A/N-- Easier Said than Done brief review: Elphaba survived a horrific trauma, with the help of her roommate and now best friend. Glinda discovered that she had it in her to be compassionate and supportive. They slowly grew closer, supporting each other through the normal little and big day to day things that crop up, sharing favorite activities and exchanging stories and other bits and pieces of their pre-Shiz lives. Their Spring Recess begins early when Glinda is slightly injured in a small explosion on campus; this also makes them realize on some level their true feelings for one another. Their time at Glinda's home in Frottica is filled with more love, warmth, caring and true understanding than Elphie has ever known. Glinda shares all of the world she loves with her best friend and copes with some ghosts from her past, as Elphie tries to adjust to this new life and overcome her own past. During this time their feelings for each other deepen, brought to the surface by a chemistry charged waltz and a passionate kiss on the starlit terrace after the Upland Manor Ball.

This story picks up right where Easier Said than Done left off.

Inevitabilities & Eventualities

Chapter 1

"Lyndie, I was thinking, since this is the last chance at an oil bath, as I surprise I was hoping…" She lost her will to speak.

"What Elphie? … Wait, you want me to soak in your tub, in the warm oil, instead of you" She hugged her friend

"That's a sweet gesture, but you need a soak more than I do"

"Lyndie" Elphie said her stomach in knots, mouth dry. "I don't want you to take my bath instead of me, I want you to take my bath with me" She said quietly, then exhaled sharply looking into her friend's amazed, but beautiful face.

"Elphie" Glinda breathed gazing into her loves dark eyes.

She had honestly not expected this and was thrilled and nervous, delighted and scared. She shut the door to Elphie's room and held out her hand to the beautiful and nervous green girl in front of her.

"I think that sounds marvelous my love."

Elphie nervously accepted Glinda's hand and was led away towards her bathroom where a tub full of very warm relaxing, scented mineral oil awaited them both.

"Glinda my sweet " Elphie said as she deftly putting her hair up in a bun "You should put your hair up, as I have recently discovered, mineral oil is extremely difficult to get out of hair."

Her hands were shaky and her knees felt weak, She couldn't believe she was doing this.

Glinda laughed "I would imagine."

While Glinda was occupied with wrestling her long blonde curls into a ponytail, then onto the top of her head with out benefit of her usual implements, Elphie took the opportunity to slip, hopefully unnoticed, out of her clothing and into the luxurious warmth of the bath. Glinda saw her love in the mirror quickly disrobe and slip into the tub. Why this surprising turn of events had come about she had no clue, but it was obviously something Elphie needed to do.

"….Assistance?" She heard her love say

"I'm sorry my love. What?" Glinda said

"I said do you require assistance? You seem to be losing the battle with your hair." Elphie laughed nervously. It was too late to turn back now.

"No, no I think I've got It." she said patting the top of her head.

Then, with absolutely no outward sign of self-consciousness whatsoever, Glinda removed her clothing and walked over to the tub, nervous and excited. Elphie reached up to help her friend step in.

"Careful, it might be a little more slippery than you are used to."

Glinda climbed into the tub and gracefully lowered herself, sighing at the feel of the warm oil, into the same position she used when Elphie rubbed her temples. She settled in and lay her head back onto her love's chest, wondering what in Oz was going to happen now.

Elphie watched her very naked love lower herself into the tub and felt her bare skin against her own and for a moment, she could barely breath.

"Elphie, this is heavenly," Glinda said finding her friend's hands and bringing them around to circle her waist.

"I know- now I know why you spend so long in the tub." She said not trying to sound as nervous as she felt.

They sat soaking in silence for a while. Glinda was absently tracing her fingers up and down Elphie's arms, Elphie making small circles on Glinda's stomach with her long green fingers. Even though her stomach was in knots, Elphie took a deep breath, closed her eyes and focused on the sensation of her love's touch, and more importantly on the things that were comforting. Her nearness, and the scent of her hair.

Glinda was in heaven, feeling Elphie's touch on her stomach sent shivers down her spine. Feeling her so close, and the feel of caressing her arms and the warm oil, was almost too much. She listened to her love's heart pounding, and felt her deep breaths, knowing she was trying to calm herself.

"Glinda" Elphie said intertwining her fingers in her friends now shimmering pink ones. "Did it ever even cross your mind, when Madame Head put us together at the start of school, that we would end up sitting together, naked in a tub of warm mineral oil, in your parents house."

Glinda laughed heartily, playing with the slippery fingers "My love, it never even crossed my mind that we would even still be roommates, much less that I would be hopelessly, passionately in love with you."

They both laughed, remembering their less than friendly beginnings.

"I love you Elphie, I really do and I know what a huge deal this is for you….and me" Glinda said, moving their intertwined hands back around her waist.

"I love you too Lyndie, but I need to talk about this…somehow"

Glinda started to turn around so she could face her very nervous sounding friend.

