Monkey Business

An Animorph writing contest by Shahiri Mooney.

Hello, people. I have a **Challenge** for you all. Are you interested in it? Well, I wrote this beginning to a Marco-comedy called "Monkey Business" but after that, I lost ALL inspiration. So, we're going to have a contest. If you want to submit the next part to the story, we'll add the winners in until it's completed.
There will be a prize, I just haven't thought of it, yet. . .

There are no rules, just write the next part, and the story has to be about Marco. You'll get full credit at the beginning of each chapter.

Send your submissions into

**salutes** Good luck!!!



This is the story of a kid named Marco. Not a normal kid, mind you, because although he once was quite normal (As far as normal goes when Marco's involved), he definetely isn't now. First off, Marco is too cute to be normal. I mean, just look at him. *holds up the first Marco-book* Okay, well physically, he's kinda of young, and. . . well. . . young for me, anyways. But Applegate-sama writes the same way I do, and I rarely give detailed descriptions for my characters because I like leaving it up to the imagination. So Marco's 15.

Note: This is what happens when you give a fangirl a keyboard.

Despite his roguish good looks, Marco can turn into a monkey. Well, not a monkey, a Gorilla. YES, there IS a difference. So this kid named Marco who can turn into a Gorilla is in this story, by me. The wonderful Shahiri Mooney. And really, this story is all you'll ever need in life. Well, this and a few good bananas. So, keep reading, because. . . how can you resist Marco?!

Marcus Reginald Johannson III (yes, that's his real name. I found it at the Official-Official Site For Everything Important, at was walking down the street one day, thinking about video games. Why was he thinking about video games? Because, let's face it folks, that's what cool people like Marco do. And while he was thinking about video games, he happened to pass a group of girls who were about his age, standing in a circle. Being the egotistical flirt that he is, he drew his fingers through his messy brown hair and grinnned slyly, trying to be noticed as he continued his nice afternoon stroll.

Girl #1: Why are we HERE?!

Girl #2: Because HE'S coming here!!!

Girl #3: But we don't even LIKE Animorphs!

Girl #1: Yeah, I mean. . . my little brother reads Animorphs, for crying out loud.

Girl #2: So?! Andrew has good tastes, that's all!

Now, at this point, Marco was very, very confused. These girls knew about the Animorphs?! And what were they talking about, reading?! Perhaps Animorphs was a book series or something, a name that was already being used that he didn't know about. A disgusted look spread across his face at the thought of not being as original as he believed he was 5 minutes ago, and he brushed it aside. He shrugged, and continued walking.


That's it, that's where my inspiration gives out! Pretty pathetic, I know. . . so submit your chapter!!! We want to hear from you!