Kodocha: Middle School bk. 10

Chapter Ten the Home Is Where Your Heart Is (Epilogue)

Through the rush of trains, a girl stood on a middle platform in a gorgeous floral dress that drew a hem line at her knee. She had beautiful auburn brown hair and wonderfully drowning hazel eyes. She should have been a model, an actress, or anything that would have publicized her pretty face. But maybe she wasn't there for looks or for acting as somebody else; she was there for being her. She was there for a boy. Sana Kurata was this very girl.

"Akito!" Sana squealed as she saw her long-lost boyfriend depart from the bullet train that had just pulled in on the tracks. Bewildered, not by Sana but by how pretty she had gotten in his absence, Akito almost let go of his suitcase.

"Hey there," Akito managed to collect himself in the seconds Sana gave him. She threw her arms around his neck, which made Akito blush and squirm in a non-fifteen year old way.

"Good day! I missed you," Sana said quite openly.

"You too," Akito said, frazzled as he patted her lower back in a somewhat hug.

"Well, let's getta move on! Everyone's waiting to see you," Sana insisted and Akito nodded robotically, picking up his suitcase and trailing behind Sana as she carried his hand in hers. "I'm just a one person welcoming committee and all." Sana said as she shuffled ahead. She seemed bright today, really shining.

"Are you really?" Akito kissed the top of her head.

"Sure am," She smiled. "By the way, when are your dad and Natsumi coming?"

"Later today, probably. Just getting all the stuff ready," Akito responded. They were in luck that the Choco Café, their usual spot, was nearby the station.

"You need help?" Sana gestured to Akito's single duffel bag.

"Nah…," He smirked. "I'm fine." He told her, reassuringly.

"Alright, Hayama. Your call," Sana giggled, swinging her hand that held Akito's. They rounded the corner, which was the street that the café was on.

"I can't wait for everyone to see you! Nothing's changed, I promise. We're all the same group," Sana told Akito as they rushed forward and bolted through the café's door.

"Everyone! We're here," Sana sing-songed like she used to and Akito felt slightly embarrassed as all his friends turned and cheered.

"AKITO!" Everyone's voice rang out with his name.

"You're back!"

"Welcome home, buddy!"

"Good t'see ya."

Akito heard all the comments at once and he couldn't help but share that secret smile of his that nobody except Sana had seen. He was happy with Sana and with his friends. And to be in the place where he belonged, Tokyo, Japan. No where else on the earth or the country but here.

"C'mon, Akito! Sit on down," Tsuyoshi encouraged.

"Hey, Akito-kun! You got taller, didn't you?" Aya asked peering up to see how tall he had gotten.

"What'd you think he'd do? Shrink?" Sana snickered; also noticing how Akito had grew a few inches more on his temporary leave. Aya laughed, shaking her head.

"So, let's get some drinks, everyone!" Tsuyoshi called out to his friends. The entire Jinbou Junior High School gang was there. Tsuyoshi and Aya including Fuka, Takaishi, Hisae, Gomi, Yunchi, all the guys from Akito's old gang or the ones he was still friends with, and even Naozumi decided to join the gang.

"Kamura," Akito muttered, facing Naozumi.

"Hayama," Naozumi raised his brows with arms crossed.

"I…just wanna say," Akito began, clenching a fist. Sana sighed, hoping Akito wouldn't pull any shit right now. "Thanks for…taking care of….ugh, Sana." Akito ducked his head; it wasn't easy being a nice guy especially to the likes of Naozumi Kamura.

"Anytime, Akito-kun," Naozumi chuckled good naturedly and patted Akito on the shoulder. He walked past with another movie star-esque smile.

"I can't believe I have to compete with that," Akito remarked lowly as he swung an arm around Sana's shoulder, territorially.

"You don't!" Sana giggled, kissing his cheek.

"Why do you say—oh," Akito blinked back as if he couldn't believe it. But in some ways he could. All those girls loved Naozumi and he even had a fan club, so it was about time he found a girlfriend. And one who was not taken, nonetheless. Akito saw Naozumi kiss another girl directly on the lips. He hadn't even noticed her before that kiss.

"Who is that?" Akito asked, being nosey.

"Chika…Naozumi's girlfriend," Sana burst into a fit of giggles. "You've got no competition, I promise!" Sana encouraged. They both decided it was time to stop standing like idiots and sit down. Together, all the friends that would move from middle school to high school came to sit and eat and enjoy each other's company. Just because the schools were changing, didn't mean the friendships that lasted and the relationships that were deemed forever had to. Once the café partial lunch was over, everyone left and Tsuyoshi and Aya were walking Akito, who was still with Sana, back to the Hayama household.

