The eyes of a unwanted girl

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Chapter 1: The lie and the getaway

She stood there at the window, holding the little girl in her arms as the two year old sleeped in the crib. She gently held the girl up as she gazed into the deep ebony-auburn eyes of her youngest child, who's hair was black except for the wild and random red streaks that ran through it.

" I wouldn't believe that one night of faltering and then I had you. I don't regret you little angel, but you must never know about him. It's a miracle James believed me when I told him I was pregnant again. But he loves you the same little one." Said the woman as she stared into the night sky. "But, I'm afraid that he will find out one day. Then what? Can you tell me that, my little Anne? It seems you could. It's like your eyes hold the knowledge of the gods."

With that, Lilly Potter placed her young daughter besides her son. Harry instantly wrapped his hand around Anne's. Lilly watched her children sleep and then went out of the room, closing the door behind her. Unknown to her, James Potter had heard, heard every damning word that came out of his wife's lips. Anger rose in him.

'SHE CHEATED ON ME? HOW DARE SHE!' He thought angrily as he made his way into the den where Lilly sat, reading the Daily Prophet. James was never known at Hogwarts to have a temper towards anyone except Severus Snape, but once Lilly had married James, she knew that she could not let him get to angry or else she would suffer. Now it seemed, she had been unable to prevent the rage that was thrown at her.

" HOW COULD YOU? HOW DARE YOU HAVE AN AFFAIR, BARE A CHILD AND PASS HER OFF AS MINE!" James screamed, pulling Lilly up out of the chair by her hair and threw her across the room. She stared up at him, fear wafting of her as she knew that he could kill her if he wanted to.

"Why Lilly!" He screamed, storming over to her, pulling her up roughly but her arm, gripping so hard that bruises were already forming.

" Because of this, James! When it happened, I couldn't be near you! You were angry all the time and I was scared. I didn't mean for it to produce little Anne, I didn't intend for it to happen at all, but it did. If anyone is to blame, it would be you James!" Lilly yelled back into his face.

James's face became twisted with rage as he dropped her to the floor.

"Who? Who's the son of a bitch that fathered that…that thing up there, sleeping next to my son?" James asked, ice lacing his voice.

What he said struck Lilly hard. 'Thing? He called her a thing. Like she was a toy.'

"I don't care. I want her gone, away from my son. She won't taint him." James turned to walk up the stairs, but Lilly jumped up.

"No! Let me please, if I must send her away, then let me say goodbye to her. Let me take her away." She begged James.

"Fine, but I want her gone in the hour."

With this words ringing in her ear, Lilly Potter raced up the stairs to her children's room and began to prepare Little Anne for the change.

" James wishes to rid Harry of you little one, but will never happen." Lilly moved swiftly, cutting off a small lock of hair of Anne's head and placed it in a leather pouch and strung it around Harry's hand and he curled his hand up. With the hair, a little piece of paper that simply said in hurried writing 'Anne Potter'. Lilly gathered Anne in her arms and fled from the house, appearing before a huge house in the middle of a forest. She had a note prepared and hurried to the landing leading to Lady Rache's home.

"Be not afraid, my little angel. You will be safe here from James wrath and maybe I will be able to draw his attention away from you long enough for me to leave. I will always tell Harry of you. No matter what his father says."

With that said, Lilly placed a similar looking pouch around Anne's hand. In it, two locks of hair, one Harry's and the other an unknown source, but bared a strange resemblance to Anne's black hair.

" I am sorry little owl, but I must leave you here. Here, you will find a home. I will be unable to see you, but never fear, for always love you." Lilly bent and kissed Anne's forehead.

Anne opened her eyes and giggles at her mother. Lilly looked deep into her daughter's captivating eyes. She leaned closer.

" I do not know if you can understand at all what I am saying my owl, but with those deep eyes, you must understand something. Remember this name, Severus Snape."

She fled into the night and soon the doors of the house opened and Anne was collected and taken to Lady Rache, who read the letter and began to give orders for the babe to be made comfortable as Lady Rache held the little girl in her arms.

" What could James be thinking? Sending you off? Such a lovely child. No wonder Lilly defended you so much." She said in a voice that sounded like an angel's and fangs pierced out of the lips that smiled down at the now sleeping child.

Unknown to anyone at that time, this night would be James and Lilly's last night on earth. The date was October 31, it would forever be named the night Lord Voldemort was defeated by The-Boy-Who-Lived, also known as Harry Potter. Lilly Potter dies before she could even contact Severus Snape to inform that the little girl was his.

Anne Potter would grow up in a very way, as did young Harry, but only Anne would remember her mother's voice, whispering in her ear that fateful night 'Remember this name, Severus Snape.' And so she did remember, every day she heard the voice.

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