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Chapter 6: Problems in Paradise

The next days passed as they came with the only difference that Diana's skills had improved. She was now fighting using her furioku, and she was training with all the shamans. She had made visible progress; she was very powerful.

Hao trained her himself. Although a fight against him was a very difficult way to train, Hao knew that she could heal any wounds that might come during a fight. She was taking her training seriously, preparing to face her sister and the demon that was controlling her. She couldn't help wondering…Hao told her the story of what had happened between him and Yoh during the Tournament.

She hoped that she wouldn't have to kill her sister. Also, she was wondering why her sister hadn't attacked yet. It looked like Azumi had to heal like a normal person.

Diana wanted to fight against her sister alone, but the others kept saying that her fight is theirs too; especially Hao who couldn't see Diana fighting without him at her side to protect her. She was starting to be bothered by his excessive protection; she couldn't even walk in the park without him.

She sort of liked his company in the beginning, but now she realized she needed to think about what she should do, but she knew she couldn't think when he was nearby.

Therefore, she came rarely at his place. Anna was satisfied of how things were going with the training. Hao, on the other hand, was furious when she didn't come at Anna's place. He was waiting for her every day and he was looking for her in the class every break. Diana thought he was too possessive. She was trying to keep their relationship secret and he wasn't doing anything to help. Even Katie realized that there was still something between them.

"Diana, what are you hiding from me?"

"Nothing, Katie"

She didn't want to tell her yet.

"Why is Hao always looking for you? Are you…together?"

"No, we're just good friends"

"Good friends? This is not a good excuse. It looks like he's obsessed of you"

She just wanted to be left alone sometimes, but he, although heard her thoughts, didn't get that and she was afraid to tell him directly. She was afraid of his reaction…she didn't want him to think she was cheating on him.

She was trying to run away from him during the break. Katie always had to tell him she was buying food from the nearby shop or she is at the bathroom or she's talking to a teacher.

Hao started suspecting her but he wouldn't talk directly to her either.

How was this possible? How could she forget what they had been through together? Didn't she love him anymore? Had their 'relationship' lasted only a couple of weeks?

He was trying to understand and he was always sad.

Diana was sad too but she didn't dare to tell him what she wanted.

So Hao had no choice but to ask Anna (when everyone was there)

"Anna, can I talk to you?"

"What do you want, Hao? Say it quickly, I don't want to miss my series" said the girl watching TV and without looking at him.

Yoh and Trey raised their heads; Hao had never asked Anna anything, he was usually talking to Yoh. Ren, Manta and Lyserg were still playing Monopoly.

"It's about Diana. She's been avoiding me for the last three days and she didn't even talk to me at school. Do you think she doesn't like me anymore, she lost her interest?"

"Problems in Paradise?" asked Trey

"Why don't you ask Ren the heartbreaker?" asked Yoh looking at the boy.

Ren blushed and smacked Yoh in the head.

"I'm NOT a heartbreaker!"

Yoh coughed "Alicia"

"Maybe she likes someone else…" said Lyserg

"I would have got bored of you after the first three days" said Trey

Yoh smacked Trey.

"Shut up if you can't say something that's worth listening to, can't you see he's suffering enough if he came to ask Anna?"

Anna finally talked.

"I HEARD THAT, YOH! Poor Andy, his girlfriend started avoiding him because he was following her everywhere, she couldn't even think without him at her side. Now, she broke up with him and she'll marry Mark."

Hao looked at her and thanked her. OK, Anna was referring at her series, but she had solved his problem.

That was it! Diana needed her freedom; she needed to think without to worry that he could understand. So he stopped looking for her at school, although he suffered from not seeing her.

Now, it was her turn to worry; she thought that he had lost interest in her and when she was seeing him on the corridor with the girls who usually fainted for him, she was jealous.

"Katie, I want to talk to you about something, but I want you to keep this for yourself, it's a secret."

Katie widened her eyes.

"You know you can tell me anything"

Diana swallowed hard.

