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It was recess for the students at Domino High, and there was only one thing everyone had on their minds—Duel Monsters: a trading card game where players become wizards who summon monsters and cast spells to do battle!

Yugi watched as Jonouchi and Anzu battled it out in their classroom.

"Bwahahaha! Take this, Anzu!" Jou motioned to a card on his desk. "I attack with Rock Ogre Grotto!" Yugi could hear all the remarks from the people around them as they watched the duel as well.

"Look how strong he is!"

"Go for it, Anzu!"

You think Anzu can beat Jou's monster? Yugi asked to Yami in his thoughts. Yami observed the duel through his host's eyes and nodded.

If Anzu has the right strategy, then it is possible. Yugi hugged Yami in his mind.

Let's see then!

Anzu looked thoughtfully at the cards in her hand. "Then on my turn…I use the spell card Wind of the Gods! The holy wind erodes your golem! He turns to dust and blows away!" She smiled as Jou just gaped at his cards. "I win!"

"ARGH! I lost again!" Jou exclaimed.

"You're so lame, Jonouchi!" Anzu said.

"I only lost to Anzu! How lame can I be?" Jou asked. Honda shook his head.

"Very lame, since you lost more than ten times."

"Shut up, man."

"Cheer up, Jou!" Yugi said as Jonouchi started looking through his deck in frustration. "I bet you can win next time! I have faith in that you can get better." Yugi could feel Yami snuggle up to him.

You believe in your friends so much, Yugi. So trusting and strong…. Yugi petted Yami's hair affectionately. Yugi loved how he still worshipped him, even if he still wanted him to be his equal. They had become so close now, even more so then they were before as intertwined souls.

I wouldn't be if I didn't have you.

Not true, you were always very strong at heart. I'm just helping to make you even stronger than before. A brief kiss on his forehead.

Well then, let's help Jou become stronger too!

"Show me your deck, Jou! Maybe I can help you out." Yugi said.

"Here!" Jou handed over his deck to Yugi, and the spiky-haired teen began to go through his cards….

"Ack! What's this?"

It appears Jonouchi has only monsters in his deck, Yami said.

"Jou, is this all you have? All forty cards are monsters?"

"Heh heh, that's right! I stuffed my deck with the strongest monsters I could find!" Jou gloated. Yugi shook his head.

"Uh… that's no good, Jou." The blonde looked at him, confused.

"Whaddya mean, it's no good?"

"The biggest strategy in this game is combining monsters and spell cards. Your opponent can easily dodge your attacks if you fight with your monsters alone." Jou gave him a blank stare, before grabbing him by the shoulders.

"Awright, Yugi!" he pleaded. "Please! You gotta train me to play better!" He let go of his buddy and gave him a very desperate-looking face. Yugi just smiled.

"Okay, that's no problem! Come by my place after school— I'm sure Yami wouldn't mind helping me teach you!" Right, Yami?

Of course, I would be honored to train Jonouchi to play Duel Monsters.

"Oh, and you picked a great time to ask!" Yugi added excitedly. "The finals of the Duel Monsters Tournament is on TV at five tonight! It would be great for you guys to see it"

"It is?" Anzu asked. "That would be so cool! Count me in!"

"Hey, can me and Hanasaki come too?" Honda asked, and Hanasaki stood nearby, looking at them. "Hanasaki wants to know if you can teach him too, Yugi."

"Really, Hanasaki?" Yugi asked. "What got you so interested in Duel Monsters al of a sudden?" Hanasaki shrugged and pulled out a card from his pocket. Everyone looked to see that it was Zombire!

"Wow, Hanasaki, you're favorite super hero's a Duel Monsters card too?" Jou asked. Hanasaki nodded.

"Yep, my dad got it for me on his last trip to America!" the blonde-haired boy said shyly. "Now I wanna learn how to play so I can use it, you know in duels and stuff. Can you really teach me too, Yugi?"


"Awright, we'll all go to Yugi's house!" Jou announced.


As the sun started to set in the distance, Sugoroku Mutou was just placing his "Open" sign over the door to the Kame game store on "Closed", when a group of footsteps sounded behind him.

"I'm home, Grandpa!" Yugi said as him and his friends approached the game store. Everybody said their hellos as Sugoroku turned to greet them.

