OK, so here it is, the final chapter of Not Alone...

Chapter 23 - Not Alone

(One month later)

Paige finished her make-up, as Phoebe announced she'd finished doing her hair. Doing what to it, Paige wasn't sure; her hair looked exactly the same as it always did.

"And Pagen's all ready." Prue cooed. Pagen was the name she and Kyle had eventually settled on; although their daughter had gone by "baby" for the first a week and a half of her life. She'd decided she wanted a P-name, althoguh she wasn't entirley sure why. But a P-name it was, and so Pagen she was. Her daughter was already a month old, and it was hard to believe. So much had happened since...

Paige forced herself not to think about it. She had accepted her parents were gone - seeing them that one last time had really helped - and she'd moved on best she could. But this day, her wedding day, they should be here, to see her get married... to meet her daughter...

It was only going to be a small wedding - family only, Just Paige, Kyle, her daughter and her sisters. And their boyfriends. And their grandmother, who was going to perform the ceremony. All the family Paige had.

She'd found Sam, her father. By accident, actually. They'd been in pursuit of a demon, and had accidentally found him. He wasn't exactly what she'd expected... during the brief talk with Patricia a few months ago, Patty had declined to mention Paige's father was no longer a whitelighter, that he looked more like a drunk than an angel...

Paige tried not to think about that moment, by the water, when she'd seen him die. Sure, she didn't know him, didn't love him, but he was her father, and she still had a sense of loss... he was the last parent she had, after all.

"Paige? Are you ready?"

"Is it time?" Paige murmured. Prue nodded and they moved towards the door. Piper handed Pagen over, and Paige cradled her. Then, she paused at the top of the stairs while her sisters walked down them. A few seconds later, she heard the music - her cue. Holding her daughter tightly, she walked slowly down the stairs, smiling brightly. Then, she stopped, unable to hide her shock at the faces before her - more than she'd expected.

Her sisters were stood by her Grams, the woman Paige had met only once, four days ago, and Kyle was stood on the other side. Then, smiling widely at her, stood her parents. Her adoptive parents, side by side with Patty, the woman who had given birth to Paige, who's blood flowed in Paige's veins, who Paige had a bond with, whether she was aware of it or not.

"Surprise." Phoebe smiled, and Paige smiled back, walking down the last few stairs. She passed by her parents, Coop, Andy and Leo, her sisters, and finally reached the front, where Kyle was stood. She handed her daughter to Piper, who was the nearest, and smiled shakily at Kyle.

Grams began talking, Paige and Kyle said their vows and exchanged their rings, then, suddenly, they were married. Hand in hand with her new husband, Paige moved over to her parents.

"You made it." She murmured, addressing all three of them.

Her parents just nodded, smiling proudly, and then Piper passed Pagen to them, and they cooed over her, sharing the moment with Patty, Paige noted. There was no awkwardness - in fact a few moments later, as she and Kyle were pushed under the chandelier and told to dance their first dance, Paige heard then exchanging thanks - Patty thanking them for loving Paige, her parents thanking Patty for letting them love her.


Prue watched the newlyweds dance, then sought out Andy. He was talking to Leo and Piper, and Prue resisted the urge to go over and blurt the news out to them all. This was Paige's day and her news could wait. Prue just had to try and forget about the four pregnancy tests lined up on her bed, each bearing the same result... Positive...

She glanced around, trying to locate Phoebe, and spotted her snuggled into an armchair with Coop, watching Paige and Kyle dance. Prue smiled at the sight of her sister, truly in love, and new that Coop would never hurt her.


As Andy walked away from them, back towards Prue, Piper and Leo turned to each other.

"One day, we'll have this." He promised her. "The wedding... the baby, everything." Piper nodded.

"I know." She murmured. "Come on, lets dance."


Phoebe was deep in thought, Coop's arm around her. She'd never felt this way before. She'd been in love, but she'd never known it this strong, not until Coop. It hadn't been easy admitting to him the way she felt... or believing that they could be together. But they could, and they were, and Phoebe knew this time, it would last forever.


As Kyle spun her across the room, Paige had never been so happy. A few months ago, she'd felt totally alone, but now, she knew she never really was, and she never would be. She had family.


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