(A/N: (I wrote this two years ago, so don't flame me)Hao, Yoh, Manta, Horo Horo, Ren and Anna are going at the same high-school now, the Yoshinra high. Hao is very popular because he can play the piano and the guitar, and he won many competitions. Yoh and Anna are together, and the rest…Ren is head of Martial Arts Club and Trey participates at snowboard competitions. Oh and Manta, he's the best student in class.)

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Chapter 1: The audition

It was a beautiful Monday morning, 7 o'clock, the hour when classes begin.

The courtyard of the high-school was full of students.

"Manta, can I sit next to you?" asked Yoh yawning

"Aha, you didn't prepare for the test?" asked Anna

"Whoa…what? We have a test today?" asked Trey

"Yes, idiot! The teacher has been telling this to us every day the last week!" answered Ren. "But you were probably to busy daydreaming about girls!"

"Right! And what will be the questions, Hao?" asked Trey, looking in the book

"I didn't hear the teacher thinking about them" said the boy sarcastic

All students entered the building. A few girls started screaming when they saw Hao. Yoh and the rest entered the classroom 9A and waited. The teacher soon appeared with the subjects.

"It's level medium of difficulty, but I want you to be careful when you answer".

In the other class, 9B

"Students, you have a new classmate. Her name is Diana Johnson and she is a transfer student from the USA" said the teacher

Diana went to sit in a desk near the window. She felt good, and she was anxious to meet her new classmates, especially the girls. She often found it hard to integrate somewhere. This time, she was going to make friends, starting from the break.

So, when the bell rang, she went out on the corridor. She waited for her classmates to exit and started talking with them.

One of the girls offered to show her around.

"Come, Diana!" said Katie

"All right! Wait a second, why did we stop?"

"I want to see Hao Asakura!"


"He's…right, you don't know him…he's like the star of this high-school. He can play the guitar and the piano, he won some competitions and he's totally super-cool! Every girl here wants to be his girlfriend, I'm telling you, but he's not even looking at us."

"Interesting guy!" said Diana slightly amused

"You'll love him the moment you see him!" Katie assured Diana

'I doubt' thought Diana, and went to the window, while Hao was going out of the classroom. The girls started screaming, and Diana covered her ears.

'I'll never scream for a guy like that' she thought, while the boy passed by her side. She didn't see him.

Later, Katie went with her through the rest of the building. On the music classroom's door they saw an announcement.

"VERY IMPORTANT! We're looking for a girl with beautiful voice, age 14-16. The audition is held here, on Tuesday the 3rd of March, at 16.00, after classes. Anyone who's interested put your name on the list below."

"What is this?" asked Diana

"Oh, it's for the annual competition. They couldn't find a girl to replace Ayana" Katie answered

"What competition and who's Ayana?"

"It's a competition between all high-schools in Tokyo. Hao and Ayana won it the last year. They were together, you see. They broke up soon after it and then she moved to another high."

Katie sighed.

"If he was my boyfriend, I would have never let him go"

"Impressive, it's a long list, there are so many talents here…" said Diana

"Most of the girls here just want to see Hao playing the guitar" Katie answered.

Diana signed her name on the last position.

"What are you doing?" asked Katie

"I fit the description. I can sing and I'm almost sixteen" said the girl

"OK!" said Katie. "You'll have to prepare a song by tomorrow. Can you do it?"

"Sure! I'll practice tonight"

The school day passed. All students went home.

Diana closed her room's door and started singing.

"What are you doing, Diana? Don't you have homework for tomorrow?" asked Mr. Johnson

"Already done that, dad! I'm preparing for an audition for an annual contest!" answered the girl.

"Well then, try to be less noisy!" said her mother

Diana stopped her karaoke and sat on the bed.

"This is going to be sooo cool! If only I could be chosen for the competition…I know I have a beautiful voice, but there are other girls in the school who can also sing…I don't even know what chances I have…"

She deepened on her thoughts. Soon, she fell asleep with a lot of beautiful dreams in her mind.

The next day, she went to school with a happy expression on her face.

Katie was waiting for her at the gate.

"Are you ready to become a star?" laughed the girl

"Sure!" answered Diana

"So what melody did you choose?"

