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Warnings: Oddity.

Summery: Satoshi and Krad are in a hospital due to a concussion, and Krad is having an idea…

(…) Satoshi's thoughts to Krad

((…)) Krad's thoughts to Satoshi



((Come on, Sato.))


((What's the big deal))

(Nothing and yet… everything)

Satoshi sighed heavily, not only was he having a concussion that forced him to be taken care of in a hospital, with regular visits from Daisuke… or worse, Dark. He was also forced to deal with a Krad that had the same concussion…

Well, Krad with a concussion was a…sort of…improvement in one way; he had lost his homicidal side, but his insane side made more than enough up for that. A psychotic, I-want-to-kill-everyone and insane Krad; he could handle that. He was used to that.

A cheerful, non-psychotic, almost-Daisuke-beaming, thrice-insane Krad however…well that was a different cup of tea… First of all, you couldn't be mad at him…


Oh great, now he was begging…

((We'll just use some of your friends and))

(Krad, no…) Satoshi had to interrupt.

((Why not? Everyone else does it.)) …and whining…

The angelic demon pouted, looking on him from the back of Satoshi's mind with…God how does he do that?...the best beaten-puppy-eyes Satoshi has ever seen.

(Krad…) a sigh

((Oh come on Sato, it will be fun))


((Yeah, we can invite some from your class… or just Dark and the Niwas…))

(I don't think this is a good idea))

((You'll never know until you try))

God, he wanted the old Krad back. He would never suggest a thing like this… Satoshi couldn't help but wonder how Krad would react, when they would be fine again…Maybe he should take it from the beginning? The demon might receive the message this time…

(Krad, listen…you don't even have a birthday, because you were never born. You are handmade…)

((So? We just pick a date…))

(Secondly, none of my classmates know about you, and I don't think Dark, or any one of the Niwas will turn up, due to the fact that you've tried to kill them every now and then…)

((Oh? We'll just send the invitation in one of those I'm-sorry-cards))


((Oh but…come on Sato))


((Please, pretty please))


A door creak open, and a certain redhead steps into the room.

"Hi Satoshi! How are you?"

((Ask him)) The redheads brightly smile is competing with the one a blond demon is sending Satoshi

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