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"What?" Viola asked as she tripped and fell down about three steps onto her back.
"I'm Okay" Viola said as she got up showing the blood stained t-shirt Timeathy had seen earlier.
"Viola do you still have some cuts?" Timeathy asked as she turned round and checked.
"Um afew Kay said I needed alot of healing so she might not of got all of them" Viola said as she turned round at Kay and smiled then she turned back to Timeathy.
"Then we need to put that spray thing on the cuts that are still there" He said as he walked over and grabbed her wrist pulling her into the kitchen.
She grabbed onto the doorway and made it impossible for Timeathy to get her away from it."Never,it burns" Viola yelled as he pulled her away from the door,only showing how bad the shirt was stained before Kay helped."You need it" He said as he tied her wrists against the door using the Fenton fisher.
"What are you,my mother?" Viola asked as she seen him reach up into the first aid box pulling out the spray.

"No I'm your time keeper" He said as he pulled the shirt up showing Viola's Badly cut back.
"Um... don't hate me just stay still" He said as he sprayed the spray causing Viola to scream really loud.
Kay watched Viola and Timeathy run off, then turned back to Danny and Sam, "So, how'd things go?".

"Good,how did Viola recover so fast?" Danny asked trying his best to ignore his sister's screams.
meanwhile in the kitchen...

"Timeathy stop please" Viola begged through the pain and crying.
"No you need it" Timeathy protested as he sprayed more on her back.Viola looked down while bitting her lip,people were in the other room hearing her scream in pain,"how emberresing" she thought as she looked and seen Timeathy's knee.She kicked it as hard as she could,while Timeathy held his knee Viola busted out of the fisher and attemped to run for it but the spray and screaming wore her out."Kay helped me and I didn't fell any pain,now I'm sore again,you dork" Viola thought as she fell to the ground and descided it would be best to go unconscious,to stop the stinging.

"Oh, just a little trick of mine," Kay answered Danny, "But it sounds like Time is making things worse." she sighed and looked towards the kitchen.
"No stay awake" Viola said as she got to her feet.She turned round and looked at Timeathy then started to run for it,even if the pain was once again unbareable she still ran through the living room and up the stairs.She was screaming louder every step she ran,Timeathy felt sorry for putting her into the pain again."It can't be that bad" He thought as he sliced abit of his arm and sprayed abit onto it,he dropped the bottle and screamed in pain."It is,it is, Viola" He muttered as he stopped screaming.He ran into the living room,"were did Viola go?" He asked as he looked at his arm,it was really red."She went upstairs,what the hell did you do to her,she was crying,Viola never cries?" Danny asked looking up at him.
"I really hurt her" Timeathy said as he walked back into the kitchen.
"Poor Time" Sam thought.
"I'll go find her," Kay said as she started her way upstairs.
"Viola?" Kay went into her room, "Via? It's me Kay. you alright?"
Viola had been sitting on her bed crying for alittle,her back hurt so much the toture from earlier wasn't as sore.
Viola turned round and looked at Kay.
"No,I begged him to stop and he wouldn't.I never cry and look what he has made me do,cry.I don't want to look at him right now he is probly laughing at me".Viola said as she turned back round,not looking at Kay.

"No," Kay sat next to Viola, "He feels bad. He even did it to himself. come on you have to forgive the guy. you know you like him." Kay grinned.

"Think about it, your getting advise from a girl that at least a year younger than you and still in middle school," Kay laughed, "You don't want to lose time to someone else, do ya?"
Viola couldn't help but laugh."He is a ghost who's goina wanna go out with him.I just can't help it I hold hate towards people who hurt me at least thats what Mom says so I don't know.All I do know that my back hurts and it is his fault.I told you I bet he is down there laughing at me for crying or screaming like a sissy" Viola said going back into her crying state.

"Viola. He is not!" Kay made her look at her, "And if you asked I could heal you all over again. But only if you forgive Timeathy."

