long, shimmering white-silver hair.

'You're cold..' he whispered into the ear of the man he was holding.

'Yes, I am, Gure..' the man being held replied, 'please hold onto me tighter..'

Shigure smiled and did as he was told. Digging his head into the other man's neck and feeling his icy cold skin.

'My, my, Aya, dear, you're freezing!'

The snake nodded and started shivering dramatically.

'Hai, hold onto me more tighter, Gure, now!' The silver haired man whispered and started whimpering when the dog didn't do so. Shigure pouted with a deep frown and held Ayame tighter, even putting his legs over and around the snake.

'Nii-san, get out of the house now! You promised, you'd be gone! I don't want you meddling in-' The shocked Yuki had his eyes wide open as he saw his older brother and Shigure lying on Shigure's bed; they were holding each other as if they were trying to mould into one person.

The dog looked up and smiled mischievously.

'Hello, Yuki-kun! Want to join us?' The perverted man asked, waving the younger boy to come over but Yuki just looked at him in disgust.

'Stay.. go.. oh.. just..' Yuki wasn't bothered to finish the sentence, turning around and headed back out the door; the sight was sickening but it didn't really surprise him since they were doing these sorts of.. things for the past couple of days now.

Shigure's smile widened.

'Gure, you shouldn't have done that!' Ayame exclaimed playfully.

The dog shrugged and started nodding. 'I guess you're right.. my love..'

'Hmm?' The silver haired man asked turning his face towards the softly smiling Shigure.

'There is only one guy I can wrap my arms around and engulf him with my body..'

The snake smirked a bit and raised a curious eyebrow. 'May, I ask who that is, Gure?' he cooed lovingly.

Shigure paused like he was adding a dramatic effect. 'No one..'

Ayame pouted and swatted the dog playfully on the head. 'No, really, Gure, who?'

The dog nuzzled into Ayame's, now, warmed neck and kissed it affectionately.

'You..' he whispered softly, 'You.. my love..'

The snake grinned. 'I knew it!' he said and kissed the dog back, in that same affectionate way.

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