"Ah, Yugi! Welcome home!" he saw all of his grandson's friends trailing behind, and he gave them a warm grin. "You're all here, I see! Come on in."

"Huh, you closed already?" Jou asked.

"Ho ho, of course! The Duel Monsters Finals are tonight! I can't be stuck here watching the shop!" Sugoroku motioned for them all to enter, and as everyone headed for the living room Yugi's grandpa went behind the counter. "By the way, Yugi…."

"Huh? What is it, Grandpa?" Yugi asked, and in response Sugoroku handed him a large cardboard box.

"A package came for you in the mail. There's no name on the return address, so I have no idea who it's from." Yugi held the package in his hands, looking at it suspiciously.

There's something odd about this package…do you feel anything, Yami? Yugi asked in his mind.

Yami nodded. Yes, I sense strong magic emanating from that box. We have to be careful with whatever is contained within it.

Okay…. Yugi continued to study the box. I wonder what it is….

"Hey Yug, hurry up!" he could hear Jou yell from the living room. "The show's almost starting!" Yugi put the box back on the glass counter and headed for the living room.



It was a good few minutes (and several commercials) later that the actual showing of the Duel Monsters Finals began. Everyone sat on the floor around the TV set, eating and drinking as they waited for the show to actually start. Jou, Anzu, Honda and Hanasaki sat up to the TV the closest, while Yugi sat with Yami a little farther back as they sat beside each other. Grandpa hung back as well as he came in with more tea for them to drink.

Yugi noticed how Hanasaki was looking at Yami and giving them strange glances. They tried to explain it to him on the way home, so that he wouldn't be surprised when he saw Yami magically appear in the living room with them. Hanasaki seemed to understand, but still had his guard up. Yugi sighed, and Yami stroked his hair.

It is no problem, Yugi. I can understand why Hanasaki-sama would be so hesitant.

Yeah, I know, but I just hope that he can be comfortable around you like everyone else.

He will be in time. He just hasn't been around me that much to see that. Yugi just smiled and snuggled a little closer to Yami.

I'll see if I can explain it better to him after the Duel Monsters Finals.

Yugi curled up into Yami's arms, content. It hadn't been a long time since they had battled Bakura and his spirit, and yet it felt like forever since the two had seen a real threat. There were no Items coming after them, no dark forces about… Yami's wards had kept the rest of the gang safe from harm, and with it Yami and Yugi began to spend more quality time with each other.

As soon as Yugi came home after school Yami created his solid form, and they hung out as much as possible. Watching TV, doing chores (which Yami insisted he do since it seemed wrong that Yugi had to even touch a mop or sponge), playing Duel Monsters and various other games, homework… all was done together, they were never apart. Even with Yami's own body he never left Yugi's side—the same dedicated worship that Yugi had finally grown to accept, even though the idea of Yami being his equal still stuck in his mind as a possibility.

Right now he simply enjoyed being in Yami's warm embrace, as he leaned against him while they watched the commercials. Suddenly he felt Yami lightly kiss into his hair, and he smiled as he looked back up at Yami. Nothing could be more perfect than those ruby eyes that stared back at him right now. Well, almost nothing….

"I can't wait for the show to start!" Anzu said as a Coca-Cola commercial flashed across the screen. "This really is kinda exciting…."

"Of course!" Jou commented. "This decides the Number One Duel Monsters player in Japan!" Jou looked over at Yugi and Yami as he munched on a cracker. "Hey Yug, why didn't you enter that tournament? You coulda gone all the way!"

Yami nodded as he hugged Yugi in his arms. "Yes, Yugi would have done well in a Duel Monsters Tournament indeed… but he has his reasons. Right, Yugi?"

Yugi nodded as he glanced down at the floor. "Yup… but I made a decision… when I do enter a tournament, it'll be to fight him…."

"You mean Kaiba, right?" Anzu asked. Yugi nodded again, and Yami put a hand on his shoulder.

"Yup, fair and square though! That's our goal when we meet next!" He looked up into Yami's crimson eyes. Right, Yami?

Exactly. When we battle Seto and Seth next it will be a fair duel, one for pride and honor. And I'll be right by your side. Yugi smiled.

I know you will be, Yami.