"No its okay I think I cried the pain away,as for him I am not looking at him until he appolagises or I put him through what I had to suffer because of him!" Viola protested as her eyes turned red and she stromed out of the room into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.She sat on the rim of the bath and changed both her shirts.She then took tissues and started to cry there.Unkown to Viola Timeathy was out the window looking at her cry,it tore him apart because of the pain he caused her.
Kay reluctantly got up and walked down stairs. Her expression was downcast and she stared at the floor, "She's pretty mad." she said as she met up with the others.
"Timeathy seemed upset we havent seemed him around,did you find out why she was crying? I almost forgot Tuckers parents dicided to adopt Amanda" Danny said as he looked at Kay."Viola must of got really upset" He thought to himself.

"He sprayed some kind of stuff on her back to make her better, but it only made things worse," Kay answered, "Wait...the Foley's adopted Amz?"
"Yeah while you were up there unconscious Tucker came in here cheering.Wait what spray stuff,most of the stuff in the first aid box hurts ghosts" Danny said as he walked into the kitchen.He looked around to see green goo and a bottle lying on the floor.He picked it up and looked at it then he remembered His parents hid some of the goo from the ecto-plam incase Viola didn't give them the weapon."Kay were is Viola?" Danny asked as he walked back into the living room with a scared,worried look on his face. "In the bathroom...Why," Kay answered, concerned.
"There was ecto-plam stuff in the bottle Timeathy was using to try and help Viola" Danny said then he ran up the stairs. "There was what?" Kay yelled. She followed Danny upstairs to help Viola.
Danny stopped and turned round to Kay."The stuff that is in the ecto-plam,my Mom and Dad made a bet with Viola that they could make a better liquid thing that would praticly rekill the ghost if used with the gun,so I guess Viola owns them a weapon she has been using for blackmail" Danny said as he turned back to the bathroom.Danny ran to it and opened it.Viola wasn't there,just they really bad blood stained shirt and a puddle of blood in the bath."Great,just Great" Danny thought sarcasticly.

"Oh via!" Kay's wings expanded from her back and she flew out of the house in look for Viola, "Hey, Dan! Ya comin'?"
"Yeah" Danny said as he turned ghost and followed Kay."She can't go far if she goes ghost she could hurt herself baddly,then again she doesn't know it was ecto-plam" Danny said trying to think hard to were Viola would go when she got upset.He remembered she usually went to the park,but it was going to be hard because it was dark outside.

"You lead the way. your her brother."
"I...a sorta even though I am her twin and all,don't know her that well,only Timeathy does" Danny said as he pointed towards the park."I am sorta just guessing she would be here".

Kay looked at him weird for a second, then shook her head and followed. She always thought twins knew that kind of stuff.

"I know twins are ment to know this stuff,but Viola is different she is extreamly hard to figure out,the only person who ever did was Timeathy" Danny said as the park came into view.

"Its okay Viola" She turned round to see Time looking at her,he looked like he had been crying.
She turned back round and stared at the grass under the tree.
"I'm sorry,I should of listened to you" He said as he sat down on the bench and made her look him in the eyes.

"I love you,always remember that" He said as he looked her in the eyes.She smiled and went unconscious in his arms.

He lefted her and flew over to a park bench,once she was leaning against him he kissed her on the cheek. Kay stopped. She could see the park from where she was, "There!" she pointed down at the two people on a park bench.
"See what did I tell you,Time's there He always is" Danny said as he and Kay got to the bench.

"Took you long" Timeathy said still holding Viola.Danny just made a face at him until he seen Timeathy's arm.

"What happened to your arm?" Danny asked as he looked at the ghost

."I wanted to see why Viola was screaming so much,never use that"
Kay shook her head, "You take so many risks."
"We should be getting back to Fenton works" Time said trying his best not to hear a licture.

"She needs rest,you can tell me all about that later" He continued as he picked Viola up carfuly and flew into the sky.