"You were right, we are…together. We were happy, but he was following me everywhere and he was…you know….to protective, as if I was going to be attacked by that maniac anytime. I needed space and I started avoiding him. Now I think it was a mistake. He's avoiding me too and I think I'm not his girlfriend anymore."

"That's hard. I don't know what to say"

"I saw him on the corridor with his fan club and I became jealous. He saw me too but he didn't come to say hello."

"I think you're right. He got bored of you."

Diana's eyes filled with tears.

"What did you expect, he's a star, and he could have any girl here! If he started seeing other girls already, than he's a jerk who played with you until he got something better."

"He is so gentle and caring; I don't want to lose him!"

"Diana, relax. There are other boys on this planet. You only have to look. See? That's Andrew from 9C. He's handsome, isn't he?"

"Katie, thanks, but I have to talk to him, see if he wants us to break up."

The next day she went to the Asakura house to train. Hao was there too, but he went out of the house the moment he saw her coming.

'Why is he avoiding me all of a sudden? Doesn't he want to see me anymore?' she wondered as she entered.

Anna made her fight against Lyserg first. The last week, she managed to defeat him. But now, his pendulum circled her in a few seconds taking all her furioku. Lyserg smiled. It was Trey's turn. He attacked her with the Avalanche and she barely avoided it. She lost miserably to Yoh and Ren too. She had lost to all of them.

She collapsed to the ground and sat there without looking at them. They were silent too.

She said goodbye, thanked them for the fights and ran away, barely fighting with her tears.

'I'm stupid, stupid, stupid, and that's affecting my fighting too. They're upset with me too; they probably think I betrayed him. I owe them my life and my happiness and instead of thanking God for what I have, I hurt everyone's feelings'

She was running without looking, when suddenly she bumped into someone.


As she looked at the face of the one she loved, she burst into tears and threw herself into his arms.

"Diana, please, don't cry…it's OK…what happened?" he asked caressing her head

"I was so stupid…I didn't deserve your love…but I need you…please…"

He stayed shocked. What was she thinking about?

"Please…tell me…tell me that you don't want us to break up…because this is too much for me"

'Oh my God! She thought I wanted us to break up?' he asked himself while hugging her

"Diana, no, I never stopped loving you."

At his words, her tears disappeared

"Then why did you stop looking for me?" she asked looking at him

"I thought that you didn't want me around you anymore"

"I thought you were a little too protective with me and…I was suffocated because I couldn't think when you were next to me…what was I thinking? I'm so stupid…I'm so stupid…"

"No, you're not!" he answered. "I was the stupid one. I thought you were getting bored of me…until Anna told me you needed space…so I wanted you to have all the freedom you needed…to make you happy…now I see I exaggerated a little bit"

"I should have told you from the beginning, but I was afraid of your reaction. I'm sorry" she said and looked at the ground.

Hao took her head into his hands and hissed her lips deeply. She held him and kissed him back. She was breathless, hungry of his love. She never wanted to let him go.

'God, I missed her' he thought

'God, I missed him' she thought.

Hao went home with a big smile on his face, a smile that no one could erase.

"Hey, lover boy!" said Trey smiling evilly

Hao looked at him.

"Your girlfriend's skills are worse every day. We defeated her in ten seconds maximum each" he continued.

"Shut up Trey, I'm telling you…" Hao warned him

"She was feeling guilty" said Lyserg, laughing

"She lost miserably…" Ren continued.

"…to us!" Yoh ended

Hao looked at each of them, and then smacked them all in their heads.

"Ah, they reconciliated" said Trey rubbing his head.

"You made her CRY, you idiots!" said Hao angry and entered the house.

"She…was…crying?!" the four boys wondered then followed Hao inside.

"What happened? Did you meet her on your way?" Yoh asked

"You don't deserve to know, bro" Hao said

"She fought miserably because she had doubts about Hao" Anna answered without looking at them. "So don't be so proud of yourselves, you caught her on a bad day"

In the park, Diana was walking. She was happy now. Very happy…

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