The next morning, Itachi woke up in his own bed. He took a shower, brushed his teeth, combed his hair and tied it up before dressing in his regular black clothes. He did like to be clean, I knew that. He threw a few things together and sealed it in a scroll which he slid into one of the convenient pockets of his chuunin vest. He added a few senbon here and there, a few more kunai and a couple of shurikens before he left the Uchiha compound, right before the sun rose above the horizon and before the rooster woke the silent village.

I whispered a soft goodbye into the cold, morning air. It felt colder than it probably was.

"Be safe Itachi." I slid my mask down to cover my face before I faded into the shadows.




I left not too long after Itachi did although my 'escape' would be far more unnoticed that Itachi's. I imagined little Sasuke wondering where Itachi had gone but little Sasuke was not of priority to me now. All that I could worry about was whether Itachi would be safe or would Death claim him as quickly as possible. Akatsuki was a curse in both my lives.

Kit, calm down. The weasel will be fine.

I tried calming down. Kyuubi seemed to have more trust in Itachi than I did and that wasn't a very good feeling. I had seen my friends off for deadly missions but this feeling wasn't the same. I did my best to believe in Itachi because trying wasn't going to do any good anyway.

Where do we go now Kyuubi?

Head towards the remnants of the Uzu no Kuni. We will find the beginning there.

And so I did as Kyuubi asked. I still wore my transformed appearance because it was too dangerous to wander around as a child who could be recognised. These five years were going to be rather long.

Author's Note: End of the first arc. We'll see a time leap of five years. I'm currently writing the next chapter because I got too lazy to fix the previous chapters but I will (eventually) especially for the names of Yondaime Hokage and a few other things that are considered 'new' and important since I last wrote this fic. Thank you.

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