Okay, here's my attempt at a fanfiction for a game that's NOT well known. Introducing... SAMI'S SWEET SAGAFRONTIER FIC! Ahem, anyway... this one in particular focuses on Blue and Rouge with the other characters as minor background characters, and with slight references to other games or shows.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own SaGa Frontier. Squaresoft does.

The halls of IRPO were quiet as a young mage ran through, trying not to attract attention to himself. He was of normal height, no taller than 5'9, hazel hair, wearing red and black robes, with eyes that shined a mischievous blue. As he skidded to a halt, he had a grin on his face as his accomplice appeared next to him.

"I don't know, Rouge..." the other man said, "I don't think Blue will find this very funny." Rouge, the mage, turned to his purple-haired friend. His grin hadn't faded, but his eyes narrowed with annoyance.

"I don't care! He's not even here to scold me for this. I do get to have fun every once in a while, right?" Rouge asked, keeping his voice to a whisper, "Besides, what would he do anyway?" With that, Rouge slipped into the doorway he stood in front of. Lute, his only friend, walked in as well, and looked around. The room was full of machines and gadgets, flashing buttons, and screens that showed various places in IRPO. Lute shivered.

"Rouge, I don't think we're supposed to be in here..." he said nervously, as Rouge looked and poked around at everything.

"Me either... this isn't where the Shield card is," Rouge admitted, looking down, "But this looks even BETTER than that card!" Lute, who was sure Rouge was going to suggest leaving, nearly jumped when Rouge's outburst of glee came. He looked over just in time to see Rouge climb into a seat of a dangerous-looking machine, and nearly screamed.

"Rouge!" he hissed, glancing over his shoulder to make sure no one was watching, "Get down from there! If you turn that on, they'll see us for sure!" Rouge obviously wasn't paying attention as he strapped on the seatbelt and turned the machine on. It made a soft rumbling as it booted up. Rouge could just barely hear Lute's pleas as he looked down.

"Would you relax?" Rouge snapped, crossing his arms, "You all act like I'm some kind of dangerous nuisance or something!" Lute stopped fussing for a minute.

"You ARE a dangerous nuisance!" Lute cried again, as Rouge fiddled around with the controls, "You nearly killed your own twin!" Rouge's eye twitched, and he stiffly turned around, making Lute shiver again.

"That..." he said dangerously, his hands shaking, "WAS NOT MY FAULT! Blame our stupid traditions on that!" Rouge was so furious that he didn't even pay attention to where he slammed his fists down, which were on the buttons labeled, "Attack." The machine went haywire, spinning and bucking like a mechanical bull. Rouge nearly fell off, and he was thankful he'd put his seatbelt on. But the force of gravity wouldn't allow him to reach the controls as the machine began to shoot at anything, breaking windows, and basically destroying the entire room. Lute took cover under the nearby table, and watched as Rouge was thrown off viciously. Rouge ran behind the table too, only to see the machine shut off automatically.

"Is it... safe?" Lute asked, when nothing happened for over ten minutes. Rouge was brave enough to step out and take a look. He walked towards the machine, but it didn't respond.

"I think we'll be fine," he said, "But just in case, let's haul our butts out quick. I don't want Blue questioning me for why I was out so late." Lute agreed, and the two walked cautiously out of the room. And as soon as Rouge set toe into the hall, an alarm went off, followed by several alarms farther away.

"Damn it! The alarms go off now?" Rouge cursed, grabbing Lute's wrist and dragging him down the hall, "Why didn't they go off when that freakin' deathtrap tried to kill us?"

"I don't know, but Blue's going to be pissed if he finds out!" Lute said, as they made their way to the exit. It was very close now, and both men could feel the freedom... until their worst nightmare happened.

"FREEZE!" came a deep voice. Rouge skidded to a halt, and Lute crashed into him unexpectedly, causing them both to fall over. When Rouge looked up, he saw none other than Fuse, the head of security. Fuse was about 6'4, and his crimson hair only added to his scariness. In his hands was a plasma rifle, and behind him stood about thirty other cops. And all of them looked very angry.

"Uh... what's up, guys?" Rouge asked, smiling nervously. He and Lute got off the floor, but he didn't dare to look at Fuse. He could feel Fuse's fury just fine as of now. But, Fuse lowered his weapon when he saw Rouge.