"No, please stay like this" Elphie said trying to hang on to her slippery friend. "I like it"

"Of course Elphie" Glinda said turning slightly to place a soft kiss on the lips of the girl she adored. "I like this too." She snuggled back into her position reveling once again in the warmth of the oil and the closeness of Elphie.

"Remember my love" she said softly "This is as new to me as it is to you. I think we are permitted to be nervous and unsure." She felt Elphie let out a breath and relax slightly.

They returned to their silent routine of stroking arms and stomach. Elphie was now more able to enjoy the feel of Glinda's fingers caressing her arms through the oil.

"I thought you wanted to discuss this Elphie" Glinda said at last.

"I thought we were." Elphie replied. Then feeling bold, gently kissing her friends neck.

Glinda let out a sigh at the sensation and turned her head slightly to find the lips that were making her sigh and locking them into a lingering kiss.

"I meant with words," She said as she reluctantly pulled away.

"Picky, picky, picky" Elphie chuckled savoring the lingering feel of Glinda's soft lips on hers.

"Glinda, this is so nice, being here with you like this, so close, I'm even am coping with the naked part rather well."

Glinda chuckled softly. "Hmmm, I know my love- your touch is intoxicating, your kisses addictive, and the naked part is nice as well."

Elphie let out a loud frustrated sigh.

"What is it Elphie? She said trying to shift position and turn around.

After a few moments of intertwined limbs and sliding into the tub walls, Glinda managed to settle in the opposite end of the tub, facing her now very distressed love.

"Talk to me Elphie, whatever it is, we can work it out. I promise."

"Glinda, look at me"

"Believe me my love, I do as often as possible." She smiled slyly.

Elphaba flushed furiously, and tried to get out of the tub

Elphie, no-please- I'm sorry," She said reaching for her shimmering green friend. "I wasn't trying to embarrass you- I'm sorry"

Elphaba lowered herself back into the tub. "It's not that- I don't think- actually I don't know what I think."

Glinda picked up one of Elphie's green feet and began massaging it lightly. They had done this before and Elphie focused n the familiar sensation.

"Glinda, I know you love me- I really do- but- look at me and look at you"

"Elphie- let me tell you what I see when I look at you. I see the most beautiful hair I have ever seen on anyone- long silky raven hair. I see dark, sparkling eyes, a beautiful face with delicately angular features, and very yummy lips, pert breasts, soft magnificent emerald skin and a lean body with legs that go on for days. - I see perfection- my perfection."

Elphaba looked like she might explode, and words were stuck in her throat.

"But that is not why I love you so much" Glinda said gently.

She sat up and pulled Elphie towards her so their faces were almost touching. Elphie tried to speak but still couldn't summon the words.

"Elphie, This is why I love you" she said kissing her forehead. "Your incredible intelligence. How you think and question, analyze everything and work out problems.

Then she kissed Elphie's eyelids; "I love what I see in these eyes, the fire when you're angry, the concentration when you're studying, the twinkle when you tease me, the kindness and compassion and love"

Next, she placed a slow kiss on Elphie's lips "I love the words these lips utter. The sarcastic wit, caustic comments, and gentle, soft whispered words of comfort and love."

She moved down and carefully kissed her friend's soft green chest near her heart.

Elphaba inhaled, but didn't pull away.

"I love you're heart Elphie, even at you're moodiest, cruelest- I knew that your heart had the capacity for great love, once you allowed it, and once you felt it. These are the things I fell in love with."

She gathered the green girl up into a fierce hug.

"The wonderful body parts are just an added bonus," she said playfully biting her friends ear and giggling

After a long hug and gentle kiss, they parted.

Elphie shook her head " I'll never understand how you see perfection in a tall skinny body with gangly green limbs and almost no breasts, but to each her own, I suppose" She leaned back against the tub, head spinning. She had no idea Glinda had paid that much attention to her body.

"Elphie", Glinda said with a sly smile" I fantasize about those gangly green limbs and almost nonexistent breasts."

Elphie's eyebrows shot up in shock. Then she laughed shyly "Well if truth be told, I have had one or two mildly interesting dreams in the past week or so."

Glinda smiled broadly

"And you do have breasts enough for the both of us!" Elphie chuckled trying to relieve her nervousness with a joke

"Elphie, you noticed," she said squirming towards her love and kissing her tenderly.

"Glinda, I may be nervous, shy, unsure, terrified and possibly slightly unbalanced, but I am not dead."

They both laughed merrily. Elphie surprised herself at the admittance that she had thoughts like that of Glinda

"Glinda, this all seems so easy for you- how?" Elphie said when the chuckling finally stopped

"Glinda settled in at her end of the tub, resuming her green foot massage. She also lifted a dainty foot into the matching green hands, leaving no doubt whatsoever that Elphie was to follow suit.

