Short little fic about the femmes in G1. I don't own Transformers, if I did I would be alot moreticked offthan I am that the trailer got leeked and had to put it up early, my best friend and I wanted to watch the countdown finish... all well. Enjoy!


Moonracer bit her lip component, barely restraining a sob. Powerglide, her best friend whom she hadn't been away from since they were young, was gone, maybe forever. It had been many cycles since he and the others left, but none the less, every time she thought about it she needed to go to her quarters to be alone. The others thought she was weak enough as it was, she didn't need them to see her cry to affirm her uselessness.

There was a gentle tap at the door, Firestar perhaps? Moonracer cleared her throat, wiping the liquid away from her face, "Who is it?"

"It's Elita-1. Moon, please let me in, we need to talk." Moonracer looked at the door as if a stranger was on the other side, Elita always had a formal and commanding tone to her, she was speaking so gently now, like a creator to a frightened sparkling, even using a nick-name that her close friends rarely used, and Elita never used before.

"Please just leave me alone Elita." She rolled over on her recharge bunk, turned away from the door, hiding her face. She heard the door open, and wondered what had come over her leader, but didn't turn to let her see her tears. She felt Elita's weight beside her, a gentle hand stroking her helmet. Elita was silent a long time; as if she hoped just her actions could comfort Moonracer.

But then Elita whispered, "Have I ever told you how strong you are Moon?" Moonracer stayed silent, afraid her voice would crack with her tears, "You are strong Moon; if you weren't you wouldn't be on this team. You're the best sharpshooter I've ever known, that I'll ever know."

Moonracer buried her head in the berth, wishing for nothing more than Elita to go away, "No I'm not." She choked out.

Elita shook her head, "Yes you are. Cromia and Firestar feel the same way you know, we all do. Firestar admires your skill and concentration. Cromia admires how open you are about how you feel." Moonracer looked up to her, wondering what she could possibly admire about her, but then she got her answer, Elita pulled her head up, forcing Moonracer to look her in the optic, tears still falling from the sharp-shooter's face, "I admire how you aren't afraid to cry, I know that the others have all tried to mourn, I have too, but we all see how you mourn without fear, we all see you tears Moon, and we envy you for them."

Moonracer let out a sob and clutched her leader, her friend as if she would leave her too. She cried for what felt like forever, looking pitifully at Elita, as if begging for answers, "Where are they? They should've come back by now! Where could they be?"

Elita shook her head, "If they're functional, they could be almost anywhere I'm afraid. But if there not, they've found peace in the Matrix." This only received her another sob from Moonracer.

"But what if the Matrix was destroyed?"

Elita smiled, "If it was, not all of it was."

"What do you mean?"

Elita tapped her chest plate, "Optimus Prime gave me a piece of it to take care of a long time ago. If the Matrix had been destroyed I would have known Moon." Elita stood up, motioning toward the door, "You ready to come back to work?"

Moonracer nodded, "Thanks for the pep-talk Elita."

"Not a problem, we're all friends here."

"Yeah, but how long before we drive each other crazy?"

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