"You two coming?" He asked while looking at Viola.

"Yeah" Danny said as he followed him. Kay glanced at the park, "I think i'll stay here for a bit. That okay?"
"Sure" both the boy's said as they flew off leaving Kay alone.

"I will go put her in her room" Timeathy said as he ran up the stairs.

He got to her and Danny's room and put her on her bed and pulled a chair over.

"Everythings okay Viola" He said while stroking her hair and smiling at her.

Kay folded her wings up and put her hands behind her back. She slowly walked down the cobblestone path in the park and stared at the sunset. "I wish i had someone, just someone to share this with," she thought.

The colors, the light it was all so beautiful and romantic, yet she was alone. no one liked her, no one appreciated her. She was a traveler because of that, never staying in one place for too long. No one loved her...she was alone in this world.

Meanwhile in the Foley household
"Man what a day,I have got a new sister,I got to play matchmaker with my crush..I mean Kay and Viola has went through torture" Tucker thought as he collapesed on his bed.

Back at Fenton Works

Viola was asleep in her bed,Time stroking her hair."She is fine Time" Time thought to himself as he decided to go down the stairs and see what Danny was doing.
Danny was sitting on the sofa,watching Pirates of the caribbean curse of the black pearl.Thinking about Sam,he wasn't afraid to tell her that he loved her.

He was wondering how she was,if she was enjoying going out with him.He was also wondering if what Viola told him about the two rings going opposite directions on Raven lord.

"Dude?" Time said as he walked down the stairs."Um what up Time" Danny said as he looked at Time,then back at the TV.

"Dude don't say that,its not you seriously" Time said as he walked over and sat on a chair to watch TV aswell.

Kay sat on a bench and brought her knees up to her chest. She sat there for a while before falling asleep.

hours later

Danny and Viola were asleep,Time didn't need to sleep as much so he dicided to go find Kay and mabye decuse Viola with him.He always knew she could heal wounds,but Time thought she could also heal emotion.He got to the park and looked around,he did this until he found Kay on a park bench beside the pond."Best nota been fallin asleep ther Kay" He said as he walked up to her with his make-funna-english-laguage tone in his vioce.

Kay's eyes snapped open when she heard Time speak, "Oh, hey time. I must have fallen asleep." she sat up and remembered what she fell asleep thinking about." "What'd ya need?" she asked him. Her tone of voice was sad and didn't have even a hint of cheerfulness in it.
"Viola,whats the matter with you wait scratch that I know already duh" He said as he sat down beside Kay.

"Blind as Danny I see,you do know Tucker likes you,alot .You don't have to fell left out,trust me they all like you" He said trying to cheer her up.

"Via is always taking risks lately,for everybody and I can't stand her getting hurt or annoyed.
"She is like the only person who an see past the whole ghost thing".

Kay laughed, "Don't worry, Time. You love each other. You can help her through all her hard times and she'll help you through yours. You'll make a great couple."
She smiled at him, but then looked at her feet again. She lightly kicked a pebble, as she stayed in her own thoughts.
"Thanks for the help Kay,but we should really get back to the house now,Jack and Maddie called saying they had to go to dimsdale for afew days and Jazz is at camp,Viola cheaps coughing up more blood and I am getting worried so can we go?"

"Yeah, sure." Kay stood up, causing her wings to come out once again. She flew into the air and flew in front of Timeathy, so he wouldn't hear the sigh that escaped her lips.

"Tucker would never love someone like me. It just isn't possible." she thought.

"Serious she doesn't get the whole time-keepers-son thing yet,They would make a perfect match if they put work into it seriously,I have to get back to my Via now,I can worry about this later" He thought as Fenton works came into view.

Two minutes later.
"I'll be back in a minute" Timeathy said as he ran up the stairs and returned a minute later with Viola.
"Hi" Viola said as Timeathy sat her down on the sofa.
Time looked at her she noticed and smiled back.
"Soo Kay and Tucker has a nice ring to it" Viola said while smiling at Kay.

