Full Summary: We all know the infamous story of Uchiha Sasuke leaving. Well, what happened if a couple of nights beforehand, he and Haruno Sakura had, well...I'm sure you can guess. Now, seven years later, he returns, only to find a little surprise waiting for him...

Chapter 1: Sunrise

"C'mon, Uncle Naruto! I wanna get there before the crowd does!" A six-year old girl giggled, excitedly pulling around a loud-mouthed blond man. He grinned at the little girl.

"Calm down, Akina-chan! I'm sure that we'll make it!" He told her, laughing. She turned around, and pouted at him.

"I don't wanna be late!" She said, huffing childishly. Naruto smiled at the little girl, who promptly smiled back. She then tugged at his hand harder.

"We're almost there!" She yelled happily. Within moments, they arrived at their destination. The cliff over-looked all of Konoha, which was bathed in darkness, but not for very long.

The two sat down, Akina sitting in Naruto's lap, holding her breath. The horizon began to glow pink, and Akina let out an excited squeal. Naruto smiled gently, his arms wrapped around the girls tiny frame. Slowly but surely, the sun began to rise.

"It's so beautiful..." She whispered in awe. The rising sun caught her dark hair, and Naruto sucked in an angry breath. His niece did not hear it. He was then forcefully reminded of just exactly she looked like Sasuke. Quickly, Naruto shook himself of his morbid thought. 'Now is not the time.' He mentally chidded himself.

"Alright, Akina-chan, I think it's time to get back. I don't want your mother to get worried about you.'' He told her. Akina turned to face him, her obsidian eyes sparkling with happiness. She nodded, and smiled sweetly.

"Okay, Uncle Naruto." She told him cheerfully. She then proceeded to hop off his lap, still gazing at the glowing sun. Naruto smiled gently and took her hand. They walked back to Akina's house in silence. Opening the door, Akina smiled at her uncle.

"Want to come in for some breakfast?" She offered.

"Nah, that's okay. Your Aunt Hinata is waiting for me at home." Akina pouted, but then smiled as Naruto bent down and kissed her forehead affectionately. Luckily, she had not suffered her mother's accursed forehead.

"Bye Uncle Naruto!" She called cheerfully, waving to his back. He lifted a hand in farewell and kept on walking. Smiling, Akina closed the door, and headed for the kitchen. Her mom wasn't up yet, and so, grinning evilly, the little girl decided to go wake her up. Padding softly to her room, Akina opened the door cautiously. A spot of pink was splattered across the white comforter. The only sound in the room was the deep, even breathing of her mother. Suddenly, Akina didn't think this was such a good idea. After all, her mom must've been working late last night. The dark-haired girl turned and gently closed the door. She then proceeded to head back to the kitchen. Thinking quickly, she grabbed a blue bowl, and hopped onto the counter. Akina then rummaged through the cupboards until she found a cereal she liked. Pouncing down, she grabbed a carton of milk from the refrigerator, and poured in the cereal, then the milk. Putting back the milk and humming gently, she grabbed a spoon, and sat at the table.

She had only just finished when her mother entered. She was yawning and rumpling her hair, while also stretching. Akina raised an eyebrow. Her mother merely smiled at her.

"Good morning. I see you've already had your breakfast." Akina nodded.

"You're already dressed as well." Again, the younger girl nodded. Sakura looked at her suspiciously, and her daughter smiled.

"Uncle Naruto took me to go see the sunrise." She explained.

"Ahhh..." Said the pink-haired medic. Suddenly, the door opened, and a silver-haired man walked in.

"Uncle Kakashi!" Akina screamed joyfully, running up to the older guy. Kakashi grabbed her and swung her into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck tightly.

"I missed you!" She told him, pulling back and pouting cutely. He laughed.

"Sorry, Akina. I just got back from my mission." Sakura smiled softly at the interaction between her daughter and her former sensei.

"Hello, Kakashi." She greeted him. He smiled at the older woman.

"How was your mission?" He shrugged.

"It was fine." He replied.

"I'm about to make pancakes, do you want some?" Sakura asked, and the Jounin smiled and nodded.

"That'd be great, thanks."

"Mommy?" Akina asked when they were all done with their breakfast. Sakura turned to her daughter from where she was washing the dishes. She raised an eyebrow.

"Can I go see Aunt Ino and Uncle Shika?" She inquired sweetly. Her mother frowned, pretending to think about her answer.

"Alright, as long as Uncle Kakashi takes you there." Kakashi anime sweat dropped, but then smiled at the little girl.

"Of course I'll do it."

Squealing happily, Akina rushed to the front door. Kakashi glared at his former student, who merely smiled at him.

"See you later, Sensei!" She told him.

"Akina, be good!" She called to her daughter.

"Don't worry, mommy, I will." Her daughter replied back.

"See you later!" And with that, the two of them made their way from the house.

"Uncle Kakashi?" She asked, turning to him. She put her arms up, and Kakashi smiled, and picked the girl up, placing her on his shoulders. They walked the rest of the way in a comfortable silence.

"Mom, I'm home!" Akina called out. There was no answer. Frowning, Akina walked into the kitchen, and saw a note. She chuckled at her own stupidity. 'Uncle Naruto is rubbing off on me.' She thought to herself, and read the note. It said:


Off food shopping. Be back soon, so don't worry.



Akina wanted to laugh. Who else would it be? Still chuckling, she decided to go watch t.v. The six year old shoved some popcorn in the microwave, then settled on the comfortable chair and popped in a movie. She paused it, waiting for her popcorn to be done. Once it was, she put it in a bowl, and watched her movie. This was where her mom found her three hours later. The bowl was on the table, and her daughter was fast asleep on the chair, rolled up in a cute fetal position.

Smiling, Sakura picked Akina up bridal-style, and walked into her room. Her room was in a navy blue color, with mostly white furniture. She had a dark blue comforter, along with pillows, but the sheets were white. Sakura then laid her daughter down and headed back into the living room. She decided to follow the younger girls example, and began to watch a movie, finishing off the popcorn. Eventually, the movie ended, and Sakura got up, and rumpled her clothes, making sure there were no crumbs on her shirt or pants. She then washed the empty bowl, and gently opened Akina's door.

She was fast asleep, her arm underneath the pillow, breathing deeply. Her black hair was spread across the pillow, and the moonlight shone on it, and her daughter, making Akina look like an angel. Sakura smiled, feeling tears pool at the corner of her eyes. Not for the first time, she was harshly reminded of Sasuke. She knew the first time that she saw her daughter that she would definatly carry the Uchiha traits. And little Akina did. Smiling, Sakura walked over to her and kissed her gently on the forehead.

"Goodnight, baby girl." She whispered to the prone girl, and walked out of the room, closing the door softly. Sakura then walked into her room, and began to get dressed. Yawning, she got dressed in blue boxers that Sasuke had left behind, and she threw on a dark blue shirt that had also belonged to the prodigy. She smiled as she lifted the shirt and deeply inhaled his scent. Kami, how she missed him. Sakura walked over to her desk, and picked up the oh-so-familiar picture frame of Team Seven. Just like every night, she brushed her thumb across the scowling picture of Sasuke. Just like every night, those same words fell from her lips.

"Goonight, Sasuke. I love you." With that, Sakura slipped into her bed. Just like every other night, she dreamed of the man that had stolen her heart and still had it.

A/N-This is my cousin's story. Not mine so yeah...