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Summery: Satoshi and Krad are in a hospital due to a concussion, and Krad is having an idea…

(…) Satoshi's thoughts to Krad

((…)) Krad's thoughts to Satoshi

/./…/./ Daisuke's thoughts to Dark

/…/ Dark's thoughts to Daisuke

Chapter 4

With his back to the wall and a hand on his chest to calm down his racing heart, Satoshi took in the scene that greeted him: a large number of grinning Hikari art-pieces stood with filled glasses in their hands (or in some cases paws or tentacles).

The heart of the bloody fox, that should be a beautiful (sealed) sculpture of a dying red kitsune with a ruby heart in its paws, but right now was a humanlike male with kitsune markings, reached out a hand and pulled him into the room.

When Krad unexpectedly chirped ((Foxy!)) at the sight of the owner of the hand, Satoshi knew this was a bad situation.

'Who has…?' A flash of red hair from under the table gave him the answer…

"Ummm… hi? Surprise?" Daisuke had lifted the table-cloth enough to peek out under it. He smiled a little awkwardly, crawled out and stood with Dark's black coat wrapped around his small frame as a protection. "This idea was better in my head…"

"I believe it was…"

"I really didn't expect them to wake each other up…"

"I'm sure you didn't…"

"I only woke up the one that's holding you right now…"

"Yep, and I'm really glad for that." A golden voice purred in Satoshi's ear. A voice so alike the one he'd hear so often in his head.

((He woke up Foxy)) cheered Krad ((okay, let me out and I will wait to kill him 'til tomorrow…))


((Come on...))

(Who do you want to kill later and how is he like? Is he sane?)

((Who? Foxy? Yes, he's perfectly sane.))

The grinning art-piece by his side nudged him in the side. "Come on, let Krad out to play."

Too bewildered to be able to raise his defenses, Satoshi heard Krad cheer and felt how he lost the control over his body.

/This situation has just gone from worse to catastrophic…/declared Dark as they watched how blue hair became golden.

/./Oh… but… they might…/./

/What? They might just eat of the cake and go to bed?/

/./Umm.. no, but… maybe this "Heart of the dying fox"…/./

/Bloody… heart of the bloody fox…/ corrected Dark.

/./Isn't that name a little bit mean?/./

/No… because he is a bloody bastard… just like Krad…/

/./But he might teach Krad a less violent behavior…/./ Dai-chan beamed to his counterpart.

/Noooo… I don't think so… he was the one that taught Krad how to handle weapons… the two of them together is a disaster… they are just the same: violent, homicidal maniacs./


/You… might want to watch out…/

While this little discussion between Dai and Dark had taken place, Krad and Foxy had finished their greetings and stood now grinning at the little redhead.

/./You… think they'll attack?/./

/I'd be more surprised if they didn't…/

Krad took one step forward and Foxy followed, smiling innocently…

/./But… Foxy promised to behave…?/./

/…Yeah, right…/

(Krad… remember, you promised to behave…)

((Oh come on, can't I just hunt him for a while?))

Inside the head Satoshi could only smile at the pleading tone the demon was using… surprisingly, Krad had fallen back into the voice he'd had when the concussion was as worse. Maybe that was because this was the first time in… Satoshi thought hard, but couldn't recall any time someone had done anything for Krad… not like this at least…

((Plus, I can't be a chicken in front of him…)) an image of 'Foxy' popped up in Satoshi's head…

'What's this? Krad want to impress someone?'

But before he had the time to make up his mind about the odd question, something caught Krads eyes …

A moment of slight shock…

Wings unfolded…

Two surprised gasps from Foxy and Dark was heard…

…and Satoshi felt the body tense up before Krad jumped up in the air, unfolded his wings, flapped one time and…

… Dark bolted into another room… Foxy scrambled after him with a gleeful howl…



(… Whaa… t???))

…Krad landed beside the table with all treats…

((They have cherries here, I like cherries…))


The blonde took up the bowl with fruits and walked calmly away to a chair and sat down…

(Does this mean that if I give you cherries before each chase with Dark, you won't emerge?)

((Satoshi-sama… of course not…))

(One could wish…)

Actually, Satoshi smiled as he saw how his 'curse' chatted with the guests and munched on the different fruits…

… until…

"KRRAAAADDDD!! HEEELLLP MMMEEE!" … something black zoomed by…

"Dark?" Krad glanced after the disappearing darkness… a strand of long black hair floated into his view. He turned his head, and stared into Foxy's silver-hued eyes…

"Come on, you missing one extremely fun chase… he sure doesn't want to get caught…"

"I know…" Krad nodded; after all he'd tried to catch the thief for a very long time…

Foxy panted and took a banana…

"Well, Hikari don't want you to kill him… Dark I mean…" Said Krad.

He was waved off; "Yeah, yeah I know… I had to promise Dark to behave tonight before the redhead released me. If I didn't, he would steal me and force me into a French maid dress and make me clean the Niwas bathrooms… can you imagine that? Such a threat can't go without retribution… so; I will give him some serious exercise for tonight…." Foxy dropped off the banana-peel into a trashcan and brushed of his hands. "Well, join in when you feel like it, I'm off again…" And with a smile Foxy looked around… "Where is he?"

"Probably in the kitchen… I can hear the water-tap running…" Krad pointed out the right direction…


(So that's how you get your kind to behave…)

((Don't even think about it Satoshi-sama… I'm you… and you can clean your own bathroom… Feel free to wear the dress though…))

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