"Oho! The finals are about to start!" Sugoroku said as he gestured to the television screen. Everyone else turned their heads to see what was going on. A man in a suit with a microphone—obviously the announcer for the event—started to talk as several fans cheered from the stadium.

"For the thousands of Duel Monsters fan around the country, it all comes down to this moment!" he said proudly. "The final round of the Duel Monsters Tournament is about to begin! Out of two hundred duelists who made it through the regionals to this tournament, only one can claim the crown, and the honor of being in first place!" Suddenly the man looked over his shoulder at two doors leading into the stadium, and they were opening. "The finalists are entering the stadium!"

Two teen came out of the doorways, holding their decks in their hands as they proudly marched their way to a virtual simulation box. The announcer's hand directed to one of the boys, who had green hair and wore thick-rimmed glasses.

"From East Japan! 'Insector' Haga! Fourteen years old!" Then the man motioned to the other boy, who had long brown hair and wore a backwards red baseball cap. "And from West Japan! 'Dinosaur' Ryuzaki! Fifteen years old!" The two teens approached one another, and the crowd roared in excitement, before they both entered the duel simulator box. "Let the battle begin! The virtual simulation box that our two finalists are entering was developed by Industrial Illusions, the maker of Duel Monsters, in cooperation with Kaiba Corp! The duelists are in the dueling box, they're sitting down!"

Haga and Ryuzaki drew their cards, taunting each other as they started the duel. Yugi and the others watched them through the TV screen.

"That looks like a tough duel!" Jou said, before turning to Yugi and Yami. "Hey, Yugi! Yami! Who you think's gonna win?"

"Well, Insector Haga's specialty's with insect combos—he'll attack by enhancing his insect cards with armor and spells" Yugi said. "But on the other hand, Ryuzaki uses his dinosaur's awesome strength to overwhelm his opponents."

"If it's between insects and dinosaurs, then it's no contest" Hanasaki admitted. "The dinosaurs will crush Haga, right?" Yami shook his head.

"Not necessarily. Watch and see." Yami was glad that Hanasaki had become Yugi's friend, because now he was able to see Yami without being scared or confused. It was good to not have to worry about the boy keeping this a secret.

And Yami's advice was correct as they observed the duel. Haga's trap card eliminated Ryuzaki's Two Headed King Rex, and with his powered-up insect destroyed Ryuzaki's Life Points.

"Hey, the Bug Guy won!" Jou said, surprised. Yami just nodded, a knowing smirk on his face. The announcer went on to show Haga being given the trophy by the president of Industrial Illusions and the creator of Duel Monsters, Maximillion J. Pegasus. Then the broadcast ended, as Pegasus invited Haga to a tournament that he was sponsoring.

"Insector Haga, eh…?" Sugoroku said. "Can't say I'm surprised."

Yugi grinned as he hugged Yami, making the darker one blush a little in return. "Me neither! But it sure was a great duel! Watching that got me all fired up!"

"Now I get what you were saying before about monsters and combos!" Jou said, and then he soaked up Yugi's excited energy. "C'mon Yugi! Yami! Train me! Train me!"

"I'm ready when you guys are" Hanasaki said meekly.

"Okay!" Yugi said, grabbing his own deck and standing up. Yami followed suit, and the group was about to watch the tutorial (which would probably consist of real monsters since Yami had plenty of energy left to make the duels more interesting) when Sugoroku came back from the store, holding the package from earlier.

"Before you do that, Yugi… I'd like to know what's in this package" he said. He set it down in front of Yugi and Yami, and both of them looked at each other before returning their gazes to the box in question.

"Oh yeah… I forgot about that" Yugi admitted sheepishly, and Yami nodded. "Sorry guys! We can play after I open this… I wonder what it is."

"We won't find out until you open it, Yugi" Yami said as he helped Yugi peel back the tape that sealed the box shut. Together they opened the package, cautious as they felt the magical aura that surrounded its contents. They all gazed inside.

"Wha—?" Inside there was a glove with star-shaped chips inside two of the ten star-shaped holes in the opening of it. There was also a DVD.

"What in the world?" Honda asked as he picked up the glove and looked at it. Jou removed the DVD from its case.

"Maybe there's an explanation on this tape" he said. "You got a DVD player, Yug?"