"You again?" he asked, annoyed, "Didn't I tell you to get lost? I'm not giving you that Shield Card!" Lute blinked, and then turned to Rouge.

"Is he saying this isn't the first time you've done this?" Lute asked, and he sounded just as mad as Fuse was. A teardrop appeared over Rouge's head.

"Yes..." Rouge replied quietly. Lute muttered incoherent things as visions of his angry mother flooded his mind. Fuse raised an eyebrow until he decided to take charge again.

"Okay... it's pretty apparent that this is your first time here, so I'll let you off with a warning." Fuse told Lute. Lute beamed.

"Thank you, sir!" he said, and turned to Rouge, "Nice knowing you." With that, Lute fled the building, leaving Rouge alone to deal with the cops. He looked at them. He could have probably blasted them all away with a Mega Wind Blast, but then Blue definitely would've sensed it. Rouge knew he was trapped.

"So, what now? Do we fight?" Rouge asked, trying to find a way to kill Fuse and escape with no penalty. Fuse laughed.

"Fight? Ha! You'd kill me." Fuse replied, and smirked, "No, I have something better. You're going to work at IRPO to pay off the damages you've caused as a special detective." Rouge moaned miserably as Fuse explained about the codes of conduct.

"But why can't I just pay for it with money from one of my friends?" Rouge whined, making Fuse roll his eyes.

"Because then they would kill you." Fuse replied simply, "However, if you convince someone to help you, you'd pay off your debt twice as fast." Rouge stopped struggling to think about this. Lute definitely wouldn't help him now, and he couldn't ask Asellus or Emilia. That left Blue, Riki, and T26O. Rouge grinned.

"I know exactly who can help us." he said, shaking Fuse's hand.

"Wonderful. I'll expect to see you both on Monday, then." Fuse said, and let Rouge leave.

Unfortunately, when Rouge finally got to his house, Blue was home from Facinataru, and he looked very confused. Rouge gulped as he opened the door and slipped inside, hoping he could get upstairs before Blue noticed him. But Blue noticed him.

"Rouge, you're home," Blue said, putting the book he was reading down, "Where were you?" Rouge blinked, trying to think of an excuse that Blue might actually believe.

"Um..." Unfortunately, Rouge didn't have an excuse, so he changed the subject, "How's Princess Lion?" Blue's faint smile turned into a frown.

"Answer my question first, Rouge," Blue stated seriously, "I saw Lute at the airport, and he was spooked by something. He mentioned you. Where were you?" Rouge silently cursed to himself. He should've known Lute would spill the beans.

"Oh, fine. I was at IRPO." Rouge said, falling into a chair. Blue suddenly looked interested, which scared Rouge even more.

"IRPO? What were you doing there? Did Red send you?" Blue asked. Rouge shook his head and looked down.

"No. I went there to get the Shield Card," Rouge said, and saw Blue's frown deepen, "Before you get all annoyed, they wouldn't even tell me about it! I had to sneak in!" Rouge soon learned that it was a huge mistake to say that to Blue. Blue's shoulders stiffened, and his eyes narrowed angrily.

"You WHAT?" he asked, standing up, "You... you... You know that was wrong!" Rouge suddenly found that he was also standing up in defence.

"But they wouldn't tell me about the card! What was I supposed to do?" Rouge yelled just as loudly. Blue's expression turned into one of desperation.

"But what you did do was ILLEGAL! What if they come and find you?" Blue asked frantically, looking out the window, "Oh, I really don't want to break you out of jail... what will my mentor say? I don't want to be a criminal..." Rouge resisted the urge to start laughing as Blue began to ramble to himself, and instead decided to bring up the subject of his partner requirements.

"Relax. Neither of us are going to jail," Rouge said calmly, making Blue stop and stare at him, "See, Fuse said that if I work as a detective, I can pay off the debt! But..." Blue's shoulders relaxed, and he stopped shivering. But somehow he had a feeling he'd regret his next question.

"But what?" Blue asked, raising an eyebrow as he picked up his book and sat down, obviously going to read again. Rouge stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"But Fuse said if I can get myself a partner, I'd pay it off twice as fast... and..." Rouge seemed to hesitate now. Blue sighed and looked up from his book again.

"And? Just spit it out already." Blue commanded. Rouge let out a sigh.

"And I told him you'd be my partner." Rouge finished very quickly. Blue spat out some of his water he'd taken from the table, and dropped his book, spraying water all over his robes. He stood up again, and Rouge was pretty sure he'd be in for an Energy Chain or two.