"Is everything cleaned up at the house?" Akito asked as he walked by Tsuyoshi and Sana and Aya were talking about end of year plans.

"I haven't been able to go. So…nope," Tsuyoshi said quite apologetically.

"Oh…guess there's a lot to do," Akito noted, demonically.

"Just a bit," Tsuyoshi held up the amount between his thumb and index fingers.

"Don't worry! It'll be fun! Like a group clean up!" Sana cheered from behind, over hearing the boys' conversation.

"Sana, you don't even make your bed in the morning," Aya told her and Sana tossed her a fake glare.

"So?" She pouted. The others laughed at her about this. If she couldn't make up her bed in the morning, what made her think she could clean an entire house?

"You guys suck!" Sana yelled for the whole city to hear as she ran ahead and the other three raced her to the Hayama's house. She heaved in a deep breath as they reached the house in the late afternoon. Akito was the only one who was near close to her and he was carrying a bag filled with his stuff.

"All right! So we'll be leaving the happy couple," Tsuyoshi said, clapping his hands together. "You guys can….start the cleaning!" Tsuyoshi wished with him and Aya getting a head start to get the heck out of there. They sprinted toward the sidewalk.

"Later!" Tsuyoshi called out.

"Bye Sana! Good to have you back, Akito!" Aya had rushed while saying.

"They suck," Akito kicked the pavement with a grunt.

"At least we have alone time!" Sana said, not even knowing what boys would think if she said such things.

"Right," Akito sighed, knowing her funny stupidity.

"Nothing's changed," Sana said aloud when she and Akito walked the halls of his home. "It's just a little…dusty." Sana mentioned and felt Akito's arm drape around her chest.

"I missed you," He said, with his breath hot against her ear.

"You could have just said it first when you saw me," Sana deliberated.

"So? I wanted to tell you when we were alone," Akito whispered, kissing her neck. This led to other activities, as presumed. Akito spun Sana around and backed her up against the wall, where they kissed on the lips.

"Hey, Akito," Sana decided to talk as Akito tried to make out with her.

"Yeah?" He asked, hotly and kissed her near her temple.

"How come we haven't talked about high schools," She asked, somewhat out of no where.

"Is it this important…now?" Akito asked, knowing of something a little more important as of this moment.

"Yes! Yes it is," Sana ridiculed and pushed Akito back. He eyed her with suspicion, she seemed nervous they might be apart again.

"It's been on my mind," She hedged. "I just wanted to wait for the right moment to ask you." She explained, quickly.

"Well…," Akito began, thinking he would toy with her. Just this once.

"I applied outside of Jinbou," Akito admonished as if it were obvious. Sana felt the fear overwhelm her. She was stricken by the fear that they'd be apart again.

"What're you looking at me like that for?" Akito asked on defense.

"AKITO-BAKA! I'm not SMART enough to get into another school," Sana decided with an annoyed look.

"Ok, ok, I didn't say I was going," Akito apologized, somewhat. Sana sighed in return.

"Doesn't matter," he reminded her while holding her close to him. "We'll always be together." He said in a sweet but quiet tone.

"Together forever?" Sana murmured as he held her in his arms.

"Um, duh," Akito smirked.

"STUPID!" Sana yelled at him, and retrieved her red and yellow mallet to smack Akito with.

He looked at her in slight shock, "Oh, you still hold onto that thing."

"You're supposed to say: of course, forever," She ignored his comment.

"Well you questioned it," Akito simply told her.

"Well you answered stupidly," Sana fought back.

" What is this a shojo manga?" Akito supposed as if it wasn't one.

"It's supposed to be," Sana shrugged, dropping her hammer.

"Fine.," Akito grunted. "Together forever, promise." He caved and Sana smiled benevolently at him. "By the way, I have something for you." Akito held out their promise ring and it glimmered against the light that came through a window. Sana gazed at it in wonder and Akito placed it on her right hand ring finger.

"There we go," Sana smiled again with the same gaze on the ring. She lifted the look toward Akito as they held each other. Akito leaned down, looking into her hazel eyes and kissed her soundly. Together forever seemed like a promise neither of them would jump to betray. They would keep it for as long as they both loved each other. Being in love and being incredibly young, it could last. With a couple like Sana and Akito, it had to last.

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