"Yeah, we do." Yugi turned on the DVD player and slid the DVD onto it slot. He didn't like how the DVD felt as he touched it… was this where the strange aura of magic was coming from? "Okay, let's see." The video started, and then a face appeared on the screen. Everyone gasped when they saw who it was.

"Hello! At last we meet, Yugi-boy! Nice to meet you!"

"Hey!" Jou exclaimed. "Isn't that—?"

"The American who was just on TV!" Yugi said, surprised. "That's the guy who created Duel Monsters, Pegasus Something!"

Yami looked just as surprised as Yugi at first, but then glared at the television. "There's something odd about this man. I sense something… strange."

Pegasus was grinning as he spoke. "No, no! Don't be so surprised, or offended! I just wanted to send a video letter to the esteemed Yugi-boy, and spirit of the Millennium Puzzle! The two real champions!" Both Yugi and Yami's eyes widened immensely.

"How does he know about Yami!" Yugi said, and then it hit him. "…Unless he has an Item!"

Pegasus laughed heartily through the screen. "I understand that you both are very skilled at Duel Monsters! After all, you would have to be to defeat Kaiba-boy! Good job, well done, wonderful!"

Both Yugi and Yami exchanged glances. What did this Pegasus want?

"Now, shall we get down to business, Yugi-boy and Pharaoh? I want to test your skills right here and now! I challenge you to face this DVD recording of me at Duel Monsters!"

"What!" Jou said, and Hanasaki glanced at the others in confusion. What was going on? Yugi and, his spirit Yami, being challenged to duel a DVD that was pre-recorded?

"How can Yugi and Yami play against someone recorded on a DVD?" Anzu asked

Sugoroku frowned. "It's impossible, there's no challenge in that! He can't even know what cards these two will play!"

"Do you accept my offer? Build your deck in front of the monitor" Pegasus said, shuffling his own deck. "In five minutes our duel will commence!"

"What should we do, Yami?" Yugi asked the spirit.

"It's obvious: we have to face this Pegasus" Yami said. "After all, he has challenged us, and we cannot turn down a challenge." Yugi nodded.

"Okay, we'll do it together then! Pegasus did challenge both of us to duel!"

"You guys gonna go through with this?" Honda asked.

"Yep! We'll take him on!" Yugi said, and then he motioned to Yami. We should merge together if we want to beat this guy.

I agree. We will fight as one. Suddenly Yami disappeared in a flash of light, and was gone. Yugi could feel his full presence return to his soul room as Yugi pulled out his deck. Yami nuzzled against him, enjoying the warmth that was Yugi's light-hearted soul.

This man that we face… Pegasus… it seems that he must have a Millennium Item, Yami pondered. There is no other way that he could know of my existence.

Didn't Seth say something about him to us?

Perhaps, but I can't recall it right now. We should be concentrating on building our deck anyway.

I'm already done. "Okay, my deck is ready!"

"Are you ready?" Pegasus asked, placing his own deck on a table in front of him.

"Duel!" they shouted in unison. Yami took over Yugi's body for the most part, his hair becoming wilder and his eyes glowing blood-red crimson. Both drew their cards and the battle started.

The duel began well enough, with enough magic on Yami's part to make his monsters appear in front of him as his friends stared on in awe. Yami summoned his Koumori Dragon to the field, but somehow Pegasus knew exactly what Yami had drawn, even though he was still a recording. Yami and Yugi both gaped as Pegasus predicted how they would combine Koumori Dragon with their Dragon Knight to make it more powerful. Then he used Dragon Capture Jar to seal their dragon away!

No way! He knew what cards we were about to play! Yugi said.

Can he read our minds? What Item does he have that can do that?

And the Koumori Dragon… it was sucked into the TV, into Pegasus's card. That means he's using magic too.

Then this is a Shadow Game. Be on your guard Yugi.

"You looked so shocked, Yugi-boy! Or should I saw Pharaoh? Maybe I'll just say both!" Pegasus laughed, his smile looking both cynical and delighted. "Still, you can't beat me! Not when I can read your mind and see every card in your hand!" He laughed as Yugi held Yami tightly in his mind, now nervous and anxious to see what would happen.

How do we fight an opponent that can read our minds? Yugi asked.

I do not know, Yugi, but I know that together we can triumph. We'll figure out something soon enough.

Yugi nodded. Alright then! Let's show him what we got!


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