"Yeah I guess so," Kay flipped through the channels on the TV, not exactly finding somethign interesting to watch.
"You need to hook it up Time" Viola said as she pointed at the box

."Remember red and black then spark" She said as Time did so they got better channels on the TV."Your not the only one that can do tricks" Viola said to Kay before she went into the kitchen.After coughing up blood in the sink Viola grabbed coke and popcorn from the basement and went into the living room."You really should be resting that was updated ecto-plam liquid" Timeathy said as she sat down beside them.

"I..I sorta guessed that" Viola said as she pasted the popcorn to Kay.

"I am fine seriously" Viola protested as Timeathy looked at her."No lieing okay" Timeathy said as he looked at the under shirt."Fine" she said as she turned on Big Brother.
"You know who is goina win so why watch it" He said as she glared at him.

Kay shoved some popcorn in her mouth, not really paying attention to the TV, but listening to the lovebirds talk. A half cocked smile formed at the edge of her lips. They were so protective of each other.

"You know once I get better you will pay for that,now were that bottle go" Viola said smiling at him.

"I sprayed that on myself" He said showing her his arm.

"You idoit" Viola said as she tore a bit of her shirt and wrapped it round the cut."Your too overprotactive" She said as he looked for any signs of bleeding on her back though she was smarter and knew not to move the shirt.

"Darn I forgot my dad wants me to help him with something" Timeathy said as he ran towards the kitchen.

"You goina be okay?" Viola asked him as he walked back over."I mean the ghost zone and all" Viola said as she had a drink."Yeah sure no prob" He said as she hugged her then he whispered in Kay's ear "Watch her,she is so stubborn,just be sure she doesn't hurt herself" then he walked down to the basement leaving Kay and Viola.

"Well... I'm bored. What'd ya wanna do?" Kay said after Timeathy left.

Viola just stared into space for two mintues,then she thought of an idea."Bet you can't beat me on Danny's video games" Viola said as she looked back at Kay.
"Bet'cha I can," Kay said, smiling.
"Bet'cha you cant" Viola said as she got up and plugged the play station 2 in and handed a romote to Kay.
Viola bit her lip to stop screaming but it did seem funny to her that she was hurt again,and more funny Kay thought she could beat her.
Kay never took her eyes off the screen as her character jumped, kicked and all that Jazz.
"Give up, Via. You can't beat me."
"Never" Viola said as she secretly entered a cheat code.Even when her back hurt she was so stubborn.Viola used one hand as she took a drink of coke,that was like another cheat code to her,suger.

" little cheater," Kay said as Viola somehow got stronger.
"I.. a I never cheated" Viola told Kay."Dam she saw me" Viola thought as she entered another cheat code."Now that was me" Viola evily smiled as she near fell off the sofa.
"You okay?" Kay asked, still looking at the screen. Then, she smiled as an idea came to mind.

"Yeah" Viola said as she got more suger."Just prepare cause your goin down". Kay made a fake gasp, "I am?" she smiled as her hands glowed blue for a second. A small spark traveld up the cord, entering the slot that the cord was attached to.
"You little cheater,no powers aloud,cheat codes yes but no powers" Viola said as an idea hit her."If you wanna use powers then do be it" she said as a green spark went though the cord." By the way that wasn't an ecto-blast" Viola smiled evily and looked at Kay.

Oh, so you're gonna be like that huh?" Kay smiled as her wing popped out. She made it so it completely covered Viola's view of the television. "Ha!"
"Yeah whatever" Viola said as she entered the cheat code and another green spark went down the cord.A second later there was a wail like noise."Still think your goina win?".


"Serious,cause I say you can't" Viola said as another green spark went up the cord making the wail stronger."You can't beat me give it up".

"No!" Kay yelled. A blue spark went up her cord, helping her block the wail. "Bye-bye" Viola said as she sent a really big spark up the cord.She smiled and went unconscious on the sofa.