"Elphaba, I told you this is as new for me as it is for you- so easy might be the right word."

"But none of this seems to even phase or embarrass you at all."

"Well, maybe not, but I think it's just because I'm more comfortable in my own skin, with or without clothing, and with my sexuality. I know the power these things can wield," She said shaking her breasts and giggling.

Elphie sighed "Well, I know in a fair fight- they'd beat up mine." She said smiling

"We'll see about that in time my love." She said grinning mischievously and picking up the other green foot. Elphaba did likewise, flushing again

"Until very, very recently I didn't even know sexuality was an option and I'm still not even sure what it means for me, except that those thoughts and feelings frighten me somewhat." Elphie said massaging the dainty foot in her hand.

"I'm not really uncomfortable now, In fact, it makes me feel… almost normal." She whispered

Glinda nodded and smiled, encouraging her to go on.

"But I am scared Glinda, what if this is all I can ever do, what if I can never give you anymore of myself than this, what if I can't give you what you need or want."

"Oh my love- I honestly don't think that is will be the case- but just for the sake of argument- if this is all you can offer- then I shall die content and satisfied wrapped up in those gangly green limbs, with soft kisses on my lips."

"Glinda I'm serious"

"So am I Elphaba- I am more happy now, here with you than I have ever been in my life." She looked deeply into her dark, confused eyes and saw her love trying to formulate a difficult thought.

"But expressing love…physically, is not a terrifying thought for you." Elphie said very quietly

"Maybe not like it is for you my love" she said gently "but I am a little scared- unsure- Up until now it's been all girl talk and fantasy. Eventually, and I think inevitably, we will figure this all out together, when we are both ready- really truly ready."

She pulled Elphie to her. "Turn around, Elphie and sit with me like I did with you"

Elphie complied and positioned herself between Glinda's legs and leaned back onto her chest.

"I can't believe you are scared too, even if it is not for all the same reasons, you always seem so sure." The green girl said.

Glinda intertwined her fingers with Elphie's and placed them on Elphie's stomach, feeling her tense slightly.

"Well, my love we both can't be too unsure or nothing would ever happen." She chuckled; kissing the soft green cheek that was on her shoulder.

"And the only thing I am sure of in all of this, is you" She continued. "I'm sure that you love me, I'm sure that I trust you, and that's all I need. We will figure this out my love, together"

Using their intertwined fingers Glinda gently caressed the tense green stomach

Elphie took a deep breath "I do love you and I trust you too and I am trying to let that be enough. I did after all manage to fight off panic and invite you into my tub." Elphaba laughed lightly, disengaging her fingers from Glinda's.

"And I was delighted, pleased, shocked and scared to death." She chuckled and continued to caress Elphie's stomach on her own.

They sat in the slightly less warm oil bath, caressing each other. Glinda closed her eyes and continued to gently run her fingers in circles on Elphie's stomach. Elphie caressed Glinda's legs, eliciting small sighs of contentment.

She hadn't been able to settle her nerves completely. Her love's touch was soft and reassuring, her words were calming and tender, but something was still holding onto her.

"Elphie" Glinda said at last "We should really get out soon the oil is cooling"

Elphie sighed "I know my sweet, it's just…"

"Just what my love."

Without warning and almost without realizing what she was doing Elphaba turned and grabbed Glinda kissing her fiercely. The raw need of it surprised Glinda and she pulled back slightly, but Elphie held tight and within moments they were engaged in slow, deep, passionate kiss. Glinda succumbed to her own need and let her tongue explore. Elphaba's hands were holding Glinda's head, her thumbs stroking her face, then moving to caress her neck and back. Glinda simply hung on to Elphie who was trembling.

The kiss lasted moments, hours, days, a lifetime. Neither one knew for sure. Eventually, however, Elphaba pulled away, mortified.

"Glinda, Oh Glinda I'm so sorry" she whimpered

"Elphie, why are you sorry" she said gently "That was incredible" She smiled shyly

"I don't know what came over me, I felt such…."

"Elphie, it's ok- really," Glinda said trying to calm her distressed love.

Elphie took a deep breath and focused "This tub feels so safe- like the oil is a buffer. I'm afraid if we leave it, this won't be any more- we won't be any more. I panicked- I needed to feel you- experience you, in case you disappeared."

"Oh my precious Elphie, my love. This is real. I am real. You are real. And outside of this tub, we can be whatever we want- reality is ours to create- and yours to control." Glinda said soothingly

Elphaba stood up and stepped out of the tub, already familiar with how to exit a tub full of oil with out slipping. She reached down for Glinda and helped her up and out. They stood for a moment, naked and glistening.

"I'm still here," Glinda said hugging the slippery green girl.

"So I see," said Elphie kissing her and pulling her close. "I can't lose you Glinda, It frightens me to admit that, but I can't" She whispered in her sweet's ear.