"A slow song, I don't know if you heard of it…"

"What's the name?" asked Katie

"It's Dido's song - White flag."

"Never heard of it" said Katie

"See, I told you!" said Diana as something caught their attention. Katie started screaming and a few girls fainted.

"What the…"

She didn't get to finish her sentence, when she saw the boy. She threw him an amused look.

'So this is the famous Hao? He doesn't look like a heartbreaker to me' she thought. She looked down at Alicia, another girl and started to shake her.

"Wake up, you're embarrassing yourself" said Diana

Hao passed by the crowd of girls without throwing them a look.

'What a jerk' thought Diana 'and they fait for him'

Hao stopped and looked around. He couldn't see to who thought belonged to because the crowd was too thick. The girls were pushing one another, trying to get an autograph.

So he went on.

At 16.00, in the music classroom

There were about fifty girls; everyone was talking about Hao. The boy appeared and started giving autographs. Then, half of the girls left.

'Much better' thought Diana. 'At least, I won't have to stay until the night comes'.

The first 10 girls weren't very good. The music teacher listened to each of them for 30 seconds and then told them to stop. The next ten didn't have much luck either. Hao and the teacher looked bored at each other.

'Only five more to go' Hao thought

'If only they were more talented at singing…' thought the teacher

Another three girls sang. They had nice voices, but the teacher told them they were not what he was looking for.

So, it was only Katie and Diana left.

"Good luck!" whispered Diana to her classmate

Katie didn't sing really well. The teacher listened to her desperately.

'I'll never find a replacement for Ayana' he thought

Katie left almost crying.

"Good luck!" said the girl

Hao looked at the last girl.

"I'm tired", said the boy. "I'm going to refresh a little bit"

"All right" said the teacher and turned towards Diana.

"Let's get this over with. Name?"

"Diana Johnson"



"I haven't seen you before. In what class are you?"

"9B. I just transferred at this high-school yesterday."

"OK, you may begin."

"Here's the CD"

"What melody is it?"

"It's a slow melody, Dido-White flag."

"I've never heard of it. Sing…"

The orchestra of the song was soon heard.

"I know you think that I shouldn't still love you, I'll tell you that

But if I didn't say it, well I'd still have felt it, where's the sense in that

I promise I'm not trying to make your life harder; I would turn to where we were

But I will go down with this ship…


'She's perfect' the teacher thought. 'What a voice! She chose a beautiful song, and she sings with so much passion…"

While washing his face, Hao heard the song. He stopped the water and listened.

'Ayana…' he thought

He ran out of the bathroom and stopped. He saw Diana singing, her eyes closed as the melody was going deeper into her heart. He felt tears in his eyes, because the love song spoke of his feelings for Ayana.

The teacher let her finish and applauded her.

"Brilliant! You have a very beautiful voice and that's exactly what we need, right Hao?" said the teacher. The boy nodded in response.

"And your interpretation was extraordinary! Tell me, have you ever sung professionally before?"

"No, I only sang in my school's choir."

"You know the reason we're holding this audition, right?"

"Because you need a female voice for an annual competition between high-schools?"

"Yes. It's a very important one that we won the last year. We have to work a lot because it's in two weeks from now."

They went silent.

"So what do I have to sing?" asked Diana

"Ah, this is the song" said the teacher and handed her a paper. "These are the words, and the song…you'll hear it now."

The teacher put a CD into the CD player. Diana listened carefully.

"It's difficult" said the girl

"She won't be able to learn it" said Hao

Diana threw him a cold look.

The teacher looked at them.

"You said you came yesterday, right? So you probably didn't meet. Hao Asakura - Diana Johnson."

They shook hands in a short and very tight handshake.

The teacher handed Diana the CD.

"Hao will accompany you with the piano. Learn the words and the day after tomorrow be here. You two need to practice" said the teacher and left.

"Wait, at what time should I be here?" asked the girl.

"I'll look for you and tell you tomorrow. I'm in 9A. In what class are you?" asked Hao

"9B" answered the girl

Diana wanted to leave; Hao held the door opened for her as she got out.

'How can he be a jerk and a gentleman all at the same time?' Diana thought

Hao closed the door after him and smiled.