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Last Time...

"Don't worry, when this is all over, I'm leaving. You'll never see me, and Naruto will be safe. I'm starting over after this." Sasuke picked at a thread in the sleeping bag, and stared at the ground.

Hinata reached up to touch Sasuke, and stroked his cheek, "Sasuke.."

Sasuke pulled away, "I'm going to sleep now," he said, crawling under the cover, facing away from where Hinata would sleep.

Hinata got in the sleeping bag as well, and faced away from Sasuke. She didn't let herself cry, remembering her promise to grow up.

-Chapter Four-


It was five a.m., the sun was barely peeking out over the forest. Sasuke was fully dressed, standing outside of the tent, waiting for Hinata to finish getting ready. She awkwardly clambered out of the tent, and looked at Sasuke, waiting for an instruction. He said nothing, and instead headed into the forest.

They wandered for about ten minutes, when finally the Uchiha stopped at a clearing. "Let's fight."

Hinata was hesitant, "Fight?"

Sasuke replied by turning quickly and landing a punch squarely against the side of her face. Hinata stumbled backward, rubbing her face. Sasuke came at her, one arm in front of him, the other formed into a solid fist at his side, ready to strike.

Hinata'd never used the Byakugan before. Well, she had, but not really knowing so. Neji had talked to her about it a few times, but she didn't really pay attention to what he said until now. She focused on Sasuke, dodging his blows, trying to adjust to this new Byakugan-vision. She could see his dark form, lined with little passages where his abundant chakra flowed. At last, Hinata found a chance to attack, and took it, slamming an open palm against his shoulder.

Sasuke flinched back, feeling his chakra arteries tighten. His shoulder tightened, and Sasuke could sense a bruise rising to his skin's surface. He accessed his sharingan, and stared into Hinata's eyes, trying to copy the Byakugan from her. Gotcha.

He jumped back, and she copied, both trying to regain their stamina. Hinata now appeared as the same dark form as Sasuke, with hundreds of little chakra lines appearing, looking like a spaghetti skeleton. He quickly adjusted to this fighting style, rendering a kick to Hinata's upper ribs.

She coughed, sending a trickle of blood from her mouth. Countering, she slammed the side of her hand into Sasuke's neck, making him fall. Sasuke rolled out of the way, and tripped Hinata up. She landed on her face, and he pinned her arms to her back. Both were panting and covered in sweat.

Hinata finally spoke, "You win."

Sasuke frowned. He thought this might be a better fight than just that! Hinata really needed some endurance trainng if she hoped to beat him ever.


"Shikamaru!" Naruto nudged the leader, who replied by groaning.

"Whaaat..." He turned over, meeting an angry blond's face.

"Sasuke and Hinata are gone!"

Shikamaru sighed, and grumbled, "Probably training..."

Naruto crawled back out of the tent, and walked over to a nearby tree, examining it. He climbed it, and planned on waiting for the pair to get back.

Shikamaru emerged from the tent sometime not long after. He stretched, and started boiling a pot of water.


Sasuke and Hinata were walking back to camp, rubbing their bruises gently.

"You did good," Sasuke stated, earning a shy smile from the girl, "for a beginner."

They arrived at the campsite to see an angry Naruto jump from a tree. He stormed toward Sasuke, fists balled. "Where were you! Why were you taking Hinata out in the middle of nowhere to do God knows what? Did you hurt her?"

Sasuke glared at him, and finally answered, "I was training with her, Naruto."

Naruto's face softened a bit, "You didn't hurt her did you?"

"Just a few kicks and punches, dobe."

Hinata blushed, rubbing her side. Naruto glanced over Sasuke's shoulder, noticing this. "Hinata-chan! Are you okay?"

He pushed Sasuke over, and hugged her, making Hinata jump a little.

Sasuke growled, and walked over to were Shikamaru was, taking a seat on a log next to him. "Baka usuratonkatchi..."

Shikamaru laughed, shaking his head.

"What's so funny, Nara?"

"It's so obvious," Shikamaru grinned, "that you like him."

Sasuke's face got red, and he punched him directly in the arm, "You shut up sicko!"

Shikamaru stopped laughing, and rubbed his now sore arm, "Sorry, but it's true isn't it?"

"Well, I..." Sasuke started, but paused, looking over at Naruto, still clinging onto Hinata, asking her 'where it hurt.' He looked back at Shikamaru, who was taking the boiling kettle off the heat, "I don't have a chance, so just don't bring it up."

Shikamaru poured Sasuke a cup of tea, and handed it to him, "Don't worry about it, man."

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