"You won't" Glinda whispered back. "Because if you did that would mean that I would lose you. And I will never allow that."

The held each other close. Glinda was keenly aware of the feel of her loves naked body against hers. Elphie was still to stunned from the kiss to process the sensation

"But now I'm getting cold and I have no clue how to properly dry off after an oil bath" Glinda chuckled

Elphie reached for a big towel and wrapped it around the small shivering girl, then wrapped one around herself.

"Allow me to assist you" she said grabbing another towel

"Well things like this should be left to experts" she giggled allowing Elphie gently rub oil off of her arms and legs. Then Glinda opened the towel and Elphie, after a brief hesitation slowly wiped off the rest of her body, then bundled her up in a soft, thick robe.

"Think you understand the procedure" Elphie asked, flushing slightly

"I believe so, but feel free to take over if I err" she said gracefully providing an out for Elphie in case she became uncomfortable. Elphie looked at her and nodded gratefully

Glinda started gently rubbing oil off of green arms and legs, then Elphie lowered her towel and Glinda very carefully rubbed her back and started to do her chest, when Elphie took the towel.

"Oil removal gets a little trickier now, maybe a little more observation is in order."

Glinda relinquished the towel with nothing but a warm loving smile. When Elphie finished cleaning off, Glinda helped her into another big fluffy robe, and they headed out into the bedroom, sitting down in Elphie's comfy chairs.

"Wow!" Glinda said rubbing her arms, Now I know why your skin is so soft. 18 years of bathing with oil. This is amazing."

"Immersing in a tub of it is amazing, Just the act of immersion was amazing." Elphie said. "Thank you for understanding Lyndie, about everything"

"Understand what, I told you I know nothing about drying off after an oil bath" She said winking at her friend.

Elphie this was an utterly amazing experience for me, for us. What brought about such an un-Elphie like idea? Not that I'm complaining." She grinned broadly

"I was tired of feeling like there was something wrong with me, I figured I needed to do something drastic, and out of character to loosen what ever has a grip on me. This was sudden for me too."

"Did it help?" Glinda asked quietly

"I don't know, but I know I loved feeling you so close to me, feeling your touch on my bare skin"

She flushed

"And it reaffirmed some of the reasons why I fell in love with you. You are compassionate, giving, patient and unbelievably intuitive."

Glinda got up and went to snuggle with Elphie in her chair. They sat together quietly for a long while.

"Oh and I almost forgot" Elphie said, "I know that you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. And when the butterflies that show up unannounced in my stomach every time I think about it, stop dropping by, I'll be more specific." She smiled

Glinda chuckled and kissed her love lightly "Speaking of something in your tummy, would you like something besides butterflies?" Glinda asked stroking the soft green cheek

"You mean like knots, Thanks, but I just got rid of some." Elphie grinned

"I was thinking something along the lines of food."

"That is a preferable alternative, and not quite as upsetting" Elphie mused

"Unless it's Frottica Chili" Glinda pointed out

"Good point" Elphie said somberly, then they both laughed.

"Now would you like to go down for dinner, or have dinner brought up- oops wait I forgot, no parents tonight, and staff night off- I guess we fend for ourselves. Off to the kitchen with us, I'm starving"

She got up and headed for the door, tightening the belt on her robe.

"Glinda!" Elphie said shocked "We can't go down like this"

"Oh, of course, you're right"

She ran across the hall to her room and came back with two pairs of slippers. She handed Elphie a pair of soft, pink sock type slippers with a thin rubber sole, and she slipped on a pair of pink fuzzy ones.


"Glinda" Elphie said exasperated "We are naked"

"Don't be silly my love, we are wearing robes and completely covered." She kissed Elphie gently. "So relax, besides no one is home remember."

"Alright my sweet, you win, you usually do- but really Glinda- pink slippers." She sighed putting them on and tightening the belt on her robe.

They walked hand in hand down to the kitchen. Glinda was using her free hand to try and free her hair from its confinement.

Elphaba chuckled "Need a hand" she said reaching her free hand to assist.

She fumbled around with the blonde tresses to little avail

"Great Oz Glinda, it would've been easier just to wash out the oil" Elphie threw up her hands

"Says the one hair pin wonder" Glinda giggled

Then she reached up and quickly let Elphie's long raven hair out of its bun, scampering off quickly.

"Hey" Elphie laughed setting off after her.

She caught up to her easily and grabbed her in an embrace. "Just for that- no more kisses for you tonight."

"Your loss" She said shrugging and walking off

"Maybe" Elphie said not moving.

Then Glinda whirled and ran back to Elphie nearly knocking her down. She took Elphie's face in her hands and kissed her. Then turned and headed back towards the kitchen.

"My loss indeed" chuckled Elphie catching up and taking Glinda's hand again.