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-Chapter 1-


Hyuuga Hinata was a princess. Her life was pretty cliche, She was born royal, and by her eighteenth birthday, she had to marry a prince so that one day, she could rule the Hyuuga's kingdom of Konoha. The whole royalty bit wasn't exactly her slice of cake, and there wasn't much to do around the castle. She spent her days at the estate's corral, pining to the horses about her love for a certain shinobi, Uzumaki Naruto. Hinata's father had hired him as a stable hand.Naruto was certainly not a prince. More or less, he was Konoha's villiage idiot. He had no parents, and all Hinata knew about the boy was that he carried the fox demon, the Kyuubi, inside of him. It scared her at first, but when she saw how kind he was to the horses, and how much her father liked him, she too saw the beauty inside of this unstable young boy.

One day soon before her eighteenth birthday, Hinata approached her father with the idea of marrying Naruto. Her father promptly shut it down, "According to the law, you must marry a prince. Uzumaki is anything but a prince."

"But, father," Hinata quietly spoke up, "I love him, and you want me to be happy, right?"

Hinata's father smirked, "If you can prove to me that he is worth my time, than do so."

Hinata gave a deep bow and shuffled out of the room.

Naruto was standing right around the corner. He knew he shouldn't have eavesdropped, but the moment he heard Hinata's beautiful voice, he stopped, and stooped over to listen. After the two Hyuuga's conversation, Naruto slouched against the wall and sighed, "She wants to marry me, but I'm nothing like a prince."

He saw Hinata walking down the hall toward him. Naruto raced to meet her, where he stood with her, holding her hands. "Hinata-san, you want to marry me?"

Hinata instantly blushed, and began stuttering, "I-I-I would l-like to, Nar-naruto-kun..."

Naruto hugged her, but suddenly began pulling her along, as he started into a run toward the castle doors.

"Naruto! Where are we going?" Hinata asked as soon as they burst out of the large wooden doors.

The blond boy replied by smliling back and laughing, continuing down the hill with her. Hinata was a little worried, but she knew that Naruto would never do her any harm. She had trouble keeping up with him, having to wear clumsy shoes that her father insisted upon being part of her everyday wardrobe. 'You're a princess, Hinata-chan, you must wear princess clothes,' she remembered him once saying to her.

Finally, they got to the bottom of a hill, near the edge of a small forest that was near the castle. Naruto crouched down, and pulled Hinata down with him. He peered through the bushes and looked around. "Naru-" Hinata spoke, but was hushed by Naruto.

"Be quiet. We don't want to startle them." Naruto whispered, still holding the princess's small hand.

Naruto then stood, and pulled Hinata up with him. He calmly walked around the bush, never letting go of her hand. They continued walking until they arrived at a small clearing, where it looked as though a campfire had been started and put out many times. A small tent was put up about 6 feet from the fire, pots sat outside on a towel, and there was a string of different clothes hanging between two trees to dry. 'This must be where Naruto-kun lives,' Hinata thought.

"Naruto, is-" Hinata started, though again, she was cut off by Naruto.

"Sasuke-kun! Where are you!" he called, pausing to listen for the faintest sound of footsteps.

A swishing in the trees could be heard, and Naruto smiled. A dark haired male, with a slender physique dropped down directly in front of the pair, which made Hinata jump back and scream a bit. He gave her a confused look, and smirking, asked, "So Naruto, this is Princess Hyuuga?"

Naruto nodded, "Mm-hmm. And get this, Sasuke, she wants to marry me, but she can't because-"

The boy called Sasuke finished his sentence, "because you're not a prince."

"Right." Naruto replied.

Sasuke put his hands in his pockets, and began circling her, checking her up and down. Hinata felt like a piece of meat. 'I hope Naruto knows what he's doing,' she shuddered.

"Hm?" Sasuke noticed her hesitancy toward him. He put an arm around her shoulder, and leaned in, "You're not scared of the great shinobi, Uchiha Sasuke, are you?"

Sasuke's breath was hot on her cheek. Hinata shook her head, and after a moment of Sasuke staring coldly at her, he released the princess from his hold, and said, "Yup, she'll be fine."

Naruto was still holding Hinata's hand. It seemed at this point like they were physically stuck together, connected at the palm. Hinata clutched to Naruto, and asked in a whisper, "What's going on?"

Naruto smiled at her, "You're gonna come with us!"

Her eyes widened, and she looked at Sasuke, frightened. "No, leave me to go back!"

Sasuke shook his head and sighed, "Hinata, we need your help."

She squeaked.

"Well, we're going to overthrow the king. It's time we got a Hokage back in charge. Konoha doesn't need a monarchy," Sasuke sat on a nearby rock, and laced his fingers together, "There is a coup of the greatest rebel shinobi already staged to come destroy the place in less than two hours. Naruto informed me that you were someone who we didn't want dead. You are innocent, and still have the potential for great fighting power, if you want to use it. So, in a sense, we're saving you from a gruesome death at the hand's of," at this point, Sasuke gave a light chuckle, "your love."

Hinata looked up at Naruto, who was trying to be comforting, but instead just seemed scary. She ripped her hand away from his, feeling the wind across her sweaty palm as she pulled back. Tears clung to the edge of her eyes, but when she tried to run, she was unable to move. She looked down, and a great shadow was over her. A male's voice spoke, "Let's not go running off to tell daddy, Miss Princess."