"You told them WHAT?" Blue yelled, making Rouge gesture for him to quiet down even though no one else was around, "How could you tell them that? Why did you think I'd even say yes? Did it ever occur to you to ask me first?" As Blue inquired more and more about the state of Rouge's mind, he became steadily louder and louder until Rouge dumped the rest of the water on his head to shut him up.

"I'm sorry, okay?" Rouge replied furiously, "I just thought that if I told you, you'd definitely say yes! I assumed you'd help me because we're brothers!" Blue snorted mockingly.

"That's quite an assumption, Rouge." he said, and then sighed again, "Well, I don't have much of a choice now... when do we start?"

"We start on Monday!" Rouge answered proudly, and walked over to the calendar on the wall, "Let's see... how many days do we have to goof off?" Blue watched in annoyance as Rouge looked for the date, and decided to answer for him.

"That's tomorrow." Blue stated simply. Rouge turned around towards him again, and he looked very distraught.

"What? Tomorrow? Then why didn't Fuse just say that?" Rouge whined, "I'm supposed to meet Red tomorrow in Manhattan!" Blue rolled his eyes as he continued to read his book.

"Then you'll just have to cancel," Blue replied, flipping a page, "Fuse probably said that to make you think you had more time. Anyway, after I finish this chapter, I'm getting some sleep. Make sure you go to bed too. I'm not waking your lazy butt up tomorrow." Rouge stuck his tongue out at Blue and walked up the stairs onto the loft that served as the hall to their bedrooms.

"No need! I'll already be at IRPO when you brush your hair!" With that, Rouge closed his door, leaving Blue to shut off the lights and continue reading in his room.

The next day was bright and sunny, which made Rouge's mood worse. He silently prayed a freak snowstorm would keep him from having to work, and the fact that Blue had successfully gotten him out of bed before 5:30 made it worse. Still, it was no reason to enjoy the lovely stroll through the quiet neighborhood to IRPO.

"So, did you have a good sleep last night?" Rouge asked, trying to stir up some kind of conversation with Blue. He knew Blue was still very upset about last night, and he also knew Blue wouldn't say anything about it either. Blue nodded, but didn't look at his brother.

"About as well as I could," Blue replied quietly, "Rouge, I'm nervous." Rouge stopped walking as the words hit him. He never knew Blue to be nervous. And it was more than just nervousness. He was actually afraid.

"Why? What's wrong?" Rouge asked, and he sounded genuinely concerned.

"I've never been near a cop before. I don't know what they actually do," Blue replied, "I'm worried they'll give me the gun and I might accidentally shoot someone." Rouge patted Blue's back.

"I doubt that'd happen. Just relax a little! Look, I doubt Fuse will give us anything more than just office jobs. Just play it cool like I do!" Rouge replied brightly. Blue laughed.

"I don't believe in blowing everything up like you, Rouge." he said calmly, and they both laughed. Before they knew it, though, they'd reached the entrance into the IRPO building. Blue gulped, but he stepped inside with Rouge. The halls were empty, and no one was at the receptionists' desk. The lights were on, so someone must've been there. But the lack of noise made both brothers very on edge.

"Where is everyone?" Rouge whispered, as Blue silently charged an Energy Chain spell. Rouge followed suit with an Implosion spell at the ready. Blue sprinted towards the intersection, but no one was in any direction. All of the rooms were open, and when no one came out, Blue spoke.

"Either we're early or we have an unexpected job..." Blue said, and something in the distance laughed. Without even thinking, Blue and Rouge both unleashed their spells, which just barely missed their target. Fuse dived out of the way, but the spells hit the pillar behind him, destroying it.

"Geez! Stalk two guys and they try to kill you!" Fuse exclaimed, dusting himself off, "Anyway, you're early, but I've been waiting for you. I wanted to get you both settled into your uniforms and office before we send you out." He handed a uniform to each brother, "Go and get changed." Rouge took his and ran off towards a room on the left, and Blue left for a room on the right. Fuse waited patiently until Rouge strutted out in his new police uniform.

"Damn! There's got to be a crime for looking so good!" Rouge exclaimed proudly, adjusting his collar, "Blue, how are you doing?" Blue came out a minute later, but he didn't seem nearly as happy as Rouge was.

"I don't look good in this..." Blue mumbled, walking over to Fuse.