"Viola!" Kay jumped up, dropping the controller. "Via?" she picked her up and shook her, "Wake up."
Viola didn't wake up but she was alive,just sore.She cared so much about winning she wiped herself out by doing so.

Kay sighed and picked her up. She carried her upstairs and put her in bed. She turned off the light and left quietly.
"Time is so going to kill me," she said as she sat back down on the sofa.

"Dad whats this do?" Timeathy asked as he picked up something that was like the Time madelone.

"That is something you will need when your older" Clockwork said as he took it from his son.

"Im bored" Timeathy moaned as he picked up a time madelone."Son,your always bored" Clockwork said as he looked at the present.

"Your friend wiped herself out" He said as he walked over to a grandfather clock.

Timeathy jumped up "WHAT" he yelled as he walked over."Viola you are so stubborn" he said as he flew into the air."Bye Dad" He said as he flew out of the castle and back to the Fenton's portal.

Kay had fallen asleep on the couch and was moving around like she was having a nightmare.
"Uhh.." Viola said as she sat up and looked around,she was in her room.Danny was in his bed so Viola walked trying not to scream with the pain."Never use ghost powers when sore" She thought to her self as she walked down the stairs.See seen Kay and thought it would be best not to wake her up so she sat down on the sofa and turned onto E4 to watch Big Brother.

"No," Kay started mumbling in her sleep, "Tucker, you'll get hurt."

Viola stared at Kay."She must be having a bad dream" Viola thought to herself."Mabye I should wake her up" Viola thought as she had more coke.

She walked into the kitchen and spat more blood out before looking back into the living room at Kay.

"Tucker, i can't let you...go with us. If you got hurt, I'd...never forgive myself."
"What the hell?" Viola said as she looked at Kay.She walked over to Kay and started to shake her."Kay,Kay".

Kay's eyes snapped open and she sat up bolt right.

"Where am I? Where's Tucker?

"Your on the sofa in my house and Tuck is probly sleeping.I thought you were having a bad dream so I woke you up" Viola said forgetting about the blood left in the sink she ran and turned the tap on.Leaving to trace that she was bleeding.

"A dream? i knew it!" Kay slammed a fist into her hand.
"Tucker liked me too much, which only means it was a dream," she said. Then she remembered Viola, "Hey, you alright?"
"Yeah forget about me,was the dream about Tuck,he likes you.I should know well becuase I...a hacked into his digital journal and he has 6-67 Pages about how he likes you" Viola said as she got a sting in her back and fell to the floor.

"You expect me to believe that?" Kay said as she helped Viola up, "You are just so stubborn Via."
"Be that as it may and would I ever pass the chance to embarres Tucker by teling his crush how much he likes you,never and a no I am not stubborn!"

"ok, ok i can believe that," she smiled, " are."

"No I am not" Viola protested as she ran to the sink and spat blood out."I am perfectly fine,I could do the ghost wail,couldn't I?"
Yeah, and you passed out," Kay said, putting her hands on her hips.
"A... um... I didn't pass out I.. a fell asleep" Viola lied as she took a bottle of coke out of the fidge."I wouldn't be stupid enough to do it when I was sore" Viola said not making eye contact with Kay."Yes I would be stupid enough" She thought to herself. Kay laughed and leaned against the fridge, "Yes you would." she smiled.
"Ha ha ha very funny,bet'cha I could do it without passing out" Viola said as she took a drink of the coke."I bet'cha I could do more than a minute".
"Don't try. You and me both know you can't."
"Yes I could" Viola protested as she looked at Kay."You just can't addmit it".
"Oh, you found me out," Kay said sarcastically.

"I can and I will" Viola said glaring at Kay

"Nu uh."

