Disclaimers: These characters are not of my creation. They belong to other people.

Just one week ago, I was involved in a serious accident that almost killed me. The details of how the accident happened are normal. A drunk, drugged up truck driver ran the impala of the road. In our case, the truck driver was also possessed, but that is not something you tell the authorities. For the first few days after the accident, I lay in a hospital bed taking comfort from the pain, in a happy corner of my mind. For those few days, I was blissfully unaware of the world around me and I found comfort in that. Then I woke up.

Upon waking up, I found out two very important things. Dad was still alive, but unconscious. Dad was not my main concern. Dean was so close to death when the truck ran us of the road. The second thing I found out concerned dean. I woke up asking for dean, but the doctors and nurses had no idea who it was I was asking for. They told me that the only people the paramedics found in the car were dad and me. I knew damn well that dean had been in the car with us and nothing anyone else told me was going to change that fact. I asked, no I demanded to know if anyone had been in the ambulance with me. One of the nurses who treated me that night told me all about the hitchhiker. This hitchhiker phoned for an ambulance and told anyone who would listen to him that the accident had just managed to avoid him. Well that is the biggest load of horseshit I have heard in a long time. I find it hard to believe that the doctors and nurses would be so willing to believe such an obvious lie. There was no hitchhiker that I know of that will accompany an accident victim to the hospital. The hitchhiker is dean it has to be.

Why would dean pretend to be a hitchhiker? How could he be well enough too not need any hospital treatment? Dean was near death before that truck even ran us of the road. How does someone just walk away from that? Whatever was the cause of dean surviving the accident and walking out of the hospital without needing any medical treatment I need to know? I do not care what it is. I just need top know that dean is okay. I want to touch him and reassure myself that he is alive. All I have to do find him and that is not going to be easy.