"No wonder. Take your ponytail out! You look too... girly for the uniform." Rouge commented, which resulted in a nasty glare from his brother. Fuse decided to end the fight by telling them more about their workspace.

"Okay, now we need to get you into your office," he stated, leading them into an elevator, "I hear #172 is really nice, so we'll try there. Now, are there any questions before we get to the 5th floor?" Both Blue and Rouge nodded.

"What kind of work will we be doing?" Blue asked.

"And when can we blow crap up?" Rouge added. Fuse seemed to acknowledge Blue's question with a grim nod, but he simply looked at Rouge like he was the biggest idiot in the world. He shook his head and answered bluntly.

"Well, for right now you're to clean up your office and make it somewhat presentable. I already have some paperwork for you both, so you can start on that too," he explained quickly, and turned to Rouge, "As for blowing "crap" up, I'm going to make sure you don't get a gun, Rouge. Being a cop is a responsibility. What if you shot Blue?" Rouge looked up as he tried to consider this, and then shrugged.

"He'll just pop back up after I use Reviva on him!" Rouge exclaimed, and Fuse put his palm to his face in a tired manner.

"And what if you can't use Reviva?" he asked, a heavy sigh in his voice.

"I always can, my JP..." Rouge began, until Fuse cut him off.

"You ran outta JP, your magic's sealed, you have no potions, you're petrified, a bear drank your Magi-Water, your backpack's missing, point is BLUE'S DEAD!" Fuse yelled, throwing his hands up frantically as two policemen inched by nervously, running when they saw Blue glance at them. Rouge shrugged again.

"Then I guess he's dead." he answered simply, and Fuse finally blew his... fuse.

"GET OUTTA MY SIGHT!" he roared, and Blue quickly took Rouge's hand and dragged him out of the open elevator and towards the hall before Fuse took a gun to them. He pushed Rouge into the office and slammed the door.

"Are you insane?" Blue hissed, leaning against the door to keep it closed in case Fuse took a chase to them, "We're supposed to be helping these people, not pissing them off!"

"Well, maybe he should've asked a better question!" Rouge said defensively, "Does he actually think I'd shoot my own brother?" At this point, Blue gave Rouge a very suspicious look. "I WOULDN'T!" Rouge yelled, crossing his arms in an attempt to pout. Blue rolled his eyes and went to one of the desks.

"Well, it won't matter. We won't leave until we clear this room out anyway," Blue stated, taking a large cardboard box off of what he now claimed as his desk and setting it on the floor, "Let's see what's in here... a pencil... a stapler..." As Blue talked, he put the contents he pulled out neatly onto his desk as Rouge watched with little interest.

"Feh, it's just office supplies." Rouge grumbled, "We're magicians! We shouldn't be oppressed like... Hey! What's that!" Blue had just pulled out something that resembled a pistol, but without the trigger. Instead, a large dial with three settings took the trigger's place. Blue twirled it around, examining it.

"I'm not sure... but maybe I should give it to Fuse. It looks dangerous," Blue said quietly, until Rouge snatched it out of his hands, "Rouge!"

"Aw, come on! This is one of their weapons! We could have fun with this!" Rouge said happily, playing with the dial, "Besides, these office goons need some livening up!" Blue's eyes bugged out a little, and he twitched slightly.

"Do you want to be arrested?" Blue asked nervously, and Rouge shook his head, "Then give me the weapon! Rouge!" At that point, Rouge stopped playing with the dial and the weapon turned into a lightsaber. Blue hoped Rouge didn't say what he thought he was going to say, but to his dismay, Rouge said it.

"Cool! This is gonna be a blast!" Rouge said happily, and ran out of the office with his new toy. Blue nearly slumped onto the floor, knocking some of his files down with him.

"This can't be happening to me... my mentors didn't tell me what to do if Rouge became a criminal! Oh... this is bad... what do I do?" Blue asked, and although he hated to admit it, he already knew, "Rouge, wait up! Stop!" With that, Blue also ran out into the hall, after his psychotic twin.

-----------------------------(Yes, a cliffy...)

Oh boy, it sure seems like Blue's work is cut out for him! Can he possibly hope to escape the mess Rouge got him into, especially with Rouge causing havoc left and right? Can he even stop Rouge? Or will Fuse find them? What IS that little weapon called? And where is Lute amidst the mayhem? Find out most of these answers next chapter, so click that Review button!