"Uh ua,Why you goina stop me?" Kay sighed, "Yeah, cause i know. You'll pass out."
"No I wont" Viola said as her eyes turned red."You are the stubborn one"
Kay grinned, "Temper, temper, temper, Via."
"What temper you can't just addmit you were wrong,I am going to prove it" Viola said as she went ghost and flew outside.
"Viola! Get back here!" Kay flew outside also.

"Viola turned round and looked at Kay and then turned back round.She took a deep breath and let out the wail.It lasted for around a minute then it stopped and Viola fell to the ground.She smiled weakly and looked at Kay."Told you". "Yeah, and now Timeathy is going to kill me!" Kay said as she picked her up and carried her back to the house.
"Ahhhh let go your hurting me" Viola tried to get out of Kay's grasp but she just couldn't she was to weak."Darn stupid stubborness" She thought to herself.

Kay put her down on the couch and walked into the kitchen without saying anything.

"What the hell was that?" Timeathy said as he ran up the stairs."I heard a ghost wail" He said as he seen Kay.

"Talk to Viola," Kay said as she sat down on the table.
Timeathy walked back into the kitchen a few minutes later and sat down at the table."Sorry I asked you to watch her,I shouldn't of left,I just knew she would do something stupid,Sorry" He said as he looked at her."I sorry don't fell like I will get mad at you".

"I don't belong here," Kay got up and started to walk out of the kitchen.

"Kay wait,you do belong here trust me,remember I am clockworks son so I should know.Listen Viola fells really sorry for what she has done and she has praticly toren her troat to ribbons ,she wrote this down for me to tell you" Timeathy said as he stopped Kay."Tucker will fall apart if you leave".

"Tucker doesn't like me! No one does!" Kay screamed as her eyes filled with tears, "Why do you think i travel so much?"
"Okay people do you not get the whole -time-keepers-son deal,duh I an see everyones futures except Viola and Danny's but I don't know why.Anyway Tucker loves you how many people are you goina hear that from till you get it!Plus Danny,me,Viola,Sam,Amanda and Tucker like you" Timeathy said walking infront of Kay.
Viola looked up at Kay."Did I make her upset? Dam I did,stupid guilt,It would probly be best if I leave,she looks really upset" Viola thought as she suddenly felt another bolt go up her back making her go unconscious before she could scream in pain.
"I'm going to take a walk," Kay opened the front door and flew into the sky.
"Kay just come back once your done" Timeathy shouted out the door before walking down to the basement."Good he is gone,I should be before Kay gets back" Viola thought as she stood up and grabbed her coat and ran out the door into the dark.She walked round the ruble that used to be the nasty burger and sat down on the ground.She held her head in her giult and depression when there was a noise and her ghost sense went off."No,not now".

Kay flew to Casper High school and sat on the roof. She brought her legs up to her chin and thought."Why do they keep telling me these things. I know its not true. I should just leave."

"O why would you look its Kay's baby helper" Raven Lord said as she blasted Viola."I am really not in the mood for you,sim" Viola said as she shot an ecto-blast at Raven Lord."What the hell is a sim?" She stopped for a minute floating in the air."Its a boy/girl you see Raven LORD would be a boys name and your a girl" Viola smiled as she took a shot at her."You Brat" Raven Lord shouted as she took a deep breath and Done her ghostly wail.
Kay heard something from off in the distance. She turned around and her eyes widened.

"Raven Lord."
Viola was screaming as she put up a force field,she wasn't going to give up even if she killed herself doing it.The force field was simply destroyed as the wail got louder and Viola fell on her hands and knees,blood dripping from her mouth(eww...) as she fell on her side looking up at Raven Lord smiling she snapped and got back up.She glared at Raven Lord and took a slow,deep breath and let out her ghostly wail.

Kay stood up and shot off to the scene. She could see the wail from where she was and if someone got hurt...well, Raven was going to pay.

