Flora woke up first next morning and felt something tickle her face. She looked down and was Stormy's head rested on her chest. She gently brushed some hairs away so she could breathe freely. Stormy moved slightly at the gesture but remained asleep. Flora gently wrapped her arms around the witch she loved so much. She couldn't believe they were actually lying here like this. After all these months of desire they were finally together. Flora wished she could just stay like this forever.

Stormy blinked drowsily. Half asleep she thought her pillow had come alive but soon she remembered it was Flora. Stormy slowly got up, looked where she just had been lying and blushed a little.

"Good morning sweety…"Flora smiled, then she saw Stormy's redness and added, "What's the matter?"

"Sorry… I drooled a little" Stormy said with a shy and innocent smile on her face. Flora melted at this image, she sat up and leaned close to Stormy "That's ok sweetheart" She kissed her lover softly. She then stood and made way towards the door, but Stormy grabbed her arm.

"Flora…" She stammered "You think we can… keep this to ourselves… for a while?"

Flora had hoped Stormy wouldn't ask her that, all she wanted to do was scream it to the world, but she respected Stormy's wishes. "Sure" she smiled a little sadly.

"Good… I'm going to the bathroom first…"

"Ok I'll get some breakfast" Flora walked towards the fridge with a bright smile on her face. Bloom, who was already at the dinner table, followed her friend's movements.

"What's with the smug face?" She bluntly asked.

"S… smug?" Flora stuttered and her cheeks turned a bright red. Bloom knew that look, jumped up and wrapped an arm around Flora's shoulder. She didn't intend to let go until she had some answers.

"Oh…" Flora got very nervous "I promised to keep it quiet for a while…"

"Flora" Bloom tried to pull it out.

"Stormy…" was all Flora said and it was enough for Bloom to understand.

"You and Stormy? Get outta here!" She almost yelled. "I can't believe it, come here you…" Bloom pulled Flora close and pinched her cheek like granma's always do.

"Yeah, but can you keep it quiet, I…"

"What did I hear? You and Stormy?" Icy said when she and Darcy walked in the kitchen. Flora knew for sure now, she was doomed. She hung her head "Yeah me and Stormy but will you at least pretend you don't know, she asked me to keep it quiet and…" Flora looked at each one separately. They all nodded their approval but kept their big grins on their faces. Flora only hoped she wouldn't get dumped over this.

Stormy walked in and found everyone staring at her. Icy and Darcy quickly moved in and each wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Hi sis" Darcy said casually.

"Did you sleep well?" Icy asked nonchalantly.

Stormy looked from the one to the other in confusion then noticed Bloom's grin and Flora who was staring at the floor looking a bit ashamed. It dawned very soon. "You told them!"

"I'm sorry" Flora panicked and wrapped her arms around her lover's neck.

"You know…" Stormy said calmly "When I said keep it quiet for a while, I meant a little longer then 15 minutes"

"Well then, since I blabbed it in like 5 minutes, there's no more need for secrecy anymore" Flora chirped happily and kissed Stormy lovingly. Stormy wrapped her arms around her faerie and pulled her close. When the kiss broke Stormy simply said


The End

Blue sky to forever,

The green grass blows in the wind, dancing

It would be much better a sight with you, with me,

If you hadn't met me, I'd be fine on my own, baby,

I never felt so lonely, then you came along,

So now what should I do, I'm strung out, addicted to you,

My body it aches, now that you're gone,

My supply fell through,

You gladly gave me everything you had and more, you craved my happiness,

When you make me feel joy it makes you smile, but now I feel your stress,

Love was never meant to be such a crazy affair, no and who has time for tears,

Never thought I'd sit around and cry for your love, 'till now...


Author's Notes: The end of my series :'( The song is 'You're not Here' from Melissa Williamson, but you might know it as the credits of the Silent Hill movie ;)

I have a challenge for you all… (This is not a contest, just something for fun :)) Bloom is now with Icy, but she had to brake up with Blondy for that right :p So what happened to the poor dude: did he get a new girlfriend (Diaspro maybe), did he become a drunk or whatever :p One thing though he can't start a relationship with Riven, he can get Riven drunk and have some fun with him for one night,… but watch out for Darcy's wrath then ;) PM me when you've posted :)