Hi there everyone.

It's been a long time since I've updated this story, or any of my other multi-chapter fanfictions. I'm at two years remission from finishing chemo, and I've graduated high school, so yeah, that really is a long time later. While it brings me nothing but ill feelings to say it, I don't think I can continue these stories any longer. Whatever plot or writing plans I had for these works has disintegrated, and if I did try to update now the stories would only be shells of their former selves. It would be more of a disappointment than anything.

I'm sorry to all of you who have been so faithful with your reviews and favorites. I know you've been waiting a while for me to continue, but these pieces really have died on me, and anything I pull up now would be crap. I'm just sending this to let you know this, and that I will no longer visit this account.

Again, I apologize. T__T I really don't want to do this, but my clinging onto any of finishing these stories is useless.

I'm glad you have enjoyed what was written thus far. It makes me happy to know how much you liked my work.

I wish you all best of luck in your own projects. Thank you for what you have given me.


Angel's Nocturne