Viola's ghostly wail wasn't like the other ones Danny or her could do in the past,this one was stronger,more red then green and lasted for what seemed like ages.During the wail Raven Lord was flung around like a ragged doll,she crashed into brick walls,hit her head alot and was cut and bleeding.The wail had ended and Viola's knees collapsed on her,making her fall on her side as she coughed up blood,she looked up to see Raven Lord getting up and limping over to her.Viola got on her knee's and shot an ecto-blast at her(she changed back after the wail) who moved out of the way intime and laughed at her."Kay needs better helpers" She said as she lifted her head took another deep breath and let off another wail. Kay rammed Raven in the side, knocking her down.
"Stay away from my friends, Raven!"
Viola's dull blue eyes looked up to see Kay go and nock Raven Lord down,she smiled at Kay and attempted to get up but couldn't.She noticed Raven Lord taking a shot at Kay,her eyes turned red(uh o) and she stood up."Get behind me" Viola said as she walked past Kay and stood there smiling."No one,and I mean no one hurts any of my friends as long as I'm alive" She said as she took a deep breath and let out another ghostly wail that was bigger than the last one.It destroyed most of the standing pieces of building left and most of all Raven Lord was really weak,or so she looked like she was.The wail stopped and Viola's eyes turned back to normal as she fell unconscious.

Kay smiled, "Thanks Via." Then she stood in front of her and formed a blast in her hand, ready for anything.

"Get your baby helper to save you, how how sad, sorry is that your friend that would give her life up for you,then that was such a stupid mistake because your not worth it" Raven Lord taunted as she got up. "You made a little friend how sweet,not,she was probly just using you for your power" Raven Lord said, now with a big evil smile wide across her face.

Kay's eyes turned completely blue, "You take that back!" she released her blasts.
"Never" Raven Lord said as she moved out of the way from most of them but one hit her in the face. "Seems like someone learned how to shoot" Raven Lord said as she took a deep breath. "Why don't you see how the new stronger version of the ghost wail is like" She said as she let it out.

Viola woke up suddenly and put a force field around her and Kay. Her shirt had been stained by so much blood it was amazing some of its actual colour. "No one hurts my friends" Viola yelled as her eyes went dark red and the force field got bigger.

Kay saw Viola weakening and kneeled down next to her. She put her hand on her shoulder as it glowed blue. Soon, the blue aura had surrounded Viola's entire body, giving her extra strength.

Viola didn't turn round she just concentrated on what she was doing. The wail had stopped and the force field went down leaving Kay and Viola unharmed by it."No,thats impossible you can't block that" Raven Lord stood there in shock. Viola smiled at Kay and charged a ecto-blast in her hand and let go of it, making Raven Lord cringe as it hit her chest. "I told you no one hurts my friends as long as I live" Viola said as she took a deep breath and stood her ground. Letting go of the wail to the sudden surprise it was black.
Kay stood behind Viola and smiled. This would be a moment she would savour, no matter how soon, she knew it would end.

Raven Lord looked really weak as the wail ended and Viola stood up and evily smiling.

"You evil child" Raven Lord said as the green ghost blood went down her face and ragged breathing. "That only happens when... your evil" Raven Lord said, smiled evilly at Kay and disappeared in black smoke. Viola fell to the ground battered, cut and bleeding and really struggling to breath. She went unconscious leaving Kay.

Kay leaned down and once again, put her hand on Viola's shoulder.

"Sometimes, the life of one, must be cost for the life of one better," she said, before she repeated her healing power. This time it was much more powerful, just like she wanted.

The blue light surrounded Viola, and Kay watched as every scratch was healed.

Finally, it was finished and the light died away, "Goodbye...Via." Kay said as she fell to the ground.
Viola woke up and looked at Kay in disbaleave."Kay please wake up" Viola said as the tears formed in her eyes

."Please wake up,this is what Raven Lord wants" Viola said as she suddenly snapped and her eyes turned red.

"Kay please wake up you can't die,I wont let you" Viola said her eyes filled with tears that she willingly let fall."Please"

Kay still didn't move.But then again, she planned it that way. Viola's life was worth more than hers.