Hinata was shaking. The source of the voice walked toward her, his hands locked into a jutsu. The male had dark hair pulled back into a spikey ponytail. He knelt down beside her, and lifted her chin. He pushed her hair off of her forehead, revealing a large 'X' and two lines on underneath, the Hyuuga clan's cursed mark. He brought his lips to that spot, and kissed it. "Little Hinata, don't be afraid. Believe me, it can be quite fun at times."

Naruto laughed, giving her a thumbs up, "Believe it!"

Sasuke promptly hit Naruto across the back of the head with a pan, "Shut up, dobe..."

Naruto fell to the ground in the fetal position, rubbing his head, and sobbing.

The male with the ponytail went back to his conversation with the Hyuuga princess, "My name is Nara Shikamaru," he said calmly, "Come with us or you will surely die."

This scared the crap out of Hinata, and she found herself stuck between a rock and a hard place, metaphorically speaking. Time seemed to slow down, and she could hear the maid calling for her from near the castle. Shikamaru looked up, then back down at Hinata. He grunted, and grabbed Hinata with one arm. He stood up with her. "There's no more time, we're leaving with her, now."

Sasuke started collecting everything, shoving it into saddle bags for horses. Naruto ran off toward the stables, where he would get four of the Hyuuga's best horses. Shikamaru grabbed Hinata by the shoulders and looked into her face, "If you scream, you'll die."

Hinata nodded her head, and Naruto returned shortly with the horses. They all wrapped cloaks around themselves.Shikamaru helped Hinata up onto hers before getting onto his, Sasuke and Naruto also getting on. Each of the horses carried bags stuffed with supplies. Hinata's horse was tied to Shikamaru's. Sasuke led the group through the woods, staying off of the trail, in case the king sent someone after them before the troops came in to abolish the castle. The horses were moving at a slow gallop, through the woods that Hinata had never been to before.

They rode for several long hours, at times galloping at uncomfortable speeds, when the princess thought she'd surely fall off, though never did. Hinata was crying almost all of the trip, too. She thought too much. About what would happen to her, her family, Konoha. She even questioned her love for Naruto. Her mind fought back and forth, did she hate him for forming a coup against the Hyuuga clan, or did her love intensify because he chose to save her life? Either way, things would never be the same between them.

It was getting dark now, and Hinata shivered at the cold wind. It was September, meaning that the nights were getting to be freezing sometimes. Finally, in another forest, far away from Hinata's warm castle (which by now could be just dust and rubble, for all she knew), Shikamaru decided to set up camp.

Sasuke helped Hinata down from her horse, and began unpacking. Hinata wandered over to Naruto, and stared at him for a minute. Naruto was busy unpacking his own things, but looked up at her when she appeared. "Hey, Hinata, how are you?" he asked.

Hinata's eyes welled up, and the tears began streaking down her chin. She collapsed onto Naruto, and cried onto his shirt. The blond young man was suprised, but rubbed Hinata's back and let her cry. "Hina-chan, come on, it's okay, dattebayo," he tried to comfort her.

The princess curled up against Naruto and tried to ease her sobbing. Naruto gave Sasuke a "help me" sort of look, but both him and Shikamaru were trying to stifle their laughter.

Naruto sighed, and pulled Hinata off of him. "You will be just fine. You have to believe in yourself, and work with what you have! Do you think I'd be here today if I just took crap from everyone, 'ttebayo?"

Hinata wiped a few last tears from her eyes and forced a smile. 'Naruto-kun is trying to help, really, he is...' she told herself.

The Kyuubi holder stroked Hinata's cheek, and shifted so that he could continue un-packing. Everyone sat in silence whilst they finished putting up two tents, and other things. Shikamaru brought up the point that Hinata would have to sleep in his tent, since Naruto slept like a log, and couldn't keep watch on her. The boys agreed, although Hinata was anything but pleased.

Naruto was sent off to find wood for the fire, so the remaining three found four boulders to use as sitting rocks, and put them around the suggested spot for the campfire. Naruto returned ten minutes later, his arms full of sticks and logs. Sasuke started the fire with his special fireball jutsu, and the team sat around the fire, casually roasting marshmallows. Well, all of them except Hinata.

Hinata sat on the two-person sleeping bag in the tent she was to share with Shikamaru. She pulled her knees up to her chest, and looked out at the rebel group, sitting around, joking, while her family were surely dead. Outside, the 'party' was dying down, and Shikamaru poured water on the fire. She heard Sasuke and Naruto getting into their tents, and zipping it up.

Shikamaru crawled into the tent to see Hinata getting into the sleeping bag. He removed his shoes and shirt, and got in also. The hard ground she had to lay on just reminded Hinata of her bed, now turned to ash, which reminded her of her family, which got her bawling all over again. Shikamaru turned to face the princess. "Please don't cry, Hinata," he said, petting her hair.

Hinata flinched at his touch. Shikamaru pulled back. He sighed, and wrapped his arms around her, "I'll hold you," he offered, pulling her close.

The girl was hesitant. "I won't molest you, promise," Shikamaru reassured her.

Hinata needed someone to hold her, anyways. So she complied, burying her face in Shikamaru's chest. She cried softly, and the rebel leader stroked her hair again. He could feel her crying herself to sleep, her sobs were softening, and so he relaxed his muscles. Hinata let sleep overtake her, but Shikamaru couldn't relax enough to let himself for about another hour. Instead, he wondered if he'd done the right thing for Konoha, that'd been his intention the whole time. Do good. But look where it landed him. Holding a now orphaned princess, on the run from Anbu. He was screwed.

His worries faded out, and eventually, Shikamaru let himself sleep. He needed rest for tomorrow, when they would continue on their journey to the Hidden Sand Village, to seek help from a man named Gaara.

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