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Flashback of previous chapter

Shigure smirked triumphantly then, suddenly transformed back to himself.

'Oh, God, no!' Hatori whispered disgustedly turning away from the scary sight.

Shigure looked up and caught sight of Ayame in the window, with wide eyes, staring at his you-wanna-know-what! The writer smirked triumphantly again. 'Aishiteru, Aya, Aishiteru!'

The snake raised an eyebrow at him and pointed to his ear in confusion.

Shigure frowned and skipped over to the door where Hatori was.

'SHIGURE! PLEASE PUT ON SOME CLOTHES!' Hatori shouted as he flung open the door, so desperate in scrambling away to refrain from seeing his friend's body.

Shigure cackled to himself and followed after him, still barenaked.

Shigure walked in with a big triumphant dopey smile; Hatori on the other hand had to run for the kitchen for a bucket...

'Well, Gure.. I didn't realise how big your-'

'Shut up!' Hatori warned as the other two saw his face turn green and his head dissapeared back through the bucket.

Shigure frowned a bit. 'I didn't know my body looked so disgusting..' he mumbled a bit sadly.

'It is certainly most not!' retorted Ayame in a strict tone as he flounced to the depressed dog.

'I should turn emo..' Shigure replied as he picked up a knife and stared at his wrists, hesitantly putting the blade on them.

Ayame rolled his eyes and grabbed the knife off before his friend even started slitting. 'Your body is not disgusting, okay? Now.. I need to check something...' Ayame turned towards the living room and walked to the couch. 'Ah-huh! I knew it!' He turned back to the lost-looking Shigure.

'Err.. what do you mean, my love?' Shigure asked scratching his hair like crazy.

'I mean the note..' Ayame then stared at him with repulse. 'Um.. Gure-san, do you have.. fleas?'

The dog put his hand on his heart and looked shocked for a second. 'Of course I..' he stopped midway to scratch his head again and suddenly something black jumped out, landing on the table. 'Eh.. heh, um.. that's..'

Ayame squealed and took out a bug repellant on Hatori's coffee table, spraying the little guy sprawling all over the table and spoling it with black dirt. After the snake was sure it was dead, he turned to Shigure with an angry expression on his face.

'Wipe that cute puppy look off of your face and.. and.. Get. Away. From. ME!'

'Aya.. please.. I need you..' Shigure reached out his hands and tried touching his Aya but the snake backed away quickly and ran to Hatori who was currently walking out the kitchen doors.

'What happened now?' Hatori asked monotonely as he stared at his two friends. 'Where did you get that shirt you're wearing Shigure?'

Shifting his eyes around, Shigure shrugged lightly. 'Nowhere.. but anyways back to the real thingy.. guess what?'

'Say it.. I don't have all day..' Hatori muttered as his gaze shifted to Ayame who was groping him, 'Ayame, get off.'

'Well.. Aya hates me now..' Shigure informed him like an efficient reporter, 'And it's because I have fleas! Isn't that exciting, Hari!' Shigure looked at them happily before he saw Hatori grab something from his medical bag on the table.

'What was that? Hari? What was that?'

Hatori walked slowly to Shigure with a small smile on his lips. 'This.. won't hurt.. one bit..' And he raised his arm revealing what he was hiding. Shigure's eyes went wide as he stared at the terribly long needle.

'No.. NO.. please, not that! Hatori.. no.. anything, but that!'

Hatori shrugged as if he couldn't help it.

'Tori-kun.. are you gonna stick that up his bum-bum?' Ayame asked feeling awfully sick.

The doctor nodded grimly as he caught Shigure before he collapsed onto the floor in dog form. 'I don't understand why Shigure doesn't like needles. I mean, they're just sharp but harmless..' Hatori pressed the needle into Shigure's anus and laughed.

'Anyways, Aya.. I think it's your turn-' he swerved around but no one was there. 'Aya?'

On the run.. again

'Phew.. thought I was gonna get caught..' Ayame said to himself as he dragged the unconscious dog along the road and back to the dog's house. 'Oh, no!' Ayame screamed, slapping his hand to his forehead suddenly. A few bystanders watched him like some crazy but, beautiful woman. Was that a woman?

'Oh no. I left the saki back at Hari's.. hmm.. what shall I do? I can't go back.. he might want to needle me too!' Ayame shuddered, 'Oh, Shigure..' he gazed down at the weak transformed dog covered with poo, dirt, grovel and mud, 'I will only love you.. even if you have fleas.' He grimaced with the thought then, smiled happily as he saw Yuki walking up the path.

'YUKI! My dear brother!'

Yuki's eyes went wide; seeing his older brother, he quickly turned back around but unfortunately tripped trying to escape.

'Brother!' Ayame yelled, suddenly running after him, pulling Shigure along the pathway again. By the time Ayame got there, Yuki was up again; he tried walking again but his legs collapsed under him.

Oh, no.. not now.. Yuki thought as he saw his nii-san running towards him with - what was he dragging along? Shigure?

'Yuki-kun? Are you alright?' Ayame asked as he helped his brother up and forced Yuki to put his arm around the snake's neck.

'Nii-san.. I'm okay. I'm fine. Just eave me be..' Yuki pushed Ayame off in annoyance, limping away from the house and from him.

Something happened at Shigure's house.. I just know it.. Miss Honda, maybe?

Ayame stood up with poise and walked swiftly towards the house. Direction: Tohru Honda.

'Would you please stop dragging me, my love? I'm getting disgusting stuff on my fur..'

The snake ignored the dog and kept right on walking... to Shigure's annoyance.

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