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It was a regular day at East High. The gang were found roaming the halls holding hands as couples. They were the most popular couples known to East High. Everyone was doing the usual making out at lunch and going back to class pretending nothing happened. So once class was over the all went out to their car and went their separate ways.

"you want to come over to my house Troy" Gabriella said

"I don't Know" Troy said

"oh… please I feel so lonely being that my parents divorced and my mom work late"


"please Troy" Gabriella said while making the puppy dog face

"no not the face, forget it, just because you are my girlfriend doesn't mean I have to listen to you" Tory yelled

Gabriella continued making the face until he reached her house. He said bye and gaver her a kiss.

"Troy, PLEASE"


"Come on, please"

"once again no"

"fine don't even say I love you anymore to me" Gabriella said walking away

"Gab,"roy said walking out of his car and locked it " don't say that you know I love you"

"So can you stay over"

" Fine"

"yay" Gabriella sais in Excitement

When they went inside gabi pushed troy gently on the couch and started kissing.

"I love You" Troy said

" I love You to" gabi responded

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